Friday, January 30, 2009


The fact is I do. My idols in this business would be Matthew Rush and Ricky Sinz. I've met and told these men face to face how much I respect and admire them. Do I think the helped pave the way for someone like me? Yes. Am I in their debt? No. It's a dog eat dog business. And with the proof that we have seen that says porn is not recession proof, I did what I had to do to make a living. Diesel says he puts so much hard work into this business. I do have to give the man credit...he fucked the hell out of me. But we went down two completely different paths. I've had to scratrch tooth and nail with other models in my agency and all over the country to get spots in films. Diesel had a contract the last two years that GUARENTEED him work. Where is the hard work in being a studio exclusive? One could even ardue that Titan made Diesel. Nobody has handed me anything.

1/29/09 by Kameron Scott

That is a bunch of bullshit, Titan made me!!! Wow!!! I see that I have to open the can of Whip Ass!! Tooth and nail LOL!! This Kid seems to forgot that I had to go against the grain, and prove myself with each movie!! I had to sit and watch other stars go ahead of me!! Because they were All American types that appealed to that MidWestern crowd. Its funny that he goes on to say that he met Ricky Sinz and Matthew Rush and they were his Idols.... Whatever!! one min hes kissing Ass and then the next moment hes calling them out!!! As far as Fucking the Hell out of him!!! I think so..... But I had to basically hold him down to pound that Ass!!! I wont say the Kid didn't have a Hard Job!!He did!! But he talked so big(Superbottom!!) about being able to take any dick!!So I thought he was ready!!

The whole time I explained the scene to him, I told him that I wouldn't take it light on him(never!!)....and the whole time He was saying "I wouldn't expect anything Less of ya!!!" but then I get started and he was almost ready to quit on me!!! He was able to finish the I should give him some credit...But I wont!! He knew what he was in for!!! Don't hype yourself up for a scene!! And when the hammer comes down u get scared and get second thoughts...reads all over his face(In the Movie).. I'm laughing cause the whole world gets to see his "Real Fuck Face" That Face that has "I cant handle this dick" written all over it..... U see real Pain!! On my Face I have written "Dont Cash Checks that Ur Asshole cant handle!!! He learned that lesson the hard way!!
Basically I hate a Newcummer that comes into the business....claiming they are the man!!! Lights, Camera, Action then get scared because Reality is hitting them Hard!! Reality came when Kameron got fucked by a Man 6'6 245lbs putting almost all his power into busting open his hole!!

People are talking about the scene already!!! But I'm not ready to post the Pics so look around, maybe U will find it....

I'm sure this War will continue!!! The Movie doesn't come out until Feb 24 so I want to see How Much this Little Boy is going to talk.

I wont Lie and say there wasn't energy on set!! He talked so much shit!! Being the ever Attention Whore!! I had to Shut his mouth!!! Maybe he will watch the scene and be like "Damn He fucked the Living Hell outta Me!!"

Who knows????? Watch the Scene!!!(Don't be a pussy, and just watch trailer)I Throw a Mean Fuck in Playbook....

Do me a Favor(Fans) Someone get a Screen Capture of Kameron Scott's Face.... Its the Look of a Little Boy that got Schooled Hard!!!! Priceless!!!

I love doing Porn!!

Im sure he will have more to say.....PLAYBOOK DIESEL WASHINGTON VS KAMERON SCOTT FEB 24 2009 THIS IS A REAL JOCK MOVIE!!! We are playing Basketball, real Basketball and doing what Jocks really do!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Cry Baby Cry
I don't really understand what's Diesel Washington's isuue is here. Calling me a gutter bunnie makes no point if he was even trying to make one. So what is I didn't fuck him at Folsom...I did what I had to do to get what I wanted and I'd do it all again if need be. How else was I going to meet Bruce Cam and all the models on Titan's roster if I didn't play my cards right. This business is a game and Diesel is just mad that I beat him. Yeah he had to push me hard in my scene, but I finished it and it's fan-fucking-tastic. Playbook is the beginning of my career and the cosing of a chapter for Diesel. I worked with a person that many other people are intimidated by and refuse to work with. I just sucked it up to get my name and face in that film. I did what any other rising star in this business would have done. It's step or be stepped on. Yeah I'm big headed and have an ego...but look where it has gotten me. Four movies in six months with the three biggest names in porn...and all thanks to me playing my cards right. So check out what all the controversy is about wen Playbook streets February 24th. Oh...and bite me Diesel.
1/27/09 AND THIS WAS WRITTEN BY KAMERON SCOTT check out his blog if u dont think its real

So Just don't think that I'm attacking some twink because I think I'm big and bad!!! What this post means to me, He will step on anybody to get what he wants!!! And that any Newcummer in the same position would do the same thing as he did....

