Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My scene on Suite 703 "My Brothers Hot Friend" will be released Sept 2 www.Suite703.com

I'm happy to announce that my scene is here and you know what that means??? My first time ever getting rimmed will make its debut Sept 2(Funny same night I'm Headlining Cocktail with the Stars) So get ready for that and support that!!!

Not many Men of Color in this business, so I'm happy that I could shine some light on another performer making his way in the business. I'm very proud of that!!
Please go out and support the scene!!! Remember, due to the overwhelming requests for more Men of Color on the site and the success of their very first Black on Black scene(Diesel Washington and Scott Alexander)they are requesting more Men of Color on the site so again I'm very proud of that!! I'm proud that the fans went out to support Me and the "Cause" and again THANKS!!!

Another review is in on SteamWorks the Movie!!

Review by JackManly

Angelo Marconi is first seen in the open shower room getting hard as he runs the water over his bodyand keeping his eye open for hot guys. Enter Diesel Washington whose towering presence is very eye-riveting. He wastes no time reaching over and starting up the action and surprisingly there's a bit of foreplay as the two kiss passionately. After that Angelo gets on his knnes to feed on Diesel's cock who in turns eats out Angelo's bubble butt. From there the two move to fucking under the showers and against a rail. This is hard deep fucking as you might expect from Diesel but it's not mindless jackhammering, They kiss often as they fuck and there's a fair degree of passion in this scene. It's not that we haven't seen this before in a Diesel scene, it's just that we don't see it often enough. One thing you can definitely say is that both guys are really into their scene and each other. Just watch Diesel's impassioned smile as he fucks and how he licks up his own cum off of Angelo's butt.

Hey Jack, if I would get more scenes I would show more of that kind of passion. But that is another story, Thanks for the great review Jack!!! Hope to see you MICKEY'S

Moving on....

In a ironic twist, I was given this link from Victor(MOC blog) here

The ironic part it was in the Psychology Today(LOL), Highlights of the article:

But over the last three-to-five years or so there has been a lot of growth in niche markets - all-Black and all-Latino sites primarily (there are no domestic all-Asian sites) - because the demand has grown and the market can sustain them. So what does this tell you? It tells you that a new norm is establishing itself for what's hot. There is a powerful demand for these "alternative" norms of erotic arousal and as the country diversifies so, too, will the gay porn landscape. It won't have a choice if it wishes to survive.

It is interesting to note that one of the biggest Gay Porn stars in 2009 was Austin Wilde who is biracial. And he has built up his fan base by appealing to the next generation of pornsumers who clearly enjoy his otherness. Also one of the biggest sites to debut in our industry last year was Edger9.com with Race Cooper (Black), premised on interracial sex. Why? Because Race and stars like him - Diesel Washington (Black), Austin Wilde (Bi-racial) and popular website RandyBlue.com's Johnny Angel (Asian) have become a new and accepted norm of beauty in the otherwise very stratified world of Gay Porn. Their popularity attests to it."

Good article Victor, even though I have my moments in this business I'm glad that I'm helping to bring about change.

And that is only I wanted to do in the first place.

Bye Kids!!


Lets start the News Day!!!

I will be at MICKEY'S in LA on Sept 2, so everyone please come out and party with Me. I will be answering questions(all questions)given to Me. It will be a great time so come out and have some fun.

So I did more Vids of popular songs I like, so enjoy that!!!

I took some pics with a friend and I think they came out nice(check above)

Well after a long weekend I just wanted to reach to the Fans and readers!!


Thursday, August 26, 2010


Now its Story time!!

Now this was one of the most embarrassing moments in my Porn career(These pics were taken Dec 09). I finally get to meet the Peter Twins(Big Fan) and my body is not looking right!! A few months earlier, I was bitten by a spider which caused some nerve damage in my back. I couldn't lift in the gym for about 4 months, I gained fat and lost muscle. Now I'm forever locked in time looking like a chubby gym guy next to these Ultra ripped Porn stars. Fuck that!!!

To make matters worse, a few months before I had a photo shoot with UnZipped, Hosted Hustlaball NYC 2009, and then was offered a role in "Getting Levi's Johnson" I was going crazy trying to diet and get my body back. Being 40 plus makes the job even harder!! I was determined to get my body back!!! The icing on the cake is when I started seeing results of good dieting and cardio. Then in Feb a large weight was accidentally dropped on my foot(By Me)which left a large wound, and yet again I couldn't do cardio for one month. I recovered and started back on the road again, its been a long battle...

All during this time I was getting emails from Haters saying "I'm looking Chubby in Pics" "I'm an Old Man and need to retire" "Those pics with Peters Twins makes you look fat" bah bah bah!!

Well Haters here you go:

I got some more work to do......

But The Peter Twins= 19 year olds

Diesel Washington = I'm like a fine wine, I get better with Age!!(Or Blacker the Berry the sweeter the Juice, which ever!!LOL)

True story!!


I had to post this Vid, so funny!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010



What I love about Porn????

I don't know where to start, I love the idea of making a product that appeals to people in a sexual way that either gets them off, or its so shocking and interesting to watch. I love the nervous energy on set and having to get into that head space to perform(even in uncomfortable situations) I love turning something that would have looked like a regular sex scene, and you add that something special to that role which enhances the scene, and makes it a Must See!! Meeting new people and making friendships that will last for years. And you make money by fucking hot guys! In a nutshell!! Those are the things that make Porn worth doing....

