Sunday, January 11, 2009


Okay!!!!!Now all the gay boys are going EWWWWWWW!!!! right about now looking at the pics. And U know what??? FUCK IT!!!!

I came Out to Las Vegas with a purpose and that was to network and see things from a different side. Of course u know that Momma Washington is in town as well... And there is so much Buzz about my Mother being in town kinda of Strange to Me.

Momma Washington is very happy for me in the Biz.. But I def didnt want to bring her to the Dirty Secret Party.

Momma wanted me to take her Bf to the AVN Expo and I was very Happy to do so....

My plan was to Hit the Avn Expo and show some support... As far as Gay companies at the Expo .....Ummm there were none.... Although I have to give it Up to the FlavaMen there were out there at the AVN's working hard... I give U guys much respect. Movin on.....

So I go to the AVN expo with Momma Washington's Bf and I had alot of Fun. We walked in and there were some booths but really U could feel the sting of the recession that the Expo...Long gone are the Days of the Huge Booths and All the Glitter!!!

The Expo was scaled down alot.... But I didnt care I was there to Network and Talk... The Buzz Has been very good...

People were interested to Shoot with Me and Were Condom Only companies!! So thats a good thing... I was Direct and Honest and Told them that I do Gay Porn... and their response was "We Know and So What!!! U have a Fan Base and we would like to give Ya an Opportunity!!

Who knows???? I havent finished what I wanted to do in Gay Porn yet Fully... but this was one of the reasons why I wanted to come. There was no stimga from the Str8 companies that wanted to work with me. Thats a good thing and info was exchanged.. bah bah bah...

Now I want to Tell the people who may not do Porn, whats its like to be to a Gay Porn Star at a Str8 Event such as this:

This is my Fourth year coming to Las Vegas and having fun... But this time was different I was a Fan this year. I just wanted to walk around and just be like everybody else.....WRONG!!!!

I took one picture with a model and she wanted me to take off my shirt(LIKE U HAVE TO ASK ME???LOL)so I did and then it was like Photo after photo with girls that just wanted to take a picture...I SHIT U NOT!!!!

I do admit I could have put my shirt back on and walked around.. but I didnt!!!LOL

YES Diesel was walking around with his shirt off at the AVN not giving a Fuck!!! Im 6'6 245lbs I know how to fight(Well!!)and wheter people believe me or not, I wear my emotions on my sleeve, so U will get an honest reaction out of me all the time, remember that People.

So Im here at the AVN Expo with Bert(Momma Washington's Bf)and playing like pimps!!! I was calling Bert (My father), and was getting the models to take pictures with him Big Daddy Pimp!!! It was a good time had by all.. It was Berts birthday the next day, so I wanted to show him a goood time and I think that was accomplished because all these Thick Hood Rat women were all over him and he was enjoying himself and the company...

So I ran into a Few people on the Gay side of the industry and it was cool. I talked to alot of people at the Expo, Im bad with names!! But to all the people who I met at the Expo It was good meeting everybody and I glad I could Stop and Say hello.

So there is a quick blog for the Fans!!!



Dont Hate on Me but Diesel has to expand and grow and this trip was needed to network on the other side of things and thats always a good thing!!!

I will have another blog that the Gay boys will Love!!!! So stay tuned for that!!!!

Im out!!! Why am I typing on this computer while I could be looking around Las Vegas and having some fun Spending Time with Mommy!!!


The Giants lost!!!

FUCK IM GLAD IM NOT IN NEW YORK AT THE MOMENT!!!When the New York Teams lose, the city is not the place to be. NYC is very Moody!!! Now U know where I get it from!!!


On a Side note:

Hmm So Im walking around the Expo and was recogzied by alot of People like Im glad I had a chance to say hello the Malefixx people they are a great supporter of the Diesel character and Im glad that I had a chance to hangout with him.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mate,

Thanks heaps..LOL.....look at the guys in the photo beside you with both hands full Adam and Eve sign behind....LOL LOL.....thats just so funny seeing their "ohh its not me" looks...Rgds Laurie NZ