Thursday, January 08, 2009


To view the trailer go here: and copy and paste.

My First Scene is out..... This is the first web scene post Titan Fame. The Shoot was crazy, I was tied up for about 2hours and smacked, punched, spit on, and pissed on!!! This was a very intense scene for me, I have always been into bondage, and this was my time to shine and prove to people, Not only can I dish out Pain, I can also take some Pain as well.

My partner for the shoot was Park Wiley, Nice guy there was alot of chemistry on the Set and Park really stepped up his game. I fucked him and Deep and made him scream. Now that's what u do when Ur a Power Bottom!!! U take that Dick as hard as U can and Let the Top do His Job!! Which is beening the Best Top U can possibly Be!!

I really liked working with and I plan to work with them Very Very Soon!!! has some amazing setups and each room look like a Mini scene waiting to happen.

Check out the site and go to Bound Gods!!! My scene is running right now and they uploaded it on Jan 8 its only 39Min's long due to editing.

Van Darkholme was a great Director and always kept me on my toes. This was the Scene that everybody was looking for!!! All the Fans said they wanted me to do a scene where I beat my Slave into Submission..... Well U have Ur Movie!!!

Go to and Check it out!!!! This is Fresh Work, coming off my Exclusive Contract from Titan(more News about Titan coming)Its Raw in Ur Face, Diesel doing what he does best. Added Bonus for the Fans, I flog, cane, and whip my boy into submission.
And Of Course.

The Fucking is almost animal like in Nature...

Go to the Site and Check it Out!!!

I will not disappoint any Fans with this Work.. Its the Leather Daddy that U all wanted Enjoy!!!


Dre said...

I checked out the trailer and the scene looks great man. I will buy that scene for sure.

It is very sexy seeing you tied up and vulnerable. When you did that in Folsom Prison I had the same reaction. As a bottom I always fantasize having a muscle top such as yourself, at my disposal to grope, milk his dick and do as I pleased. Then when the top gets his revenge and administers discipline, it is even more erotic.

Keep doing your thing man. I will always support you man.

Kristie~ said...

Checked this out today. Seeing you bound was definately amazing. Very hawt!! FIERCE scene.

Anonymous said...

ain't seen the trailer yet but these pix sure are a killer!can't wait to see the trailer.

ReggieH said...

Great to see you bound like that....very hot!