Making a product that gets people off, its a good feeling knowing someone likes your work so much that they either jerk off to it, or in some way it stimulates them. I will be honest there is some conceit involved knowing that people jerk off to you. I like to show off time to time and knowing that someone finds it hot adds to that good feeling. At the same time, I will admit its kinda of creepy when people run up to you in a awkward situation(on the train) saying "OMG I jerked off to you so much" I'm like "Hello, Thanks??" and then get the fuck out of there.LOL

Onscreen I'm this aggressive, confident ass fucker!! On set during the filming I'm a nervous ball of energy. Beforehand I go over the type of scene that I want captured on film(Leather, Passion, Power fucking, Signature moves)when I'm offered a role I like to know the theme ahead of time so it gives Me time to prepare(physically/mentally). I put up a poll sometimes asking people what they want to see(No I'm not bottoming). So it gives Me some ideas to use during filming(Very Fan friendly). Now when I get on set I have to feel out my partner and find out their limits and put a game plan together. The director has certain things that they want to see captured on film if you have the ability, but for the most part when it comes to fucking its mostly on the performers. When I get paired with a model that is hungry to do something different, or when the chemistry is right!! Magic happens!! Its bottom rules on set(which I agree with) but at the same time you think the Bottom performer would want to go all out because it is........ a Fantasy!!! I laugh sometimes because when I do an aggressive scene, people always feel bad for the bottom and I'm like Why?? The performer beforehand is like "Fuck my Ass hard I can take it!! So that is what happens!! The nervous energy comes when you have to make it work, and you have to push and play with the other performer, onscreen you see me choking him and spitting into his mouth and gut punching, off screen during breaks there is alot of cuddling and passionate making out. That push and play is so exciting to Me!!

When you get to the location(Set, Studio, site, place)the first thing I do is look at what is available to Me. Sometimes your given a table or bench(very rare I get a bed)box, upside down pool whatever and that is what Ur going to have sex on. So this is where you turn nothing into something, finding the right positions to use on the piece of equipment can be hard!! That is why I worked on Signature Moves, so I don't need a table, or chair or bed or a wall to lean against, of course you can fuck standing up(you can get the insertion shots) or on the floor(alot harder to get those shots)but when you pick a guy off the floor and make it look easy(when its not)then you have something Nice!! And it doesn't hurt that the person is smaller than you either. Although I can pick up the big boys as well.. Example: Robert Van Damme

Vince Ferelli, John Magnum, and others I can lift you guys too!!LOL

Its always good meeting new people and you meet alot of people in this business. I have made alot of good friends over the years. And that is a good thing!! Every porn star has something of an Ego(that comes with territory)and We all love our Ego stroked every now and then(Lets be honest) The friends I have in this business, When its time to be "ON" then they are "ON" when We are behind closed doors that is when the Persona stops and people get real(hmm, I think I stole that from Real World)I understand We each have own our fans, but when We are hanging out as buds that's when that "Persona" goes out the window. All my close friends know this and respect this as I respect them. Sometimes friendships are tricky but if you remain Real with true friends then you will not have a problem.

Lastly you get paid to fuck hot guys, enough said!!

So there are alot of good things in the Industry!! I write alot of heavy posts pointing out the bad things, so I thought it was time to talk about the good things.

There are good things in Porn, and I think its time to shine a light on that as well... So I will post the good things in porn as well.

Monday, August 23, 2010



I wrote alot of posts(Reverse psychology series) that displays some of the situations happening in porn today. Before I get to that, I want to clear up some things.

I get alot of bullshit from people saying I'm exposing the evils of the Industry and that I'm kinda of a traitor for doing it....

Truth be known, any Fan can sit home and find out all the dirt that goes on in the business. Porn stars Tweet and use Facebook, Myspace make hookup profiles online and the public has access to all these media forms. The information I write about is something anyone who has a computer can find out about. This is not private information that I found out about by being a Porn insider!! All the information is at your finger tips, and the Internet gives you access to everything. So I'm not saying anything that someone with a computer couldn't find out themselves.

Now lets move onto the experiment.....

The Retiring game, as seen in this post here I have retired and unretired myself so lets be clear here, I made my decision to retire because I had thought I reached my peak(Won Performer of the Year)yet I still went on to do some very big projects after that so that was a mistake on my part.


What gets Me sick about the Retirement game, is when you have these Gay 4 Pay stars that retire and their explanation for retiring is saying they couldn't handle the "Gay" business. The stories of Gay 4 Pay models saying "They threw up sucking dick" "Going through anxiety attacks and sleepless nights because of the porn" It makes no sense to me?? If your a straight male then why do Gay porn??? I know plenty of Str8 males that are dead broke, none of the ones I know would knowingly jump in front of a camera, lay on their back and take a big dick in their ass!!! They would sell drugs, rob people bah bah bah. Not get on Cam for the world to see them doing Homosexual acts.