The Difference between Diesel and Kameron....I didn't have to step on anybody to get to this position, I just worked hard and was focused on what I wanted to do in this Industry!!! Hard work and learning the business, from every angle I studied the old greats and then created my own identity...

This type of Attitude seems to be the New Trend of New Porn stars into the game. I don't get it, to this day, when I see Superstars like Colton Ford, Matthew Rush, Bobby Blake, Tiger Tyson(the list goes on)I feel honored to be around Guys that put it down in this Industry, they left their mark, and nobody can take that away from them, Ever!!!!!!

So the War Continues!!!! Countdown to the ShowDown of Diesel Washington VS Kameron Scott!!

In a nutshell its a Cocky Big Mouthed Top taking on a HeadStrong, Big Mouth NewCummer!!! Reality that makes it way to Porn.

I school Kameron on the Basketball court, and then show him what a Real Pro Top dishes out in the bedroom.

Pray for the Boy!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Okay I have been tired of speaking on this subject..... But here goes again.... These fucking Gutterbunnies esp the twink ones... pushing all the wrong buttons with me!!!! It seems that ever since I met the King of Gutter Bunnies Kameron Scott they have been coming out of the wood work left and right...

Kameron Scott the King of Gutter Bunnies!!!!! I made the mistake of thinking that Kameron Scott was cool and a smart kid...... But after that bullshit he pulled on me at Folsom Fair last year...I have to call this kid out because I'm tired of Gutter Bunnies like him coming into the Industry. Even though the Kid is talented, he has alot to Learn!! He's young I know, All u guys will use that excuse with me!! So what this is porn, U want to play with the Big boys u need to get used like a Big Boy!!

Say what u want!! I really don't give a shit...I'm speaking my mind now... It seems that every event I go to has a Gutter Bunny... Just these tiny twinks who have no respect for the Veterans in this business!!!

I want to teach all these Twink Gutter Bunnies a Lesson or Two!! When U jump into the Big Leagues u have to show and prove!!! They come into the game like they are entitled to fame and money, and should have access to everything!!! Which clearly is not the case!!! U have to earn that title, in Ur work, performance bah bah bah...

Most of these Twinks get on camera and think all u have to do is jerk off, take some cock in Ur ass and that's it.. This is a craft, u have to work on Ur craft everyday and keep changing Ur style and bringing something new into the game!!!

I know I know.... this kid thinks he got everybody fooled....Not me I know what he is about!!! All and All I had to push this Kid in the scene, till he couldn't take anymore cock, I knew what I wanted to do in the Screen. I wanted a Monster Fuck and this Kid had a tough time dealing with me.. But Fuck it!!!

If u want to make it Big in this Business, U have to work hard and keep pushing and pushing Yourself.... I picked Kameron for this role cause he could play Basketball and I think that shows in the scene!!!




Saturday, January 24, 2009


Here, I was to write a nice post about what is going on with things in Porn, and this happens!!! I dont know where to start??.....I will break the ideas into sections.

First, we are going to talk about this "Angry Black Man" thing. Im getting tired of hearing it over and over from people, its annoying me. Secondly we are going to talk about this Reverse Racism Shit!!! Im so tired of hearing it, I get it from both sides people!! And One of the Biggest Subjects : Me being a Sell Out????????!!! Ouch that one hurts!!! No better way to handle this but jump right in:

The "Angry Black Man" role........ I dont know what the fuck is up with people???? I do fucking Porn!!!!...... My sexuality belongs to me!!!But I share it through Vids, So I dont know what bugs people more???..... The Fact that I fuck hard as hell...and dont have a smile on my face, while Doing it???..... The Fact that in real Life and Porn, Im a Top and dont bottom?????.... Maybe I have to do more Love scenes????? When I came into the Industry, I wanted to make a Big Splash and be that Monster Fucker!! And maybe I played that character so well that people cant shake the idea... Diesel Washington is a character.... I didnt base it off a Stereotype!!!! The Big Bad Macho Black Fucker... Geez. I feel bad that People call me a Stereotype..when IM A TOP AND LIKE TO FUCK HARD!! Period!! Its not an act, its what I like to do in the Bedroom and on Film!! Only that!! To Me, I thought I was showing off for the camera and showing skills that people would say "Damn He knows How to Fuck!!" But I guess Im wrong!!! At this point, I dont give a fuck anymore....its not worth fighting....But there has to be something more to this "Angry Black Man" thing...??? To me, it sounds like People want me to smile more when Im fucking LOL.... But Hey Ur Still Watching Me!!! So keep on doing that!!

