Monday, January 05, 2009


4. Diesel Washington
Watching Diesel Washington is like putting your dick in a glory hole for the first time—it's exhilarating, but you're scared you may not make it out intact. He's huge, hot, and weilds his enormous dick like a bludgeon. If someone is going to ravage you and leave you for dead by the side of the road, it would be him, and what is hotter than that?

Thanks Mister Fleshbot, its seems I'm getting lower in the rankings..... But I still love ya anyway.... Big Shout Out to GayFleshbot U guys always show me Love!!!

I didn't post this timely so I want to say Sorry to U guys over at Fleshbot.... U guys showed me Love over the Years and U still continue to... So I need to show ya Love as well..


And that goes to everybody.... I get so caught up in trying to wave off the haters that I really don't Thank the People that are always so Helpful to Me. To those who have taken this ride with me all the way back in 2005 when I started this Blog, Thanks!!! I have alot of stories on this blog, and plan to have many more. So look out for that. To all the supporters...... Who would think a 6'6 245 Scary Looking Black Man, Who Fucks like a Bull!! Would get any attention at all???? Well...since I said it like that, Damn!!! I should be getting tons of Attention!!LOL. I love all the people that support me.

Diesel Washington wouldn't be the character that so many people embraced without the Fans and Supporters.Given I look Mean, Aggressive, Rip Apart My bottoms!!! and I'm not Ur A type Porn star... Or have the All American Look...I see Guys hotter than Me all the time!!! What makes me different??? I live for this Industry!!! I want to be here. and Contribute as much as possible, not just work for a check.

Yeah I could come in Fuck half hearted, Bust my Load and get my check and go home and forget about everything..

But Diesel Washington is not that type of model... I wanted to do this since I was a teenager....
I don't have a drug problem
I don't live on the streets,
I make more money Escorting than Movies
I don't hide it away from Mother

I do this because..... I love the whole process of making a film, The Stills(except crunch shots)makes ya feel like Real Model, The bubbling energy U have before Ur about to film... The first time U see Ur scene Partner(s)and build that chemistry. To the actual filming, The concept, Acting, B Roll, Outdoor scenes, Fetish Work, to even the Promotion(I'm good at that)of the movie, I love all of it.

And the finished project, is something that I can put in my Library. Look back at it when I'm old and remember the days when I was hot(all the DVDs). Even when I'm old my movies will still sell and sell. and the Diesel Washington character will live on even when I'm dead and buried. Hopefully it will Inspire some people to not just sit there and say I hate this and that in porn. If u hate it so much then do it, and make a Change I did!!!!


I'm Different and In Ur face and although some People find that Cocky or Arrogant its my character. I'm not a Twink, Jock, Daddy or Bear. U cant fit me in any Look cause I can do all types of Looks... I'm not a Thug(thank god people can see that)or Hood Rat.

Which brings another subject that's funny to me. I get alot of People that Say "I'm attracted to Black guys but I'm not attracted to Diesel"

Sorry I'm not Thug enough or what Ur used to seeing in movies. In my Movies, U wont find me on Some Project Roof, Smoking a blunt, Wearing a Do Rag, trying to Act Hood!!!!(Youtube Vid maybe LOL)

I do Scenes, where there is a script, lighting, cameramen, Sets, and catered Food(sometimes LOL)and money spent on production and promotion.

Oh I'm just ranting now..... For no reason.

Thanks Fleshbot for showing me some love

Everybody likes what they Like? Right?


andigirl said...

I just thought I'd stop and say hi! :) I really like your movies and must say you're one of those guys that sort of scare me to pieces but in a very very GOOD way. ;) *hehe* And oh mah gosh you're gigantic! I know, tell you something you don't know, but my goodness. The first film I saw you in was Telescope and I was on the edge of my seat with what you did to that (seemingly tiny) red-headed boy. :O My jaw dropped. My lil miss subby submissive came out. I drooled a little. ;)

Sorry I'm so incoherant but I'm star struck. Love ya babes. :)


Kristie~ said...

Fleshbot definately shows you the luv Diesel. Your a great performer, keep doin' what you do!!

Wonder Man said...

we support you