What gets Me more sick is hearing the contempt and disdain of the models regarding Gay sex!! Its almost insulting to hear these models say they hate "Gay" sex and the lifestyle that comes with it. So why are gay males supporting these models??? They are telling you to your face that they hate Gay sex but Love the money that performing in films gives them. If the Str8 models hate gay sex then Please Studios stop hiring them!!! If the Str8 models hate gay sex then consumers stop buying their scenes. Its almost like being a hypocrite, the fans say they hate Gay 4 Pay models yet....they are still buying scenes hoping that Str8 model gets with it. Its not happening folks!!! My example :

Now if you think I'm Str8, then I have a bridge to sell you. Using reverse psychology I should get more Jobs now, because I "Hate" Gay sex as well....LOL

Next Topic, Bareback Porn Star seen here Now this a complicated situation, you have the models that came into the porn industry starting out doing bareback work. At first they jump on the soapbox saying "Bareback sex is real sex!! Don't judge Me!!" Even the models are brainwashed into thinking they are Untouchable. The cycle goes on and on and people are getting infected and dieing. The biggest thing that pisses Me off, is that some of the bareback models jump back and forth between Bareback porn and Mainstream. Back in the days if you did bareback porn you had to wait almost a year to return to mainstream(you had to change name, hair color and body type to do so) In recent history, there were models that this rule didn't apply to, they were not only allowed to break the rule. They were rewarded for the efforts by becoming an Exclusive model for a Popular Studio and also by a popular Website. Really??? I'm not sure what kind of message that sends to other models in the business who had to wait that year like everybody else. The rules don't apply to those models just because they have a hot body, big dick and handsome. I don't think that is fair at all!!!

One year later, they realize the mistake they made and its time to Repent!! Which is easy, it seems all they have to do is give a Bullshit apology and play the naive card. Example here If you notice in the post its one year later(Check the date)when that model is not getting any more work then the Repenting starts:

I think the only reason why they make those public announcements is because they want the Big Money!! Bareback studios don't pay as much as Mainstream studios so putting out a Vid/Post/Interview where they explain it was a mistake and poor judgement is a Smokescreen for their real agenda of making a shit load of money!! I don't blame them at all!! So using Reverse psychology, I did some bareback porn I repented and now I want to work and make a shit load of money. Come On isn't that the way it works???

The experiment was to use Reverse psychology, I figured the only way I would start making more films and getting casted more is by following the examples left by other stars, why not use the same excuses and bullshit they did?? It worked for them!!

OOOOOOh but that's right, those examples only work if your Drop dead handsome, Body of a God, huge dick and WHITE!!! That's right my Bad!!LOL

Well that leaves Thug Porn seen here I guess that is the only option left for me!! I guess I can go over to the Thug side and turn it out over there. Thug it Diesel:

I guess using Reverse psychology, I will be the Thug that people want to see Me as. As you can tell I'm no Thug and do a poor job of trying to be one!!

I used my Blog to give examples of How people in the Industry can sometimes be Hypocrites. I have been known to be a hypocrite myself with certain things, but I don't hold the power to change things. I'm just the loud mouth model that incites the people to think, trying to make people think has left Me on the BlackList of performers that Studios/sites don't want to use because they are too Outspoken!!!

Ever since I became more Vocal with adding more diversity to the business, I'm being seen as a trouble maker. When I played ball and acted like everything was okay I was working more and the Industry embraced Me. I felt the pressure from the African American community wanting Me to take a stance, seeing as I was the most popular Black model on the Mainstream side. I have always voiced my opinions, but I did it in such way that wasn't militant or in your face. I did that for four years, all the while not seeing any newer Black models making it in the business. Finally it got to a point where I needed to take a Big stance!! I did that at Grabbys and ever since work has been very slow!!

I also made stances about HIV models and Safer sex that again made Me enemy number one. *Sigh

Behind the scenes, I get alot of emails from models, Industry/Studio heads who side with Me and ask my advice(at same time they don't want to be named on my blog) So I really have no clue what to do, I have my own opinions, ideals and morals and I will not compromise them for anybody. I'm not an Ass kisser, User or a Brown noser so I guess if I don't do those things I do not work!!!

Well hopefully using Reverse Psychology will get me more jobs and scenes. If not Oh Well it was a good try.......


The series continues, REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY

This time "Repent your Sins", this is not real!!

April 1 2012


I have done some bareback work during the course of my career(As you all know, Black Monsters Planting Seeds 2) I don't know how to say it, but I made a mistake and I'm only human!!

Well let the Vid speak for itself:

Please don't judge Me!!! All I can do is move forward and hopefully I can fix the mistakes I made!!


More from the series, REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY

This time Thug Porn, this is not real!!

April 1, 2011


It had to be done, I was getting tired of keeping my Thug ways a secret!! I'm embracing my Thug side. So its offical Diesel Washington has joined the Thug team. Check out my Newest title...

So I got tired of being called some House Nigger, this is for my Thugs!!!! Made a Vid for you, here it goes:

Smoke up that Blunt, and get it popping...



The ongoing series REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY.

This is not real remember!!

APRIL 1, 2011


So its offical, I have went from Mainstream porn to Bareback porn. I think people want to see real sex the way it should really be shown. With that said I'm pleased to announce my first Bareback title....

I'm excited about this new project, I even made a Vid about it, Here it goes:

Don't you love it???? To all my Fans I can't wait to see you all and Load those holes. I love filling up my Fans with Toxic seeds



I think I will use reverse psychology...