Now this Reverse Racism Shit!!! Wow!!! I wrote about this in another blog, but I will talk about it again... I get all this Hate email from people(who are not avid readers of my blog)saying I dont like my own Kind...Whiteboy crazy...Uncle Tom bah bah bah.... Ouch!!! You Guys Dont Know Me!! Never Met Me!! So FUCK OFF!! Seriously there are some Ignorant People out there!!! I was born Black, Im staying Black, and I will Die a Black Man!!! From my point of view, I get it from both sides... But since I play Low Key(on Race Issues) on my blog it seems that I have to be very Vocal now so u will understand!!! Some People in the Black Community say "Diesel doesnt like Black Guys" and this is based off what???????? U dont know me!!!
I was an Exclusive with TitanMen for 2 1/2 years, I had contracted work with one studio only(that is the choice I wanted to build the Diesel Brand)in that time.. I have worked with an Asian Model, four Latino models, one black model(Markus Ram)Models from France, Italy, Germany. I have worked with so many different kinds of models, its ignorant to say "Diesel doesnt Like Men of Color" do my Movie history... Fuck People!!! U act like Im the guy that does the Casting.... I cant believe Im explaining myself to the ignorant people(they are small minded they wont learn)who are making assumptions about my lifestyle offscreen like its their business!!!... U dont know me or ever will!!! I dont deal with Ignorant Fucks!!
Im a Strong,Proud and Confident Black Man... I wouldnt have it any other way!! I do get hurt when My own community turns on me!! Im equal opportunity when it comes to Sex, there are no color lines to me!!! Does that mean I Dont like my Own Race??? Fuck I dont get it? I like all Races!!! so let me repeat that... DIESEL WASHINGTON LIKES ALL RACES!!!But some people still wont understand, let me say it this way... DIESEL WASHINGTON LIKES BLACK GUYS. Its to be expected though, People only see the porns and base everything they see off a movie, but that is not real life.DUH!!!

So from the Blacks, I get "Im white boy crazy" "Im being fooled by whitey" "Im being brainwashed" "Im confused" "I have low self esteem" and "Dont love my own race kinda of crap"...I deal with it.......

From the Whites, I get "Ugly Monkey" "Nigger Nigger" "We dont like Niggers in Our Porn" " How did My Ugly Black Ass get to fuck this model or that model" Its insane as well, So I deal with that shit too..

People People, I do Gay Porn and fucking online!! Im glad I got so many people talking about me though.... But at the same time, some of the stuff makes no sense at all!!! But Gay guys can be caddy, so its to be expected(and U know thats the truth!!) I wont please everybody!!! But at least, I know what Im about and so do my Close friends, they know what Im doing or trying to achieve....The Rest of ya!!!Can Suck My Dick(if u pay me!!)..

Now the Most Important One....... The Sell Out Crap!!!! Wow, I read everything online about me.... and the Sell Out crap hurts the Most!!! Let me see the words Mandingo, "Angry Black Man" all I can say is WHAT THE FUCK!!!!????!!!

I came into this Industry, so Men of Color had a Platform... Someone Darkskinned that could come into Mainstream porn and be successful.... But in doing so, Some People in the Black Community said I lost my Blackness????? Are ya serious????

Wow, when I look into a mirror, I see I have Brown skin.....Hmmm? My Mother is Black and my Father is Black, doesn't that mean Im Black???Hmmmmm?? So How does One lose their Blackness???? Because I havent done any Thug Porn??? or worked for an All Exclusive Black company??? its 2009 and People still think that way???. I cant believe Im explaining myself once again to Stupid People(to the people who get me, I love ya!!)

