Thursday, January 15, 2009


Now when I go to these events I party like a RockStar(in a good way)so of course I was going to Party with the other Rockstars......

I was alittle Dazed and Confused at this Party... So I really didnt mingle with the Folks at the Party, It was a "Sex Thing" type of Party, And even though Im a Porn star I wasn't looking for Free Sex that Night!!! The Event was sponsored by, AND Im a Rentboy Man(cant call myself a boy!!LOL) So If there was any Fooling around, I get Money for it. U Can just ask some Twinkie porn star,(GutterBunnies) maybe they will play with ya to "Show Off".... I show off on film, and I do shows for Money!!(not sounding Uppity)just being Honest!!!

So when U have People that were there, Clearly for the sex part, there is not much use for the Porn Star animal, unless he likes to perform(for free)..and is so called Freaky...Im not that person!!!

I talked to as many People as I could, but to be honest, I spent most of my time hanging out with the RockStars. Jack, Mike,(Jay)(hopefully got name right!!). Now Porn Insiders should know who these People are.. Im not saying...cause afterwards they would get alot of tweaked out, drunk, Gossip hogs, drilling in their Ear for Help!!! Well maybe I should Tell ya???? That Way they would get Blowjobs all night from Star Hungry Twinks.....Well Now when I think about it....Maybe that IS a Bad Idea??? LOL

Now!!! I want to say sorry to Mike(I lost him at some point)U fucking Rockstar!!! To Jack.... Where Are Ya Going?????Walking Back and Forth LOL......... and Jay... U cute Latin Fucker!!!

How Do Ya Fuck Someone without a ConFlict of Interest???? Hmmmmm??? I will ask my friend Pat about that one. moving on....

More Importantly, where do ya find a place to Fuck at a Sex Pool Party??? Now maybe (Jay) didnt know, but I thought he was cute as shit.... but I was there "Working" And doing the "Sex God Thing". Do I Act like a Slut and talk to him like "Hey Man Ur cute and I want to fuck ya!! Lets find a place to Fuck!!"?????


Be Open and Honest and just talk and get to know each other??????And then move on from there... and see what happenes????? But Duh Im at a Party and People are Drinking and Smoking...Smoking...Smoking...Smoking. And I hate Cigarettes!!LOL

I Still had No clue..... It felt kind of weird, so I just played it like friends....And I still enjoyed myself..I had to do the Diesel Thing for the Public... and at the same time be real with the Rockstars instead of PORNSTAR Diesel....I can only be myself though!!!!

One thing I want to Say to the Rockstars!!!!..... I enjoyed hanging out with Ya!!!.. Thats Real!! (NO KISS ASS)

Other Rock Stars, Motherfucking Chi Chi......maybe this will stop the rumors Of Why Diesel Wasnt in Black Balled..... Chi Chi and Diesel, we got something for Ur Ass!!!! Big Shout Out to Doug, Body is looking good. Big Shout Out to Jason Curious(when are ya going to write about me on ur Blog???LOL) Big Shout Out to Sister Roma, Sorry Mama, I wasn't driving that night. Big Shout Out to Sean Van Sant and Brandon Baker for throwing a Hot party. Go RENTBOY!!! Happy Birthday Jeff(rentboy owner) once again, thanks for the First Class Seats on the Plane(thats right Im moving up)

Big Story Here!!!! Barrett Long, Kyle Ames.... Two Cool Dudes..... I have wanted to talk to Barrett for a Long time. I Respect a Man, that is branching out with his own Line. He shoots his own stuff, and coming up from a Model in the Industry to doing Ur own line/footage is very hard. Big Shout to Barrett, I was able to Pick his Brain, and get another Vision of the Industry. And the Man is Funny, he would say "Listen U arent the Man until U got Ur Own Line!!! And Im trying!!!" More Power to Ya Barrett, I see how ur Projects are doing, and I have to give credit when its Due!!!

Kyle Ames...... Ur a cute motherfucker and U know it!!!! Stop Teasing!!! That is all I have to Say!!! LOL.

Hmmm to other People at the Party, I was tired..... And I wasnt about to Go to Any Back Dark room for Free touches and Licks....... Im Good for Now!!!

Well Im Lying...... I did go to the Back...Just to Look.. Shit I Had My hands over my Cock.....People get so grabby in the Dark room..... I HAVE TO SEE CLEARLY WHO IS SUCKING MY DICK!!!

Sorry I have some kind of Manners, for a Porn Star!!! Geez!!!

Bye Bitches More on Next Blog


Michael Kashey said...

Not good manners. You didn't mention me, Mike, Barrett's assistant. I'm heart broken. And to think I offered to leave him for you.

Brandon Baker said...

Let me count the ways I adore you. *wink* Thank YOU for lending your signature to that event, my dear. (Can I even call you that?) Have a good week and cheers to the next event like the "Dirty. Secret. Party." YEA!