Lets try it!!! I came up with some funny "Situations" I have seen in porn. These are not real....

Im poking fun at things I see in the Industry, it will all be explained at the End!!

Let's start

APRIL 1, 2011


Friday, August 20, 2010


I spoke way way way too soon.

It seems that Naked sword pulled out its secret weapon, Fan nominated awards!!

The one award that was the most important to Me, BEST TOP!!! God I hate it!!! I don't want to ask for votes but.....

Its for Best Top!!!

All the hard work, power fucking, crazy positions!! That award is the most important to Me!! I'm not versatile, I'm not a bottom!!

The only nomination that was built for Me!! BEST TOP!! Voting is here!!

http://gayvnawards.avn.com/fan-voting/ nominate Diesel Washington for Best Top!!

Here are some examples of my Topping skills(you have seen it before)

And the part 2

But this is Fan votes!!!

I could brag and say I'm the best Top in the business...


All the years of power fucking these boys, putting in the hard work!!

Awards don't make the person......and I sound like a Hypocrite for asking people to vote me as Best Top. But it is what it is...

But I'm not going to sit here and lie and say I don't want to win BEST TOP!!! No judges this time around. Its all based on Fan votes!!!

So all the fans that say nobody tops like Me, well prove it!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I wanted to write this post for a long time....

RAPE FUCKING a geek! I love it, there is nothing better than slam fucking a geek/nerd bookish type boy, its the fucking best! You just can't rape any nerd/geeky boy, you have to rape that awkward, goofy looking, lanky, big ear type, with/without glasses, smooth or hairy bah bah bah

Before people get crazy and say Diesel Washington wants to rape people. Not REAL rape, Rape fucking.....

Rape Fuck - When you have the object of your desire and you engage in sex with them. But there is no compassion, no love, no romance. Just aggressive fucking, choking, beating, spanking, body slamming, relentless pounding of the ass without concern for your partner(You don't care if they cum or not) Jack hammering the ass over and over to the point of making the bottom shit on themselves and your dick(whoops sheets too)LOL Okay that is kinda of hot!!(also kinda of gross) I'm a porn star so I get to talk like this..LOL

Well lucky Me!!

When I first got into the Industry that is what the audience wants to see Me doing. Just beating and raping these little boys!!! Made my job easy, all you had to do was just pick a random skinny, white boy and then I fuck him like a brute!! Its not rocket science!! That is when I first came into the Industry, I evolved into something different down the road(Stop laughing!!I did evolve LOL)

Back to Rape fucking a geek!! I see a Victim and his name is Josh Slyman!!


There is just something about this Kid that screams RAPE FUCK ME!!! Maybe its the goofy smile, his awkward body pose(no disrespect)just something there....

Maybe its:

He calls his hole a Boy Pussy!!!

Maybe its because he likes to get fucked like a rag doll

Maybe its because when he rides dick he calls it "Fucking himself"

Maybe its because he can self fuck

Maybe its because he understands he enjoys getting fucked rough and hard!!!

Well he puts it in his own words, I'm not making this shit up!! www.joshslyman.blogspot.com check it out for yourself.

Don't feel sorry for the boy I'm sure He can handle Me(Well Maybe)

Its funny, here I am this Porn Super Star wanting to brutually fuck this Porn Newbie. HAHAA check out his blog www.joshslyman.blogspot.com I just like my geeks is all....

Geeks are hands down the best in bed!! They fuck like they have something to prove. Sure they are not the typical "Hot" guy but that is what makes them special!!


***** Update*****************************

Look Who I get a response from...

Josh Slyman ~ ~ ~ ~ Gay Porn Star ~ ~ ~ said...
I just peed my pants a little bit.... I'll take it as a complement that you want to rape fuck me...

Also, just want to thank you for not calling me a twink (nothing wrong with Twinks.. just I would hate to be one...) I'll take geek over twink any day.

I think it'd make for an interesting scene :) I've seen/jerked it to some of your work.. and I must say you're one hell of a top.. I'd say the definition of a power top (good luck with the gay vns).

Also, I don't fuck like I have to prove something.. I fuck because I really like fucking.

(when I read this post my boi pussy quivered a bit.. Not sure if it was scared or excited...)


All I can say is the Power of the Blog, Mighty indeed!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010



GayVNs were announced today!! And no big surprise!! I did not receive a single nomination. I think people want Me to flip out or say something mean about it being unfair or something...

Well the real deal, I'm not mad at all!! After last year when I went on a rampage, I didn't expect to be nominated for anything. Although..

What I'm sad about is when I look at the list, I don't see other performers that were worthy of nomination on the list at all. They were ignored and passed over, it's kinda of sad for the newer performers in the business. These are suppose to be the Oscars of Gay porn and so many people were ignored!! Sad sad!!