Get it right!!! Im not a casting director.... Geez and I just thought Me doing Porn was THE FIGHT FOR DIVERSTY IN GAY PORN!!! I didnt sit on my Couch and say "Damn all these Big Companies are not using any Black Models" and didnt do anything about it!!! I got off my Ass and made the Industry take me serious!!! All U People are just Cry Babies and Bullshitters!!! U complain about this and that instead of making a difference. I know some Blacks that dont buy Falcon, Colt or Titan vids cause they say they are not enough black models.....but at the same time wont buy Flavaman or ThugPorn because they are using the "Thug Steretype"....Fuck so U do all this complaining and dont even buy porn...but u look at the pics, previews and trailers and dont spend a dime...and jerk off to it. Cheap Sluts!!!
And since U dont buy my porns... U dont see that they are movies with scripts and I play characters... I have been a Leather God, Business man, Cop, Pimp, all types. If U buy the movies then U would know that.... Secondly.... if u dont like what is going on in Gay porn then make a change.... I wanted change so I became a model...If u want to make a change(and cant do porn), email Ur favorite company and tell them what u want to see... Complain about seeing more Black models or more Men of Color...dont just sit there and complain that I play stereotypes... Most of ya, wouldnt even open ur mouths in public and talk about it...U just sit on online and make up names cause U cant speak openly about it and hide behind computers!!! All Talk and no Action!!!

Lastly I created the Diesel Character... Sexually Diesel Washington is a Top and onscreen he is aggressive and knows how to fuck his bottoms!! The man behind the character is a Top and knows how to fuck his bottoms... so there is no pretending to be someone else. Im not a Thug in real life and none of my movies has me pretending to be a Thug. I watch some Thug Porn myself....its characters(all respect due).... its suppose to be fantasy!!! I think me wearing a Do rag, and gold chain fucking some guy on a Project roof top is not the character I want to play. THAT WOULD BE ME PLAYING A STEREOTYPE!! Because I cant relate to being a Thug when Im not!!! This is not Rocket Science!!! All I wanted to do was make some Hot scenes!!! Show the Industry and Fans that Men of Color could be exciting onscreen therefore opening the doors to more models to leave their mark in this industry.....

I dont understand why People are not complaining about Gangsta/Thug Porn????? The old story of Gangsters and Homeboys in the hood fucking, that goes way back and they are using the same formula they used 20years ago(Baggy Jeans, Do Rags, Blunts, Hood Rules, and Selling drugs)I hate to tell U this.... To all the Black guys that only buy Black on Black gay porn......most of the companies that make Black on Black gay porn are owned by white guys!!! Sad but true!!! But most people dont know that!! Now u do!!! Dont get me wrong!!! The exclusive models have their say in the company..and direct, and come up with story lines......but at the end of the day.... those companies are owned by White guys. Not all Black on Black companies are owned by white guys......just most!!! So Rich Brothas invest in a Gay Porn company and lets make the movies that people want to see!!!! That sounds simple enough.

This Post is getting long so I will end it with a few notes:

It was brought to my attention that some People didnt like my Bound Gods scene on!! Im glad.. that scene was meant to be shocking and have people talk about me... I knew what was going to happen playing that role. A Black Man tied up and all of that shit!!! It would bring back the thoughts of slavery and lynch mobs, all of that was in my mind the whole time filming....and u know what It worked!!! So many People are talking about that scene because of it... That was the Point!!! To the people complaining..... they probably didnt buy the shoot and are only making remarks because of the pictures. Buy the shoot, (I thought I was playing against character in it, people complained that I was just this "Angry Black Guy" who came in and fucked the boys hard !!) If it were two black guys playing in that scene, people would still complain....its too freaky, and Im not into that fetish shit bah bah bah....Too bad cause I am!!! I love Kink and Fetish play!!! Its my thing!!!

All these personal attacks and judgments on what I do on the screen or in my bedroom... This is for ya, If u dont like the action on the screen, U turn the channel...very simple!!! All U people spend so much time complaining and writing comments.... Why dont ya write ur Favorite company for more diversty...... Or find some way to change the industry!!!!

PEOPLE ATTACK ME....BUT I SEEM TO BE THE ONLY ONE WHO GOT TIRED OF SEEING BLONDE ALL AMERICAN BOYS IN PORN AND NO BLACK FACES......... BUT NOW THERE IS A BLACK FACE AND ITS ME........GUESS IM THE ONLY ONE WHO HAD THE GUTS TO STEP UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! Nobody knows but I spoke at the Gay Summit 2008 about Race issues, the impact that Gay porn has in the Black Community, the Importance of Men of Color in porn, Racism in Porn..... alot of subjects. So Im out there in front of the Big Companies talking to People, Im well spoken and smart but People dont see that!!! People only look for the Bad in people which is sad...I worked hard for a reason and People dont see it...... Im working harder than any of U guys in changing the attitude or stereotype of Men of Color but whatever...... Even now, People are talking about the subject more and more.... so maybe Im doing some good..... But all u people just want to jerk off and not hear Ur Models doing things to make a change..... Or do ya????

