Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hey Folks,

I wanted to start right in on the subject of Social Networking...

You got:

Blah Blah Blah....

I didn't invent blogging, that was there long long before I even started writing this Blog back in 2005, Has it been that long?? In my head, it feels like Yesterday when I started this crazy ride doing porn. And almost nine years later(Get it Right Thesword,Jking), I'm still here!!

Has it been Nine years? Well.....

Technically my first online appearance was for a site called StreetLife.  There you have it, I didn't start out at Titan like everybody thinks and took the fast course to porn stardom. I had to make my mark at other sites(like everybody else) just to get a taste/touch of what it feels like doing porn. Nothing major it was just a Solo jerk off..

 From Streetlife to Showguys.

Showguys gave Me the chance to really look at the bigger picture in this Sex Industry.  Showguys was a good platform for Me to use, to see how to almost run a company without having all the Responsibility(Money/Casting/Production etc) I got to see alot of the behind the scenes stuff.  At the same time, I was more than good friends with the web designer who used to do the updates for Showguys and Chelseaguys. Which is an Agency in NYC that has hot guys...

Then jumped in the Escorting World of Rentboy...

Started out escorting, and I had a friendship with one of the former owners so I started helping out at Rentboy events from Hustlaballs to Pool Parties, Gay Pride parades. So I gained alot of experience doing Live Shows, Stage Shows, even packing Gift bags..

Yes I remember being in Las Vegas apart of a crew, and helping pack Gift bags for the VIP section. My title was the Stage Director and I had to make sure all the boys were on stage or on the boxes shaking that ass.

Now this is when I started charting my progress in this Sex Industry. Las Vegas 2006

Now where am I going with this story?? I do come off alittle bitter and jaded sometimes that is because when it took Me YEARS to get on this ride. The new generation just uses any of the Social networking media above...and BAM!!

They are Porn Stars!!

Yeah I know, I sound like a grumpy old man, "These Kids nowadays"...

I have to learn how to control that, it doesn't come off well at all.....

I have to be all business like now, and use Tact and be a Team Player now.....*Yawn

Anyway I wanted to write a quick post why I am so Grumpy on Twitter...


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Anonymous said...

Be proud of got fame without all of this social networking..just your good old blog