Things have really changed, but that is not important to Me at the moment. I'm still coming to GayVN weekend but only as a tourist. I already booked my trip so I'm coming to party with the rest of the stars and just have a good time. No pressure no nervous feelings about wheter I win something or not, just a fun trip in SF. I'm going bar hopping and I will live it up!!! I wasn't nominated in 2008 so no biggie to Me. I hosted Hustlaball 2009 I hosted Grabby awards 2010 I had my fill of exciting times and I will take it as a bump in the road. I guess I will get my GayVN when I'm already retired, I will walk on stage to receive my Hall of Fame inductee(I already got my spot)so I will see my first GayVN probably ten years from now!! LOL

Other things happening in Sept, I have my first appearance at Mickeys(LA) on Sept 2. I love to give back to my fans, I missed my last appearance at Mickeys(LA) and I felt awful. I always love taking pics with the fans and answering questions directly. Granted I don't answer fan email, or answer fan mail on facebook!! I have said before I don't answer fan email...


I just don't answer them, I get hundreds of emails daily. Most of the emails are people who want to be my friend or just have sex with Me. I love the emails showing support I just can't answer every single email, it would take Me all day. If the fans read the posts closely you would see, I address every concern sent to Me in my posts. Just something to think about..

So I'm making appearances at Mickeys(LA) on Sept 2, and I will be in SF during GayVN weekend just bar hopping and having fun. Not to sound mean but I will probably pass on the Award show itself and just head to the after party instead. I'm not going to sit in a theater for three hours, when I'm not nominated for anything. More power to the show, but I'm not coughing up 125 dollars for tickets(Fuck that!!)

Moving on......

I got some really good news today, it seems that I'm having a Family reunion. I haven't seen anybody of my Fathers side of the family since 2006(passing of my Grandmother)I'm looking forward to reconnecting with my Fathers side of the family.

Its time!!

I have held onto so much negative energy in my life dealing with my Father. Its time to let things go and talk with my Father. My father is getting older and I don't know how much time I have left to establish some kinda of relationship with Him. But that is the most important thing in my life right now. Fuck awards!! Fuck the Industry!!(For now)

My family is the most important to Me in my life, I let past feelings get in the way of talking to my father. I have the best relationship with my Mother, and now I have to reach out to my Father!! I miss him!! My father made alot of mistakes, I made alot of mistakes, I'm carrying around all this extra baggage because of a failed relationship with my father!! I know that!! I want to change that so I can be a better person and just live life to the fullest!!

I love you Dad!! I can't wait to see you and have the chance to CLEAR THE AIR about everything!! Dad... We missed alot of years together.....



Here is the all in one post...

You have your Camera pics

And then your Vid:

And then the cock pic:

I think that should cover everything!!!LOL

For the Fans and Supporters!! Thanks!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Well We have some reviews in from various sites www.JackManly.com,

---Diesel Washington returns for his second RSS feature and this time his personal sex toy is Angelo Marconi who is referred to as the "star of the entire movie". ANY Diesel movie wouldn't be complete without some signature moves and apparently he uses quite a few positions on Angelo here.

Scene 1 was pretty damn hot as it starred Angelo Marconi, who was dwarfed by Diesel Washington. They are in the shower together and things began to heat up when Diesel paws Angelo’s meat and Angelo reciprocates. The hotter parts for me, were when Angelo has no problem throating that big black monster of Diesel’s, which earns him a huge moan, Diesel’s ramming his face way up Angelo’s ass during the rimming, and their brief conversation while they are fucking doggy style at the towel bar and arranging limbs for best positioning. I really like to see some communication during sex so that we all know that everybody is happy. This was quite evident when Angelo shoots a major load that sprays all over and Diesel cums prodigiously on Angelo’s butt. In a sensual and romantic move, Diesel laps his cum off of Angelo’s butt, and then licks all the way up to Angelos’ ear, which he devours. Wonderful scene and great way to start off the DVD!

I'm glad I'm still pulling in good reviews for my scenes, I will keep trying my best!! Well, not much more to say....

That is the only feature I filmed this year(I'm not upset)so I'm glad that I still have a chance to perform for the people...

I have to get some things off my chest:

I will be honest, sometimes I feel like I'm being ignored in this Industry!! I get it!! I get it!! I ran my mouth and pissed off alot of people!! Well, nothing I can say or do about it, so I guess people will have to get over it!!

I gave my soul to this industry, so I believe I have the right to speak my mind. This industry is built on Young, Hot and Fresh, its a form of entertainment that worships beauty, the male form and just hot sex!!! Its a never ending revolving door of young, hot, fresh models coming in and that process is recycled over and over!!! The market is flooded with White, all American, boy-next door-types, with jock bodies. They work for peanuts(not familiar with former scene rates)they are not into branding themselves, they are only working for the check, they turn in lackluster scenes... but they walk around with this feeling of entitlement and frankly....

You guys are GutterBunnies!!So take every role thrown at you cause you wont be around for much longer......

At this point of my career I'm a Brand!!! Finally.....

Whats a Brand?? A Brand is that performer who built his name in the industry. You know what you get when you hire Diesel Washington. He blogs, promotion, youtubes, interviews, and gives you a scene that is Hot!! The only questions should be, What will He do in the scene this time??? Power Fuck?? Signature moves? It's always exciting watching a Diesel Washington scene. He never goes through the motions, is always into the action, he sucks, he rims, he fucks, he fists, he shoves his foot in places where it shouldn't be..

I write this blog, I guess that is the biggest asset I have. It's not the fact that I have one!! Its the fact that this blog has been running for almost five years, people read my blog with their coffee. I'm the guilty pleasure that everybody wants to read!! I show some personality, and some people can identify with some of the emotions I try to convey.

