Thursday, January 08, 2009


Okay its that time of the Year again...

Awards and Awards, Big Question?


Will I be nominated for anything?? I don't know, The only movies I have under my belt for 2008, Telescope(Monster Hit!!) Folsom Prison(XBiz nominated for Movie of the Year) Double Standard(My first romantic scene, on 100 best of Year list on

Hmmm I don't know? Maybe I will be nominated for Best Duo Scene(Telescope, Bully)???

But they added New categories to the Mix this Year.... The category that concerns Me the Most.....BEST TOP...

I don't know People, when I heard that they added Best Top my Ears starting burning!!! If I was to be nominated for anything...... BEST TOP would be high on the list!!!

COME ON!!!! I don't want to ruin my chances or anything!! But that is a No brainer!!! At least I should get nominated???? Not to sound fucked up or anything!! But the Best Top category should only have Total Top performers.... That is my opinion, I'm a Top I shouldn't have to compete with Versatile performers or bottoms. Call it fucked up or whatever.... Why shouldn't a Versatile performer Win Best Top? Or a bottom??

I will explain... I don't bottom(ever) so its not like I can double my chances for winning an award for versatile or bottom awards. And I don't think its fair that Versatile performers can win Best Bottom, Best Versatile, Best Top. I have proven by Far that I'm one of the Best Tops in the Industry today!!! I never claimed to have the biggest dick, or thickest, but I know How to throw a Fuck!!!

Hmmmm so we will see what happens as far as nominations...I didn't plan to go to the Gayvn's this year.. But Who Knows??? If I get nominated for Best Top I might have to go, cause I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHO BEATS ME AS BEST TOP!!!

If that sounds cocky, I'm sorry but I worked hard to show off my Topping skills!! Without Question I know I'm a Good Top but lets see what Gayvn folks have to say??

I got to go now!!! Peace

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