To the Blatino Erotica Awards, its okay.... I still have Love for ya Guys!!! Maybe u guys thought I lost my Blackness as well...... I dont hate on U guys!!! Do I feel bad??? Yeah I do feel bad that the Blatino Erotica Awards didnt recogize me for my achievements in gay porn......

I never knew that my own community thought I was a Sell Out.. It hurts!!!!!

This is why I dont talk about Race issues its pointless..... If I was only to talk about the race issue I wouldnt get any work.... that is the "Real Angry Black Man" that cant over the past and look forward to the future.... I made my future, by getting off my Ass and making a change.....

And to answer some things..... yes I was inspired by Barack Obama.... for me he inspired me to make a change!!! Not just sit there and bitch and complain about nothing happening.....

And the whole Eric Rhodes thing...... Man that WAS a hard time for me..only because Eric and I are friends.... THE BLOG WAS SUPPOSE TO BRING ATTENTION TO THE MOVIE THAT WE BOTH ARE IN..... promoting promoting it seems to be working because everybody knows what I wrote in that blog.... and it spreads and spreads to everybody. It brought attention to the movie, attention to my blog.... so mission accomplished!!!


Help the other people understand that this is entertainment..... Press is the name of the game!!! And it seems that I know How to use the weapon called Press!!

That "Editor" is one smart guy LOL

Oh thanks ROD for link!!!


(Review of Folsom Filth by
Diesel smacking and burying his face in deep. Brendan and Diesel take turns fucking Alex, and I mean FUCK. Diesel slams into Alex as harshly as possible,

(Review of Cop Shack 2 by
slamming down all the way on Diesel's majestic cock and bouncing up to the top. With his own hard dick flapping around, he makes getting skewered by Diesel look not only absolutely pleasurable,

(Review of Boiler by
And speaking of pointy, C.J.'s nipples turn into hard peaks when he's sitting on Diesel's cock and riding it, with such energetic bounces that the big dude only has to recline and groan in ecstasy.

(Review of Fear by X factor)
The fucking is intense, but Sagat takes it like a champ, and then scene gets hotter when Washington shoots his load on Sagat's head, then licks it off.
Mills again delivers a unique and jaw-dropping film

(Review of Breakers by Sex
black and bad Diesel Washington, who usually overpowers his scenes perfectly, his threesome with Dillon Buck and Victor Banda is saved by Banda getting slobbered in cum by the two tops (which he then rubs into his thick chest coat) and a ‘solo’ orgasm by Washington that has to be seen to be believed. He must be practicing tantra, because this is simply unreal.

(Review of Breakers by
Diesel literally pumps the load out of Victor at the end of this hot fuck sequence.

(Review of Telescope by
There are almost no words to describe just how intensely Diesel goes after Steven's ass, from a blistering rimjob to the actual penetration that follows. To be fair, though, Steven is just as impressive, riding Diesel's huge meat like it's nothing, and matching acrobatically and athletically throughout the scene.
The most impressive position of all is a standing fuck that is so original Diesel ought to patent it, holding Steven aloft with his arms while fucking him from behind. Steven can't do much more than take it and watch his own hard cock flail around as Diesel works his magic back there. The finale is just as perfectly performed: Steven strokes out a self-facial while Diesel slams into him missionary, and then Diesel stands over Steven and releases a rain shower of cream that lands on Steven's pale body. continued
Diesel has both his hands up the two other dude's chutes at one point while the lube drizzles off their hairy asses, they up the ante by covering Diesel's at least size 12 feet and open up their asses to be "footed" by them. Diesel perches on a chair and lets the two other dudes cum on him, and then he delivers the final load -- a loud, creamy, wet finish.

(Review of Folsom Prison by Mannet)
Markus Ram and Bjoern Giger abuse and use prisoner Diesel Washington. After beating him up and then using leather straps to hang him from the ceiling, Markus and Bjoern suck their way to the first huge cum-shot. But then, Diesel manages to get free, and what ensues is one of the most intense scenes of revenge-fucking ever. First, though, Diesel gets drenched with piss, and force to submit to a hot suck from Markus. But then, Diesel takes over, and the rest of the scene is all power-fucking at the hands of one of the best tops in gay porn...