That is a Brand!! That is something that the performers Today will never attain!!! Try puppies, but the business has changed!!

There is alot of models with "Internet Hype" and I'm not hating on any of them. At the same time, with all this hype surrounding you, you better be raising the bar with every performance. The audience is unforgiving nowadays, they are voicing their opinions about the scenes and the performances. I'm glad the consumers are becoming more aware and buying the scenes they want to see. Consumers are tired of the Gay for Pay, Boring models and getting fed bullshit by models only looking to make a buck.

People seem to think I bash the business, that is so not true!! I love this Industry!! I voice my opinions about some things in this business that is true!! At the same time, I worked hard in this business and I give it alot of support!! Do I get jealous when other models work more than Me? Yes!! Do I get mad when I hear some producers say "I'm too visible"(Not a fresh face)Yes! Do I get mad when I hear I don't have the "Right Look" for the part. Yes! Do I get mad when I see the same boring models working and working? Yes!! Do I get Mad when "Certain" models will not work with Me? Yes!! Do I get Mad when I hear some models say "They can't take my Dick"? Yes! I see the things happening to the Industry, and I feel that I have the right to say something.

Remember when the term "Exclusive" meant something?? I do. Better yet......

Is it Me?? But I'm noticing that Web models are way hotter than Studio models. Randy Blue, Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody, Active Duty, College Dudes 24/7, bah bah bah they are getting hot hot hot guys!!!

In 2006, Studio exclusives still ruled the business. Becoming a Exclusive for a Studio was the "Big Thing". The path that a Porn Star took to build his name, was to shoot some web scenes and then make the jump to Studio Porn. When you did that you so called made the Big times..

Fast forward

Its 2010, there is no path and the models jump between Studio and Web scenes literally overnight. One day you will be shooting a feature for Falcon and the next day you can shoot for www.ExtraBigdicks.com. There are still exclusives for Web content that have never shot a Studio feature. But it seems the direction that porn is taking(from the models stand point)is mostly Web. The turn around for a Web scene is much quicker than a full feature from a Studio(Sometimes the pay is better) Also with Web work, the scenes are easier to film(shorter duration)and the policies of Websites has changed, more and more sites are testing their models, providing a safer filming environment and that is more appealing than a Large Check!! I had to cover that because I was getting alot of fans asking "Why I'm doing so much Web work?" Now you know...

If you haven't noticed, more and more Studio models are making their rounds on the Web scene. The rules have changed, its you go where the work is. And the money is in Web....

Another post coming soon....

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I think I saw this on one of the sites(maybe sword?)its a news report, about some drama...

Now this is where it gets interesting there is a rapping verison

:38 Michael Gregory yummmy!!
:46 Michael Gregory double yummy!!

Now this was made by the Gregory Brothers http://www.thegregorybrothers.com (if not mistaken)the same people that brought you Auto Tune the News. http://www.youtube.com/autotunethenews Some funny funny stuff here!!! Talented people!!!
Michael Gregory!! The things I would do to you!!
I guess the only reason why I'm putting up the Vid is, I CAN'T GET THE FUCKING SONG OUT OF MY HEAD!!

Such a catchy fucking hook!!! There I go!!:

Again Michael Gregory I'm looking for you!!! Cute mother fucker!!!

More from the Gregory Brothers!!


That's Michael with the glasses yummy!!

Anyway!! I think I'm a new fan!!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Quick post...

Going to hangout this weekend, I think I will take some pictures for the fans. Sometimes I forget its a difficult balancing act between being a Porn Star and a Blogger.

I gave you Porn Star for the last couple of weeks, I would put up a Vid shirtless and leave that for the Fans. I guess some people took offense to that and wanted Me to go to back to blogging.For five years, I have been writing this blog and sometimes I think I covered everything that I needed to cover.

I read over some past posts and it seems that I'm repeating myself in some posts. Constant readers probably get upset that I repeat myself sometimes, but you guys have to remember I get new readership every single day. I have five years worth of material to go through.... FIVE YEARS!!!


I can't expect new readers to go back to past posts(They should)anyway.........

I'm bringing my camera today, and I think its time to start taking pictures in the city trying to be hot!!

You people have no idea how goofy I am, even though I'm alittle rough around the edges. I'm alittle socially awkward, I have said it before and becoming a somewhat popular star has added to that awkwardness.

When I'm on!! I'm cocky, confident, loud and some what outspoken. When the pressure and the lights are on!! Diesel is in his best form!!! Off camera the "Editor" is alittle goofy, scatter brained over thinker(does that make sense?)I tend to get lost in thought and when approached by people I seem alittle "Annoyed". There is a reason for that....

I have been in overkill with the Porn and escorting, I have groomed myself into believing that anybody that wants to "Connect"(Nonsexual)with Me has to have some hidden agenda. Yeah that is paranoid thinking, and it sucks!!! I hate to think like that, but I noticed it becoming more and more of a problem.

So I took charge of my life, if I want intimacy and that feeling of sharing something with someone, I have to set barriers for myself. I went on a date last week, We did the movies and then dinner and then went out for drinks. At the end of the night, instead of grabbing up the "Victim" and fucking the hell outta them. I gave them a passionate kiss and walked them to the train station and sent them home.

