Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Okay so get back on track with "Hard Wire", We had to bring back Lawson Kane and really get a good photo shoot of him, He is looking great, feeling great and We defiantly wanted to bring him back and get some really good pics of him.

This project is so different from anything, that I have shot before. I looked at what I had and I wanted more....

If a project is going to have my name on it I want it to look good, high production level, tell a story, and just be something that is interesting to watch and jerk off to at the same time.

The great thing about Behind the scenes footage you get to see How hands on I am when it comes to my photo shoots they must tell a story. Every detail/wardrobe/body positions plays into telling a story.


It's coming along, stay with Me its coming....

Monday, March 25, 2013


Dale Cooper and Jay Black

I had to jump in...

Mike Moreno, Dale Cooper, Jay Black

Leo Forte

A better picture

 Mr Pam Leo Forte Mike Moreno
 Mr Pam, Leo Forte...BTW Hooker Stories 2 won for Best Picute at the Hookies.... So So Fast!!
Diesel and Trenton Ducati

Mr Pam, Leo Forte, Mike Moreno

On stage accepting the award for Best Film "Hooker Stories 2"..That was fast!!

Molesting Max Ryder

Really molesting the poor little boy!!

Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder.....the picture speaks volumes!!!

So no this year I did not go to the Black Party, I'm an old dog I been there and done that 6years in a row, but don't worry my Fetish crowd I will return to my roots very very soon.

More to post later....

Oh introducing Mike Moreno.....Newest Power Bottom on the will see more of him soon

Friday, March 15, 2013


 Had to post some new pictures on the blog...

Speaking of Blog, I was reading theSword(and other blogs)and of course its Grabbys time.  If you don't know what the Grabbys is go here
It's sort of the Oscars of Gay Porn....

Let's face it, there are not many awards shows left, and I do think performers of any type need to have that one night of celebration of doing what We do..

We film porn and its cool that you have some peers that enjoy your work. And everybody comes looking all fashion, Glam, Decked out. I have several Grabbys myself so it will be good to go the Grabbys and just watch the younger guys have fun and Wild out!!

While at the Grabbys, it gives Me time to network a bit and also represent at the same time.  There needs to be representation anywhere you go,  I live by the motto that you have to be SEEN to be HEARD, if your not going because you wasn't nominated...

Aww poor baby, it's a good time and a bunch of drunk and high porn stars that wander the halls, horned up, looking for a room to crash in, get used multiple times...Good times!!

Anyway I have a photo shoot with Dawgpoundusa myself, Yes that is right I will get in front of the camera for a change, I decided that since I do the storyline, that I play a small character that pushes the action in the movie. Not sure what I just typed but it sounded good...

Anyway I wanted to jump in front of the camera, We are working with a really good photographer and I think I will come, Balls out!!

Black Party and Black Party Expo are coming up next week..

I will be attending the Expo, not sure about the Black Party itself(Had my fun)..It's always a good time seeing people out and about. But I much rather come to the Expo, support friends that are nominated for awards and stuff..

So more later, I have to keep eating healthy for this photoshoot...

Monday, March 11, 2013


I know that was a weird start to a post, well let's talk: I have been so what busy and then I had to book something.. I will be doing a Photo Shoot for "Hard Wire", I have always wanted to stay behind the scenes and not get my hands that involved from a models stand point. But then again... I have been hitting the gym hard lately and really really showing it off and doing the photo shoot come in perfect timing for everything. March will be a very busy month for We have alot in store and I just have to put everything together. I may even do a scene in my own series... Now here comes the selfish part, if I'm the one directing and editing and modeling in the scene, shouldn't I go all out and do the best of the Best!! Who knows?? Just a thought..

But if I was going to do a scene, besides the whole "Angry Black Man" role. I want to go in a completly opposite direction, but I want the scene of all scenes!!

Thank God, I know how to light it!! Film it!! Edit It and Promote It!! TOTAL CONTROL!!

Anyway enough about creating a hot scene....

March is a long month for Me, I tend to hangout with my Buds and get infected by March Madness. For all those who may not know what March Madness is..

Basically a bunch of Basketball fans that watch College Basketball and have money on the game either in a "Pool", online betting...An excuse to sit around and watch TV and yell at the screen when your team is not doing so well..