(Review of Double Standard by Mannet)
Diesel seizes the chance to treat Eric like he should be treated, and strips out of his coveralls, revealing his tight, lean body. A "9 ½ Weeks"-style foreplay session ensues, with Diesel feeding Eric while Eric keeps his eyes shut. And yeah, it ends up with Diesel's cock in Eric's mouth, and vice versa. After Diesel cranks out both his and Eric's loads by hand (he is a handyman, after all), he and Eric hit the shower to clean up. But there's of course more hot action coming, even after Eric finds Diesel's stalker stash of pics. The next scene includes a scintillating rimjob, with Diesel using his tongue to tease Eric's hole, opening it up for the long fuck that follows. Diesel's extremely big cock then reams out Eric's pucker.

Soon to be released reviews by Gaypornblog and Queermenow, Bound Gods and Rear Deliveries)

Bound Gods by

Rear Deliveries by Raging Stallions Studio by
This is Diesel Washington’s first movie after his exclusive contract with Titan Media ended. But he took his “hard pounding aggressive fucking” trademark with him. In Rear Deliveries, Diesel fucks the shit out of talented bottom Dominic Pacifico

Okay I had to write this blog.....Gayvn added a new Award and its for Best Top.... I dont know what to say??? But come on!!!!

If there was any category that I have to be nominated in its Best Top.... All the major tops bottomed this year!!! There are not many exclusive Tops left in the business anymore!!!

I came into this business to save the Top Man!!! The Porn industry is loaded with bottoms and Versatile guys, if there is a God, then I have to be at least nominated for this...

I have added scenes from every movie that I was in.... Just to help People realize that I have been putting my Top Game in for a long time. Coming up with New and interesting ways to Fuck An Ass.... I added so many New Positions into this game... Ihave to be nominated...

Im sitting here day after day waiting for the nominations.... Cross ur Fingers People... I wasnt nominated for anything the year before... But did Win Hottest Cock at the 2008 Grabbys but Best Top....

That is Prize that I have been working for Years... I wanted to prove that Tops still Rule in this Business!!!!


I could go on and say vote for me for Grabby Host, or Best Fetish Model, Or Best Performer.....

BUT LETS BE REAL!!! Best Performer..too many people could have that honor over me... Best Fetish Model... hmmm that is a good category for me as well.... but my mouth waters for Best Top..

Vote Diesel Washington for Best Top!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Okay If u didn't know the Count so Far!!! We have out right now!!! the Bound Gods feature. That stars Diesel Washington and Park Wiley this is Classic Diesel Washington in his element.... Domination and Submission at its Finest!!!! Hardcore Fucking and Piss Play and Flogging and Beatings!!!! This is a Must See for All the Fetish People!!! I live this and breathe this!!!

Next in Line we have Raging Stallions Rear Deliveries that Stars Diesel Washington and Dominic Hot movie... this is the first movie shot after Leaving Titan!!!

Next In Line, We have RED LIGHT!! I don't have to talk about this movie that much, U see all the Promotion and Backstage scenes, u have seen the stills and the Action so that will be ready soon!!!

After that It should be Aslyum!!! that stars Diesel Washington and Ryan Raz and that is a MONSTER FUCK!!! I NEVER FUCKED ANYBODY SO HARD ON FILM BEFORE!!! If u saw Folsom Prison, and saw how hard I fucked Bjorn that is nothing compared to How I Fuck Ryan Raz!!! Def must see and the Action is Hot and the Acting is Great as well.

After that, It should be Playbook from Titan..... I Co directed, Wrote script, Styled the models, I first introduce the Motorcycle in this film, I go from the Bully to the Motorcycle and the On court Action is Real and Not faked at all. That stars Diesel Washington and Kameron Scott.

What Else is planned for Diesel Washington????

I'm not sure, but I have alot of things planned and working out the details Rite Now!!! There will be some surprises that will have Ur Head spinning....

I'm putting this out there Now!!

If I'm not nominated for Best Top or Best Performer at the Gayvn's then something is wrong!!!! At least be nominated for Best Top....

All the Major Tops Bottomed this year!!! Chad Hunt, Damien Cross, Brodie Sinclair, Tyler Saint etc etc etc



Also added this year is Best Fetish Model!!! I should be nominated for this as well.... Who is putting Feet in Ass?(two at a time) who is Revenge fucking...Pissing over Trucks!!!

