Monday, March 25, 2013


Dale Cooper and Jay Black

I had to jump in...

Mike Moreno, Dale Cooper, Jay Black

Leo Forte

A better picture

 Mr Pam Leo Forte Mike Moreno
 Mr Pam, Leo Forte...BTW Hooker Stories 2 won for Best Picute at the Hookies.... So So Fast!!
Diesel and Trenton Ducati

Mr Pam, Leo Forte, Mike Moreno

On stage accepting the award for Best Film "Hooker Stories 2"..That was fast!!

Molesting Max Ryder

Really molesting the poor little boy!!

Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder.....the picture speaks volumes!!!

So no this year I did not go to the Black Party, I'm an old dog I been there and done that 6years in a row, but don't worry my Fetish crowd I will return to my roots very very soon.

More to post later....

Oh introducing Mike Moreno.....Newest Power Bottom on the will see more of him soon

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PIG! Good for you!