I felt so different and proud of myself, I didn't have to be this sexual animal and Bed every person that I meet. There was a period in time that I would do the "Booty Date" which is different from doing a "Booty Call"

A "Booty" date is when you take out the person and do the whole Dinner/Movies and then fuck afterwards. I was the King of that!!! I just liked spending time with people and not having to rush into bed. I didn't want to do the Lets meet up and fuck and then We go our separate ways thing.

I know it sounds funny, I was being to think I was "Dick on Demand" and just a piece of meat. Bad way of thinking....

Anyway I'm enjoying life and trying to be more social, if you see me out. Be warned I might growl at you when you first talk to Me. Give Me some time and then I will warm up to you... As long as you don't say "I jerk off to your movies all the time"

Then We good!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Just a few models that I want to shine some light on....

This is Jackson Kale http://dv8casting.com/

Robert Axel



I don't know any of these models personally, I just wanted to give them a spotlight!!

I always try to help other models, either by giving them a voice on the the Web, or the opportunity of a spotlight on my blog. I have never been selfish when it comes to promotion.

Good luck to these models and I hope you go further into this business. Stay strong and true to yourself!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I know.....

The posts lately have been sort of confusing and scattered brained....

There is a reason for it...

Its the Summer!!!

I thought I would take the time and give a personal post.

Here we go...

I will admit it, I'm scared!!!

I come off as this Big Aggressive Guy! I tackle the issues and I'm great at getting things started!! But I'm scared and nervous about making my own Studio, there I said it!!(Wolf LOL) I worked on three projects recently, and I was not happy with the outcome. Did I put 100 percent into the projects?? Yes and No...

I was really worn out with the ANBB contest, talking to models and dealing with questions, expectations and contacting people, I just wanted to point models in the right direction(and still do). I want to say Thanks to all models that submitted photos and I'm still working on something for you guys. I had to put my focus in another direction and that was preparing for up coming scenes.

I'm happy with the footage that was captured in Fort Lauderdale, I came in looking my best and open minded and willing to try "New Things" Yeah things didn't work out as planned but I can't let that stop Me from pushing forward. Oh and the Redmond Fox rant, some people say it was his choice why blame him?? I blame him cause a duo scene pays more than a solo, so when he backed out at last minute I got a pay cut for only doing a solo. And the model that replaced him, He was HIV+ and I told that story already. So before you pick sides and say "Oh Diesel, if he didnt want to perform with you, He didn't want to, so why trash him??"

Cause He fucked with my money!!!LOL moving on...

Makes you think sometimes.... Am I that bad of a guy?? The polite term would be that "I"m Outspoken" the reality term would be that I'm a "Big Mouth". I write those crazy posts about my love life, being bi polar, speaking the truth, rants, and I probably rub people the wrong way sometimes.... but it's only a Blog!

It's just a blog people!! A blog full of rants about life, industry and what happens around Me!! I show glimpses of my personality, way of thinking and I just try to be entertaining...

Whoops... I'm off subject

Back to being scared to start my own Studio, I'm scared(Did I say that already?LOL) I know myself, and I would want to control over everything! Set Design, Casting, performances, directing, editing, videography, promotion, everything... I would be the most miserable person around because I would be editing, re editing, and the dark side will come out of Me(Workaholic to death). I know myself...

I took offense to some of the emails I received commenting on a previous post I wrote(the one before this one). I talked about the release parties and bringing back that era when Porn Stars were worshipped! I guess the reader(new reader probably)thought I only cared about the parties and the glam behind porn, that comes at the end of the road when a project is done!! Of course I will celebrate hard!! When the work is done!! Duh!!

I know Porn is more than parties and living like Rock Stars!!! I know the hard work that is involved when running a business, and to be honest, that is the part that scares Me, I'm more into the process of making porn, casting, getting the performances, getting the footage, locations, scheduling, and handling the models, editing the footage, promotion all of that good stuff!! That is where I shine at!!

I don't want to do the "Books", "Budgeting", "BabySitting" "Bullshit" end of the business, I hate doing that stuff and those are the most important parts of the business. Think about it, I was a hustler turned hooker turned escort turned Porn Star now I have to be the one writing checks to performers. Basically I will be a Trick hiring "Talent" I'm just saying LOL I'm joking...

I have to get out of the "Hooker mentality" And I'm a paranoid motherfucker(did I mention that) I don't want someone else handing my money, if they fuck up my money you going to read stories on blogs saying "Diesel Washington just beat up his accountant" "Diesel Washington just shoved his foot up his Accountants Ass" LOL Fucking with my money that is a NONO!!

I have big time "Trust" issues with people, and running a business is a major thing. I mean I had an "Assistant" who I shared private information with(And We all know how that went down)and that info was leaked to an outside source. So my trust issues will not let someone else "Play" with my money.

So that would mean I have to be Videographer, Still photographer, Promoter, Editor, Casting Director, bah bah so basically I would wear all the hats in the Office!!

In my downtime, I'm learning to take pictures(color correct, play with lighting)so I will have the Still photographer thing down!! I'm learning...

Next Step is learning to use the Camera, when you have a $4,000 HD camera its like having a New Toy to play with. I want to learn how to use the camera, get the right angles bah bah bah. It takes time, I don't have anybody to teach Me. I'm learning it on my own.