This is will be a good year for Diesel....

But lets see what the Gayvn's are about this year. Last year I wasn't nominated for anything!!!

This Year at least Best Top!!! Who else is bringing more to the game then me when it comes to Topping????????????

Vote for me People!!!


Working those long, hard hours can be stressful if it weren뭪 for the little helpers to get you though the day. Dominic Pacifico descends to the basement to check on Diesel Washington and give him a helping hand.?Dominic massages Diesel뭩 big, broad shoulders, distracting Diesel뭩 concentration on the job at hand. Diesel spins around and locks lips with the hot young stud. Dominic falls to his knees and takes Diesel뭩 big, hard cock into his waiting mouth. After a good working over, Diesel can뭪 wait to get to Dominic뭩 flesh tool. Diesel lifts Dominic and places him on the table to get better access to his big, uncut dick. Diesel moans as he sucks on Dominic뭩 engorged member. After some good sucking, Diesel lifts Dominic뭩 legs so he can gain access to Dominic뭩 sweet hole. Diesel eats out Dominic뭩 hole till he뭩 squirming and practically begging for Diesel뭩 big cock. Diesel mounts Dominic뭩 hole and pumps him slowly, Dominic enjoying each thrust. Diesel picks up the pace and rams Dominic뭩 hole. He kisses Dominic then picks him up in his big strong arms and fucks him while standing. Back on the table, Diesel continues to give Dominic what he came?for. Diesel turns him over and fucks him doggie style. Dominic can뭪 seem to get enough. Dominic then sits on top of Diesel and rides his thick cock. Dominic뭩 hard cock flops up and down in syncopation. Dominic jerks his cock until he unloads his man seed. Diesel gets to his feet and unloads his cumload onto Dominic뭩 chest. Diesel proceeds to lick all of his own cum from Dominic뭩 chest. With all this going on behind the scenes, it뭩 no wonder why Raging Stallion puts out the hottest films.

It has been an Insane couple of months....I have been working hard and harder to make sure that I turn out the Best Films I can......

Next Up, We have Raging Stallions "Rear Deliveries"...... I have to be honest.

This was my first Movie Off the Titan Label..I was scared as Fuck!!!! On the surface I'm calm and collected but my nerves were running all over the place... One day, I shot the stills with Kent Taylor and the man knows how to get that reaction out of ya!!! I had a fun time and the Still shoot was relaxed and unrushed!!!!

Day of the Shoot, I was so nervous...and I don't know why??? Well at the time, I was feeling alittle down that my future was unsure... I just left Titan to go on this mission into the unknown!!!

I have to tell it like it is.... My body could have been alot better...I was going through a period where I was working and working(My real Job)and didn't put all my energy into working out... So I'm alittle Beefy in some of the shots but its okay... I turned out another Hardcore performance like I always do!!!

Tony DiMarco was directing this feature, and he asked me to be apart of this project... And I was totally Game.. I first worked for Tony when He was Directing on the East Coast with M.L., that experience totally left me Scarred and Unhappy with the Business.... So it was Fate that I would have the chance to work for Tony Di Marco again.... and I was High on the List of People that he wanted to work with.. I was honored that he thought of me all of these years, and asked me to be apart of his new project.

The Staff at Raging Stallions were very nice with me, and everybody acted professional and we got the Job done!!!

I want to put this out there........My Reason to work with Raging Stallions was My Idea!!! It wasn't for revenge or to get back at Titan at all!!! So I need to Stop that Rumor Now!!!!

I was offered Work!!! And I jumped at the chance to work for another studio, because I was spoiled for 2 1/2 years with Titan(Not a Bad Thing) and I wanted to Start over and See where this business would take me.As U can see they put me on the Cover.... I feel so Honored and I also have the Last scene in the movie, which again is an Honor. They saved the Monster Fuck for the End!!!

I still cant get over looking at the Cover.. I'm on there with Manuel Boxer(hot guy) and Antonio Biaggi(Mister Big Dick) the rest of the cast:

Raging Stallion exclusives, RJ Danvers, Logan McCree, Dominic Pacifico and Ricky Sinz, plus Mike Dreyden, Xander Solis.

Fucking Hot movie!! Go out and get it!!!

I'm alittle late reporting on the movie!!! But I got it out there!!!

And U Fuckers!!! Thought I was Washed UP and Done!!!! Surprise!!!!

I told ya!!! I just Got started Look out for more!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Now when I go to these events I party like a RockStar(in a good way)so of course I was going to Party with the other Rockstars......

