Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Cry Baby Cry
I don't really understand what's Diesel Washington's isuue is here. Calling me a gutter bunnie makes no point if he was even trying to make one. So what is I didn't fuck him at Folsom...I did what I had to do to get what I wanted and I'd do it all again if need be. How else was I going to meet Bruce Cam and all the models on Titan's roster if I didn't play my cards right. This business is a game and Diesel is just mad that I beat him. Yeah he had to push me hard in my scene, but I finished it and it's fan-fucking-tastic. Playbook is the beginning of my career and the cosing of a chapter for Diesel. I worked with a person that many other people are intimidated by and refuse to work with. I just sucked it up to get my name and face in that film. I did what any other rising star in this business would have done. It's step or be stepped on. Yeah I'm big headed and have an ego...but look where it has gotten me. Four movies in six months with the three biggest names in porn...and all thanks to me playing my cards right. So check out what all the controversy is about wen Playbook streets February 24th. Oh...and bite me Diesel.
1/27/09 AND THIS WAS WRITTEN BY KAMERON SCOTT check out his blog if u dont think its real

So Just don't think that I'm attacking some twink because I think I'm big and bad!!! What this post means to me, He will step on anybody to get what he wants!!! And that any Newcummer in the same position would do the same thing as he did....

The Difference between Diesel and Kameron....I didn't have to step on anybody to get to this position, I just worked hard and was focused on what I wanted to do in this Industry!!! Hard work and learning the business, from every angle I studied the old greats and then created my own identity...

This type of Attitude seems to be the New Trend of New Porn stars into the game. I don't get it, to this day, when I see Superstars like Colton Ford, Matthew Rush, Bobby Blake, Tiger Tyson(the list goes on)I feel honored to be around Guys that put it down in this Industry, they left their mark, and nobody can take that away from them, Ever!!!!!!

So the War Continues!!!! Countdown to the ShowDown of Diesel Washington VS Kameron Scott!!

In a nutshell its a Cocky Big Mouthed Top taking on a HeadStrong, Big Mouth NewCummer!!! Reality that makes it way to Porn.

I school Kameron on the Basketball court, and then show him what a Real Pro Top dishes out in the bedroom.

Pray for the Boy!!


Kameron Scott said...

Bringing the thunder

Anonymous said...

you know what i think, i believe that, you and kam should just fuck and get this over with, boy of you should get over yourselves and put your money where your mouths are!!!

Anonymous said...

Colton Ford and all those other guys did the same thing that Kameron Scott did, and they are all selfish, arrogant and full of themselves.

There is no difference. And Most of the guys you named are tops.

Anonymous said...

It seems like you instigated the attack from Mr. Scott.

It sounds like you attacked him first.

Thonnibg said...

Who taught Kameron to step on someone to get what he wants??This is totally wrong.I have nothing personally against Kameron but he must be careful.Sooner or later he`ll be stepped on for sure!The world is full of cocky newcomers.


Secret said...

Kameron became a secondary star through this scene with you Diesel.

And you Diesel became a huge star by power driving Kameron and showing the gutterbunny no mercy.

You KNOW it hurt so good, Kameron!

Anonymous said...

I think this is good promo for the movie this even real?