Editing that is probably the hardest thing to learn, Guess what??? All the youtubes that I shot, I edited myself!! Granted it was easy editing my footage, I storyboard all my Vids beforehand that way I know what I need to shoot and in the right order that way when I go edit the footage, everything is in sequence.

I could careless if I make a dime on my movies, I just want to make Good Movies that get people off. I want to make movies that I would watch even though I do porn. I want to bring my scripts to life and just tell a story with my films at the same time make fucking Hot Sex!!!


So I guess when I say the timing is not right, I guess I was looking for an excuse to use instead of saying I'm scared!! A product that has my name on it, produced, directed, packaged by Me!!It has my name on it....

That shit freaks Me out!!

Running a studio is a full time job, I have a full time job already LOL!! So maybe that will give you more insight into why I'm scared!! To run a studio, basically I would have to quit my job, and invest all my time and money into running a successful company(Of course). I'm not ready to quit my job and dive into the porn world. Hmmm???

That sounds like an excuse as well...LOL

OOOh to be young again, I would quit my job, move across the states and be Mister Porn!! Being a "Mature" model, my life is in different directions now.....

Damn!!! That sounds like an excuse too

Maybe I need to stop the excuses......

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So what is a Performer to do in his down time???

Promote Promote Promote!!

STEAMWORKS THE MOVIE is out and available on the Raging Stallion site https://store.ragingstallion.com/show.php?m=3055&st=1&sid=256 So make sure you go out and order that thing. Hot Cast!!Men of Color!!Austin Wilde bottoming, Diesel giving it to Angelo alot of stuff to see!! It stars a racially diverse cast!! Enough Said!!

Get that!!!

GETTING LEVI'S JOHNSON by JetSet Men http://www.jetsetmen.com/movie_559_Getting-Levis-Johnson.html

Get that!!

So that is what Studio work I have out now!! That is the most current!!

Web Work!!

I'm A MARRIED MAN!! Suite 703 http://tour.suite703.com/scenes/diesel-washington-and-scott-alexander/9361/?


Diesel Washington and Ridge Michaels

So that is the most current work out...........

I complain alot on this blog, I complain about not getting enough work, not being able to work with Performers that I want to work with, bah bah bah

Complain Complain Bitch Bitch!!

Everybody says "Well Diesel, you know what you need to do. Start your own Studio" I hear you loud and clear!!

That is the goal!! Do I have the money?? Yes!! Do I have the start up Cash!! Yes!! Do I have the desire? Yes!! I have the ideas, the models, the scripts, I have everything I need or I can get it!! So what am I waiting for???


The Market is not right yet, I keep close track of the trends and what sells in this business. Consumers are still sorting through a huge selection of Fetish sites, Studio sites, X tubes, Dudetubes, pirate downloads.....there is alot of porn out there.

Some good and some bad!! I'm such a perfectionist!! The models have to be right!! The scene has to constructed well.. Tight script, Models that are into each other!! I want things solid!!

I look at some sites and no offense it looks like scenes from a bad Xtube clip. The lighting is all wrong, and the models look like some Joe Blow from the gym(Not Hot), I'm not impressed!! Sure you HAVE a site up and running!!! But I'm glad YOUR name is on that train wreck and not MINE!!

Yeah I'm talking shit, when I have nothing up and running and at least they are working on SOMETHING!!True!! True!! I agree maybe I'm hating on them alittle bit(I will admit it). But I have been in Gay porn for four years and change, I have been a part of some of the Biggest Movies in this Business. I have won numerous awards for Performing, Blogging, My Cock, Acting. bah bah bah

The expectations from my Fans, Industry and myself is Huge!!!When I put my project together and put it out, People will be like DAMN!!!

So bear with Me!!

I could be that model that puts something quick together and throws it on X tube to make a few bucks!! But that is not my style!! Diesel Washington is about style, so I want to go through the whole launching thing!! Do it up Big!!! Release Party!! I want to bring back the days when Porn Stars were almost like Movie Stars!!

I want to show by example, how porn stars can take the Industry back to the days when people thought Porn Stars were Gods. How We sold out clubs to perform in, Being a True Rock Star!!!

Timing!! Its all about timing!!!

When the audience gets tired of seeing these "The Boy Next Door types" that are attainable. When they want to see "The Man of Their Dreams" who is unattainable. When the audience gets tired of the Gay for Pay models that don't perform and not into the action. When they want to see guys that are into each other and fucking like animals. When people get tired of the X tubes and what to see a porn with good lighting and insertion scenes without a shaky cam.. When people get tired of these bareback movies that do nothing but put a spotlight on how many loads an ass can take. When the audience is ready to see a Hot fucking scene or Art!! I will be ready!!

Until then....

I will keep working on the Diesel Washington Brand, I will keep putting out the youtubes entertaining the Fans and Supporters. I will keep interviewing models and promoting and I will keep touring and putting my name out there.

I will be a working model until I launch my project!!

Recap of my Most recent Youtubes:



I know I know, I can put out a youtube vid and in a week it can get more than thousand views(And your not even naked) just imagine when your site is up and running and your fucking and putting scenes together.....

Thanks to the supporters for pointing that out to Me, but I know....LOL

Timing is everything!!!