Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hey Folks,

I wanted to start right in on the subject of Social Networking...

You got:

Blah Blah Blah....

I didn't invent blogging, that was there long long before I even started writing this Blog back in 2005, Has it been that long?? In my head, it feels like Yesterday when I started this crazy ride doing porn. And almost nine years later(Get it Right Thesword,Jking), I'm still here!!

Has it been Nine years? Well.....

Technically my first online appearance was for a site called StreetLife.  There you have it, I didn't start out at Titan like everybody thinks and took the fast course to porn stardom. I had to make my mark at other sites(like everybody else) just to get a taste/touch of what it feels like doing porn. Nothing major it was just a Solo jerk off..

 From Streetlife to Showguys.

Showguys gave Me the chance to really look at the bigger picture in this Sex Industry.  Showguys was a good platform for Me to use, to see how to almost run a company without having all the Responsibility(Money/Casting/Production etc) I got to see alot of the behind the scenes stuff.  At the same time, I was more than good friends with the web designer who used to do the updates for Showguys and Chelseaguys. Which is an Agency in NYC that has hot guys...

Then jumped in the Escorting World of Rentboy...

Started out escorting, and I had a friendship with one of the former owners so I started helping out at Rentboy events from Hustlaballs to Pool Parties, Gay Pride parades. So I gained alot of experience doing Live Shows, Stage Shows, even packing Gift bags..

Yes I remember being in Las Vegas apart of a crew, and helping pack Gift bags for the VIP section. My title was the Stage Director and I had to make sure all the boys were on stage or on the boxes shaking that ass.

Now this is when I started charting my progress in this Sex Industry. Las Vegas 2006

Now where am I going with this story?? I do come off alittle bitter and jaded sometimes that is because when it took Me YEARS to get on this ride. The new generation just uses any of the Social networking media above...and BAM!!

They are Porn Stars!!

Yeah I know, I sound like a grumpy old man, "These Kids nowadays"...

I have to learn how to control that, it doesn't come off well at all.....

I have to be all business like now, and use Tact and be a Team Player now.....*Yawn

Anyway I wanted to write a quick post why I am so Grumpy on Twitter...


Thursday, April 18, 2013


Thanks to Mr Pam for posting these photos on my birthday, I almost missed them.  Yeah my birthday was a smash and I had a blast everything is cool.

Although I feel like I'm still recovering it was a long long WEEKEND!!



Just being Goofy for the Fans, maybe I will go back into doing more in Kitchen. I haven't done a cooking segment in a long time.  Hmmm..? Ideas.

Monday, April 15, 2013



It Stretches for that Deep Tissue Fucking!! is where you buy the product from..

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Well today is my Birthday......

Not sure what I have planned for the day but I know when I get to the city I will be running around and acting crazy. It only happens once a year so I want to have some fun and paint the town red.  I wanted to post something fast because the rest of the day will be doing:

Smoking Weed
Having Sex

Monday, April 08, 2013


I had to post some pictures on the blog and then I wanted to do a quick post for the Fans:

A big thing I have been seeing lately is these sort of Porn Star Trends:

Porn Star Couples

Amazon Wish Lists



Porn Stars with Puppies/Dogs/Birds and animals....

Okay I will catch Hell for this post......

Porn Star couples, okay let me start off and say "Been there and Done That".  As a blogger that does porn, I have often posted about my Love life and some of the people that I have dated in the past.  Sometimes as a blogger you can't reveal EVERYTHING about your life, even though you want to.  I started this blog as a record keeper of everything that is Diesel. 


Dating another Porn star is like a Hit or Miss sometimes, its exciting that you have a partner on this crazy ride called Porn but on the other hand, How can a relationship work between two people who have large Egos?  To be a porn star, you have to have a bit of an Ego, its not a bad thing.  But you have to know ur audience because you are catering to them in a way but at the same time your  "Showing Off" sort of bragging how good you are at sex.  As a porn star your suppose to seduce people, and get them all hot and bothered, that can not happen when you are in a "Relationship"  Fans like their porn stars single and unattached.  Nothing more sappy and boring then reading how two people are madly in love with each other..

Your fucking Porn Stars, your suppose to be Slutty and Party monsters!! Not tweeting Cute couple pics...that is Boner Killer. My god, if I see more Twitter pics of these porn couples saying "How I love this man" "My baby"  "The Love of my Life"  blah blah  *vomit

Am I guilty of this?? Yep I was the guy going around wanting to proudly proclaim my love for another human being. Is it Wrong? No..

But in hindsight, did I realize when I broke up with that model/escort/go go boy/massage that it was going to be on the front page of every blog/website/tumblr page? That is the part that hurts the most!! Cause now the commentors become Nasty and Mean!! And you watch how people chart your relationships and loves. That part of doing porn I do not like!!

Best advice to porn stars that are Dating? Keep your relationship a secret something special that only You and your partner know.  The less people know about your relationship the better, don't give the Haters bullets to use on you later....

Amazon Wish lists...all I want to say is......START SELLING YOUR PORN STAR SKILLS.  Wishlists are good for Twinks who want new underwear and to show it off.  Stop begging for money and start selling that ass and cock... Broke Bitch!!

Ever since this Ad in 2010 it seems that most porn stars wear Adidas or think they look hot!! Sorry to say but I'm a Nike man myself...But interesting to see how this photo started younger generations of porn stars to start to wear Adidas like the Sneaker of the Porn Stars...
Twitter... This is the place where Porn Stars are made.  It seems that you only need a Twitter/Facebook and an email to become a Porn star. And I see how the younger/newer models use Twitter, they tweet their favorite porn stars and talk to everybody in the business hoping to make a connection.  Naked cock pics here and there and of course Butt shots, its really that simple now. 
Porn Stars with Puppies/Kittens/Animals in pics....Okay I know I'm going to hear it!! So here it goes anyway.....
As a porn star do you really want to take pictures shirtless with your dog?? You do porn, so not sure taking pics with your dog, kissing him or having him laying onto of you is a good look. I know I know you love your dog, I like dogs too.  But there are a bunch of porn star that borrow dogs/puppies/kittens for a cute picture, so that basically ruins the Hot guy with the cute puppy picture. Besides that it's alittle freaky to Me as a porn star to take pictures with animals. 
Am I the only person who thinks that there is some guy putting peanut butter up their ass so the dog can come over and lick it out of their ass? Or putting peanut on their dicks to get a quick lick... Yeah I took it there...
I'm nuts!!!
Hope you enjoyed the post....Have a good day!!!

Thursday, April 04, 2013


The site that I used to answer questions via Vid has decided to shut its doors....


It gave Me some fond memories being able to answer some of the questions you guys had for Me.  I wasn't the best at updating some of the questions but at least I gave it a try....

Don't worry though working on more new ways to communicate with fans out there.  The smart Porn star is always looking for newer and fresher ideas to help himself promote.  Anyway I wanted to put out a short note explaining why you don't see the Window anymore for asking questions..

Back to business....