People take March Madness series, I played alot of basket ball growing up yes I get a case of it every once and a while

Besides the Knicks suck!!(Sorry NYC) its been more than 40years since We were champs in Basketball! Love you anyway Knicks will still keep repping ya!!

This post is kinda of sloppy due to the fact that I blaze before writing this, so now I might make sense why the thoughts are rambled and confused sounding. I thought I would take the time to reach out to the fans and just say Hello..

This post is getting strange, I think I'm in a confused state..

Another Porn star killed himself....

It gets you to wondering sometimes, I have faced my own demons and I have went through my own hard times..

This is not the lifestyle for some....

Just a confused post...

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Just having fun and playing with music is all.... Enjoy!! Pec pumps throught!

Sunday, March 03, 2013


Okay everybody seen all the promotional pics, I thought I would switch up speeds and show the pics I can take at home by myself.  I got my own lights camera, Vid camera, tripods and all that good stuff.  I want to stay busy around and keep promoting myself as a model.
I'm still working on the harder edits of the Hard Wire story, but now is the time to start putting things together in a way that makes sense.
Anyway...enjoy the pics because I have a long day of work tomorrow and I have to get some more transition shots of the city and that is always a pain in the ass to Me.  Carrying around camera equipment and making sure that you can work your way around people when you want to get a clear shot can sometimes be a chore.
As you can tell the gym is paying off and the funny part is that I'm in the relaxing stage. I haven't taken any supplements in about two weeks(Body cleanse)and then I plan the attack on the body yet again.
So these photos are nothing....
Watch in two more weeks time, I plan to go to the next level and really show up the body.  I got a brand to run and I want to tap somethings outside of the Industry.  Some opportunities have been dropped on my lap and I want to take the chance and explore more..
See what happens LIVE!!
More later............................................Goodbye Bitches!!

Saturday, March 02, 2013


So alot happening, so I thought I would include some pictures and just explain all the things going on.

Well two scenes of mine have been released and I'm happy to say thanks to everybody that covered the stories too many blogs to name but thanks I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  I have been in this business a long long time.  I really didn't think I would make it this far...

I often point out the Haters..

But this is for the Fans...You guys that read this mess of a blog and tune in just to see a piece of my life. I never claimed to be the man with all the answers...

In fact most people think I just Bitch and Whine and Moan..there is some truth to that. But doesn't everybody get tired at some point and just want to say "Fuck It".  I could be like the normal person that hides his emotions and feelings and goes through life with rose colored glasses. But that is not Me, I will rant and write and blog about what goes on inside of my head. If you don't like whats going on in my head, THEN GET OFF MY BLOG...


I read these blogs where people start complaining or talk about my past experiences(in detail)and I'm like "Hey dude if you don't like Me, why follow my life then..."  Because you find it entertaining...But it seems that people like to get a Rise out of Me and not in the good way. But its cool, I have to give Haters a job.

Now back to the plan at hand....

I'm feeling great..and alot of things going on right now... and two hot scenes. Go out and support these scenes.

A special treat for fans....

I keep trying to push the limits...

Not going to stand on a soapbox(like that saying) but again I try to get people thinking...

Plan on a new tour the last tour you heard Whore Tour.. get ready for.

The Hooker Stories Tour.

More to come on that shortly(Strike when the Metal is hot)

Speaking of Hookers, its that time again..

Nominated for Best Top(3rd time)..Not going to ask you guys to vote for Me. I have enough awards and I basically did my thing. I am happy to be nominated yet again, it means alot that I could provide that "Service" people seem to enjoy.


I know you hear that name alot....

I wanted to recap a recent Photo shoot for some of the models in "Hard Wire" Cristobal and Vice. We had the models come over so We could get some really good photos to use for the series.  Here are some pictures I took behind the scenes of that Photo shoot.



So yeah, I have to admit I did some "Research" and really looked at some of these new starter websites and I had to go back to the drawing board for a well thought attack.  We have the resources and the models and the footage, We just want to make sure that We produce a well polished project that will have the Members and Fans, going Nuts!!

Be patient, as you can see I have been busy doing other projects(to make ends meet)and still putting the pieces together. It will be well worth it...

Trust Me!!

Plan on doing another couple of Vids explaining everything.

More to come..