Friday, January 30, 2009


The fact is I do. My idols in this business would be Matthew Rush and Ricky Sinz. I've met and told these men face to face how much I respect and admire them. Do I think the helped pave the way for someone like me? Yes. Am I in their debt? No. It's a dog eat dog business. And with the proof that we have seen that says porn is not recession proof, I did what I had to do to make a living. Diesel says he puts so much hard work into this business. I do have to give the man credit...he fucked the hell out of me. But we went down two completely different paths. I've had to scratrch tooth and nail with other models in my agency and all over the country to get spots in films. Diesel had a contract the last two years that GUARENTEED him work. Where is the hard work in being a studio exclusive? One could even ardue that Titan made Diesel. Nobody has handed me anything.

1/29/09 by Kameron Scott

That is a bunch of bullshit, Titan made me!!! Wow!!! I see that I have to open the can of Whip Ass!! Tooth and nail LOL!! This Kid seems to forgot that I had to go against the grain, and prove myself with each movie!! I had to sit and watch other stars go ahead of me!! Because they were All American types that appealed to that MidWestern crowd. Its funny that he goes on to say that he met Ricky Sinz and Matthew Rush and they were his Idols.... Whatever!! one min hes kissing Ass and then the next moment hes calling them out!!! As far as Fucking the Hell out of him!!! I think so..... But I had to basically hold him down to pound that Ass!!! I wont say the Kid didn't have a Hard Job!!He did!! But he talked so big(Superbottom!!) about being able to take any dick!!So I thought he was ready!!

The whole time I explained the scene to him, I told him that I wouldn't take it light on him(never!!)....and the whole time He was saying "I wouldn't expect anything Less of ya!!!" but then I get started and he was almost ready to quit on me!!! He was able to finish the I should give him some credit...But I wont!! He knew what he was in for!!! Don't hype yourself up for a scene!! And when the hammer comes down u get scared and get second thoughts...reads all over his face(In the Movie).. I'm laughing cause the whole world gets to see his "Real Fuck Face" That Face that has "I cant handle this dick" written all over it..... U see real Pain!! On my Face I have written "Dont Cash Checks that Ur Asshole cant handle!!! He learned that lesson the hard way!!
Basically I hate a Newcummer that comes into the business....claiming they are the man!!! Lights, Camera, Action then get scared because Reality is hitting them Hard!! Reality came when Kameron got fucked by a Man 6'6 245lbs putting almost all his power into busting open his hole!!

People are talking about the scene already!!! But I'm not ready to post the Pics so look around, maybe U will find it....

I'm sure this War will continue!!! The Movie doesn't come out until Feb 24 so I want to see How Much this Little Boy is going to talk.

I wont Lie and say there wasn't energy on set!! He talked so much shit!! Being the ever Attention Whore!! I had to Shut his mouth!!! Maybe he will watch the scene and be like "Damn He fucked the Living Hell outta Me!!"

Who knows????? Watch the Scene!!!(Don't be a pussy, and just watch trailer)I Throw a Mean Fuck in Playbook....

Do me a Favor(Fans) Someone get a Screen Capture of Kameron Scott's Face.... Its the Look of a Little Boy that got Schooled Hard!!!! Priceless!!!

I love doing Porn!!

Im sure he will have more to say.....PLAYBOOK DIESEL WASHINGTON VS KAMERON SCOTT FEB 24 2009 THIS IS A REAL JOCK MOVIE!!! We are playing Basketball, real Basketball and doing what Jocks really do!!


Anonymous said...

This is a publicity stunt. Y'all r getting attention for the movie. nice try.

Anonymous said...

How are we supposed to believe anything you're saying?

We weren't there when you fucked a twink you met on the internet and made him cry.

We weren't behind the scenes when you fucked kameron Scott.

Anonymous said...

Not a mayor fan of porn, so i googled Kameron Scott and boy was i disappointed. It's a sad state of porn if he is a major star. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Washington. I'm a huge fan and I must say you are even more handsome in that basketball jersey. Keep up the great work.

Kurt Wild said...

Kurt Wild here, What's the big idea with all this trash talk?

Sounds like your getting off more than your fans by the way you word things.

No company makes somone who they are or may become. That is all in your heart. Thanks~