I was alittle Dazed and Confused at this Party... So I really didnt mingle with the Folks at the Party, It was a "Sex Thing" type of Party, And even though Im a Porn star I wasn't looking for Free Sex that Night!!! The Event was sponsored by, AND Im a Rentboy Man(cant call myself a boy!!LOL) So If there was any Fooling around, I get Money for it. U Can just ask some Twinkie porn star,(GutterBunnies) maybe they will play with ya to "Show Off".... I show off on film, and I do shows for Money!!(not sounding Uppity)just being Honest!!!

So when U have People that were there, Clearly for the sex part, there is not much use for the Porn Star animal, unless he likes to perform(for free)..and is so called Freaky...Im not that person!!!

I talked to as many People as I could, but to be honest, I spent most of my time hanging out with the RockStars. Jack, Mike,(Jay)(hopefully got name right!!). Now Porn Insiders should know who these People are.. Im not saying...cause afterwards they would get alot of tweaked out, drunk, Gossip hogs, drilling in their Ear for Help!!! Well maybe I should Tell ya???? That Way they would get Blowjobs all night from Star Hungry Twinks.....Well Now when I think about it....Maybe that IS a Bad Idea??? LOL

Now!!! I want to say sorry to Mike(I lost him at some point)U fucking Rockstar!!! To Jack.... Where Are Ya Going?????Walking Back and Forth LOL......... and Jay... U cute Latin Fucker!!!

How Do Ya Fuck Someone without a ConFlict of Interest???? Hmmmmm??? I will ask my friend Pat about that one. moving on....

More Importantly, where do ya find a place to Fuck at a Sex Pool Party??? Now maybe (Jay) didnt know, but I thought he was cute as shit.... but I was there "Working" And doing the "Sex God Thing". Do I Act like a Slut and talk to him like "Hey Man Ur cute and I want to fuck ya!! Lets find a place to Fuck!!"?????


Be Open and Honest and just talk and get to know each other??????And then move on from there... and see what happenes????? But Duh Im at a Party and People are Drinking and Smoking...Smoking...Smoking...Smoking. And I hate Cigarettes!!LOL

I Still had No clue..... It felt kind of weird, so I just played it like friends....And I still enjoyed myself..I had to do the Diesel Thing for the Public... and at the same time be real with the Rockstars instead of PORNSTAR Diesel....I can only be myself though!!!!

One thing I want to Say to the Rockstars!!!!..... I enjoyed hanging out with Ya!!!.. Thats Real!! (NO KISS ASS)

Other Rock Stars, Motherfucking Chi Chi......maybe this will stop the rumors Of Why Diesel Wasnt in Black Balled..... Chi Chi and Diesel, we got something for Ur Ass!!!! Big Shout Out to Doug, Body is looking good. Big Shout Out to Jason Curious(when are ya going to write about me on ur Blog???LOL) Big Shout Out to Sister Roma, Sorry Mama, I wasn't driving that night. Big Shout Out to Sean Van Sant and Brandon Baker for throwing a Hot party. Go RENTBOY!!! Happy Birthday Jeff(rentboy owner) once again, thanks for the First Class Seats on the Plane(thats right Im moving up)

Big Story Here!!!! Barrett Long, Kyle Ames.... Two Cool Dudes..... I have wanted to talk to Barrett for a Long time. I Respect a Man, that is branching out with his own Line. He shoots his own stuff, and coming up from a Model in the Industry to doing Ur own line/footage is very hard. Big Shout to Barrett, I was able to Pick his Brain, and get another Vision of the Industry. And the Man is Funny, he would say "Listen U arent the Man until U got Ur Own Line!!! And Im trying!!!" More Power to Ya Barrett, I see how ur Projects are doing, and I have to give credit when its Due!!!

Kyle Ames...... Ur a cute motherfucker and U know it!!!! Stop Teasing!!! That is all I have to Say!!! LOL.

Hmmm to other People at the Party, I was tired..... And I wasnt about to Go to Any Back Dark room for Free touches and Licks....... Im Good for Now!!!

Well Im Lying...... I did go to the Back...Just to Look.. Shit I Had My hands over my Cock.....People get so grabby in the Dark room..... I HAVE TO SEE CLEARLY WHO IS SUCKING MY DICK!!!

Sorry I have some kind of Manners, for a Porn Star!!! Geez!!!

Bye Bitches More on Next Blog