Sunday, January 11, 2009


Okay I told ya I had Stories from Las Vegas!!!! I'm at a Night Club, being Diesel... and this Bubble butt boy walks by me...

I mean this Really Round Ass....... Caught my Eye big time!!! I had to grab that Ass!!!

Low and behold!!! Look who it is Resse Rideout!!!

I never met the Kid before... I'm like every other Fan(Of Porn) I watch the movies and cruise the sites. I always thought he was cute.... but I never ran into the Randy Blue models before....Hmmm??? Randy Blue and Diesel Washington??? Just think about that!!!

Anyway, after grabbing his Ass, introductions "Hi I'm Reese" "Nice to meet ya I'm Diesel" So basically its like going through the motions. We both know who each other Is, where to go from there?

How about some more Ass grabbing and groping......on both of Our parts!!!

But the Kid Is Sweet!!! I mean I'm not into the whole Gay for Pay thing.......but that's the way he markets himself so I cant judge.

But the Kid was Nice!!! Sweet!! I tend to be Aggressive and Touchy and I must admit I was all over him.....That ASS!!!!

Not one sign of "UMMM okay Ur going over board" he just was Super Nice and Affectionate. I wanted to take him to my Hotel.........but I was with a Porn model I will call Drew who is a Big Douche Bag(more on that story later)

I said my good byes, alittle more touching before I left(Love the perks in Porn)and that was the Reese Rideout story....

Am I leaving out things?????..........Yes!!!

But isn't a Pic Worth a thousands Words!!

Jealous Much?????

If ur Reading this Randy Blue(Pass the Word to Him People), GET DIESEL TO FUCK REESE!!!!

If I can sell DVD's.......

I can Sell Web scenes!!!

And thats just Good Business!!!!

3 comments: said...

now THAT's a HOT SCENE just waiting to happen!

Some filmmaker with a BRAIN should take a CUE from that pic alone!



well...I'm waiting!

SUPABOI in Miami >"P

Anonymous said...

I just about had an aneurysm at the thought of you fucking Reese like crazy...I'll be savoring that mental picture for a while.

filmfanatikk said...

Reece is such a sweetheart. One of the nicest randyblue guys in that stable for sure. And that ass!!! it is like the most fuckable ass in the biz. We need to see you get a piece of that, please!!!