Monday, January 19, 2009


Working those long, hard hours can be stressful if it weren뭪 for the little helpers to get you though the day. Dominic Pacifico descends to the basement to check on Diesel Washington and give him a helping hand.?Dominic massages Diesel뭩 big, broad shoulders, distracting Diesel뭩 concentration on the job at hand. Diesel spins around and locks lips with the hot young stud. Dominic falls to his knees and takes Diesel뭩 big, hard cock into his waiting mouth. After a good working over, Diesel can뭪 wait to get to Dominic뭩 flesh tool. Diesel lifts Dominic and places him on the table to get better access to his big, uncut dick. Diesel moans as he sucks on Dominic뭩 engorged member. After some good sucking, Diesel lifts Dominic뭩 legs so he can gain access to Dominic뭩 sweet hole. Diesel eats out Dominic뭩 hole till he뭩 squirming and practically begging for Diesel뭩 big cock. Diesel mounts Dominic뭩 hole and pumps him slowly, Dominic enjoying each thrust. Diesel picks up the pace and rams Dominic뭩 hole. He kisses Dominic then picks him up in his big strong arms and fucks him while standing. Back on the table, Diesel continues to give Dominic what he came?for. Diesel turns him over and fucks him doggie style. Dominic can뭪 seem to get enough. Dominic then sits on top of Diesel and rides his thick cock. Dominic뭩 hard cock flops up and down in syncopation. Dominic jerks his cock until he unloads his man seed. Diesel gets to his feet and unloads his cumload onto Dominic뭩 chest. Diesel proceeds to lick all of his own cum from Dominic뭩 chest. With all this going on behind the scenes, it뭩 no wonder why Raging Stallion puts out the hottest films.

It has been an Insane couple of months....I have been working hard and harder to make sure that I turn out the Best Films I can......

Next Up, We have Raging Stallions "Rear Deliveries"...... I have to be honest.

This was my first Movie Off the Titan Label..I was scared as Fuck!!!! On the surface I'm calm and collected but my nerves were running all over the place... One day, I shot the stills with Kent Taylor and the man knows how to get that reaction out of ya!!! I had a fun time and the Still shoot was relaxed and unrushed!!!!

Day of the Shoot, I was so nervous...and I don't know why??? Well at the time, I was feeling alittle down that my future was unsure... I just left Titan to go on this mission into the unknown!!!

I have to tell it like it is.... My body could have been alot better...I was going through a period where I was working and working(My real Job)and didn't put all my energy into working out... So I'm alittle Beefy in some of the shots but its okay... I turned out another Hardcore performance like I always do!!!

Tony DiMarco was directing this feature, and he asked me to be apart of this project... And I was totally Game.. I first worked for Tony when He was Directing on the East Coast with M.L., that experience totally left me Scarred and Unhappy with the Business.... So it was Fate that I would have the chance to work for Tony Di Marco again.... and I was High on the List of People that he wanted to work with.. I was honored that he thought of me all of these years, and asked me to be apart of his new project.

The Staff at Raging Stallions were very nice with me, and everybody acted professional and we got the Job done!!!

I want to put this out there........My Reason to work with Raging Stallions was My Idea!!! It wasn't for revenge or to get back at Titan at all!!! So I need to Stop that Rumor Now!!!!

I was offered Work!!! And I jumped at the chance to work for another studio, because I was spoiled for 2 1/2 years with Titan(Not a Bad Thing) and I wanted to Start over and See where this business would take me.As U can see they put me on the Cover.... I feel so Honored and I also have the Last scene in the movie, which again is an Honor. They saved the Monster Fuck for the End!!!

I still cant get over looking at the Cover.. I'm on there with Manuel Boxer(hot guy) and Antonio Biaggi(Mister Big Dick) the rest of the cast:

Raging Stallion exclusives, RJ Danvers, Logan McCree, Dominic Pacifico and Ricky Sinz, plus Mike Dreyden, Xander Solis.

Fucking Hot movie!! Go out and get it!!!

I'm alittle late reporting on the movie!!! But I got it out there!!!

And U Fuckers!!! Thought I was Washed UP and Done!!!! Surprise!!!!

I told ya!!! I just Got started Look out for more!!

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