Thursday, December 29, 2011


Well I had some time to write and here it goes:

A Boring Website...

GayDirt or something..

Its writer, Rob Romani getting his head smashed against a wall, he looks so cute..And that is one way to get him to shut his mouth. More face smashers for Rob!! Here Here...

Well here is his witty attempt at making a funny post, but as anybody should know YOU DON'T FUCK WITH A CRAZY PERSON!! Speaking of which I really need to lose that whole "Crazy thing" its more like crazy like a fox...Does that even make sense?? Anyway back to the attempted DISS, I will even set it up..

A sample from his post:

In 2011 Diesel has seen his career on the skids so he has turned to rants and ravings on websites and blogs. Washington using every excuse to stop smoking weed in every town seems to have all the answers but nobody is asking him questions. Washington, whose bi -monthly blog was nominated for a Cybersocket Award this year, will no doubt render the treasures that comes along with such a prize.

Isn't it great??? I love the jabs from Rob so cute... Now I could turn up the sleeves and DIG INTO HIS ASS....

As you know I'm a battle blogger...

But...I will keep this feud civilized, here goes my attempt at being a reasonable person.

*Breathe in and out

I just think Rob is mad because he spent the last seven years being "That guy"(instead of Rob Romani??) in that scene where Matthew Rush bottomed for the first time on camera. Silly boy you know you set Yourself to be that Human Dildoe. You knew all eyes were going to be on Matt...

Let me explain it like this...

Matthew Rush was Gladys Knight, and you were a "PIP" you know back up?..

Can anybody name one of the PIPs?? I'm joking....You have a huge Twitter/Blog following three to eight times the size of mine. I have to come back with a witty one liner here and there.

One more...

Even for an Attention Whore, who calls out other Attention Whores...I'm still mad that you made yourself Number one!! Oh well FUCK LISTS!!

I have been on so many lists:

Dlisted like a motherfucker

I guess I spend alot of time with Kathy..

But when a blogger comes at Me I think I need to set the ground work for things to come.

"GayDirt" I wasn't on Skids..

I have been touring(Whore Tour 2011)and directing scenes for an unnamed site(more info will come later about that)....

Secondly, I think I have to let the "Cat out of the bag" Soon I will be working on a five scene deal with a certain site(can't give it away)..

Also I will be in Florida handling a gig or two or three when down there.... More surprises in store. Anyway I still Love ya Rob..kiss kiss

Big shout out to those fans/supporters that stuck by Me through all the bullshit and crazy shit. I think I'm ready to assume the position of Power again, but this time with a twist..


This was sort of a kiss my ass post.LOL

Thursday, December 15, 2011



Hello Internet world its the crazy porn star called Diesel Washington..

I finally put it together..all that touring around the states and money making over and over. It was for a purpose, and the scales are turning to my favor. I put my heart and soul into this tour and i had alot to do in a little time. Money wise I can take care of myself...included in the picture is taking care of family and my loved one. JOEY BOSTON.

Things can be strange in the ever changing world of the Money Traveler..

"Money Traveler" anybody that gets off their ass and goes to where the money is...its that simple. Lets be Frank:

You got families living together in small apartments and trailer parks trying to survive its no joke anymore. People trying to put the pieces of their lives together....

Now I'm not trying to stand on a soapbox, my concern is taking care of myself and family, my love. I'm not going to sit around waiting for something to happen...... You have to make it happen yourself.

Now that I excited the readers...back to blogging.

Right off the bat, I got my Tech game up. I bought myself a tablet(and one for the boy)its so much lighter than traveling around with a laptop. I admit it.. I'm scared of change and I have to get over that fact, I have to keep reminding myself to stay ahead of the game is by using what is available to you...and sometimes you have to shell out the bucks to get to level where you want to be. I talk a good game sometimes but right now I HAVE TO LIVE IT HARDCORE STYLE.

Along with Tablet I had to do it....

I bought a Professional camera

In order to run a business like this you need the CAMERA

It''s the tool that gets the shots/sex/backgrounds etc the whole bit, this was the major hurdle. I know my Handycams, I have one of those as well..But going for a professional camera was a climb. What kind of camera to get ? SD, HD, 3D(Standard Definition, High Definition, you know 3D) compatible editing software?, *sigh I went with the best camera/editing software for Me...This stuff is not cheap.

You have to get good lighting, I started off with a small lighting kit, even though I use the word "Small" the kit was Expensive. Not saying the word expensive like "Yeah I got money like that" but damn this shit adds up kind of way. I have been on enough sets to know what type of lighting to get, unlike other porn stars that hangout in the break room, I was on the set watching learning everything, the rigging, setting up mics, back lighting.....

People it is not easy creating that porn set.

Amateur is easy, get a cheap HandyCam use room lighting and put it out!! And there is nothing wrong with tha!! But its not for Me!! I talk alot of shit so people expect big things because that is all I have ever shown. The unexpected, wild and crazy bah bah.

Last on my list to get:

Brand new desk top..

I have an old Desktop but the Vid card is old...well basically the whole desktop is old... So it has to go.

So again Tech game up!!

In short, the whole reason for the "Whore Tour" in the first place was to come up with some cash to fund the equipment side of it myself. No Handouts/Sponsors/Sugar Daddies did all myself and for that reason alone, it was worth it.

So that is one reason why you don't see me in front of the camera lately. Busy touring

I had my offers to work with different companies but was mostly model work in front of the camera. I still like modeling from time to time...but I wanted the opportunity to get behind the camera. The touring allowed Me to get behind my OWN camera...

Not to close that window...I'm open to the idea of doing good projects that mean something to Me..

What else is going on??

Six months in a relationship!!! Hurray for Me.

The biggest change is that I'm suffering less from my Bi polar disorder, it will never go away per say, but it's getting less severe and that is a good thing.. I think the boy has alot to do with it, so much attention is placed on him that it takes all my energy to keep up with him. And well worth it..You little bastard!!

Now on to the Rants:

What is all the hype with Muscle bottoms lately?..

News reports around the Internet about this new muscle bottom doing scene after scene...Get that money!! But never call yourself a power bottom!! If you ever use that title I will come look for you....YOUR NOT A POWER BOTTOM until I get my hands on you.. All this hype you better back up....

I'm like a dog, my ears perk up when I hear someone say Power bottom. I need to Test Drive you.!!!!

Big Shoutout to Spencer Fox.....

Yes Spencer Fox!!! I still do not understand the Whole Faggot thing...but the ploy to get as much press as possible was great!! The Public and industry bought it Hook, Line, Sinker.. even some models jumped on the bandwagon. Well again great job, cover your back and keep giving them hell.

People wanted him out of the business, and now look at him filiming with Falcon/Raging and the gays flipped out!!! Yet of course they will check out the scene in the packs to see Spencer Fox get fucked. I heard his partner is Eric Rhodes..yeah whatever.. In any case he played out the fans hardcore and industry insiders and for that props to you!!

The system beats you down, unless you beat it first!!

More later..

Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Well I was looking around on Youtube like I always do and then I encounter a funny little rap with a nerdy looking white guy flipping pancakes. At first I thought he was corny, but when I listened to the lyrics this kid has skills. I'm always online looking at Youtube for the future stars of today.

This kid is a star!! Mac Lethal...

Good job Bro, from a fellow Youtuber..

Monday, December 05, 2011


Wow what a title huh?

Well people I have been traveling since July, just making money to survive in this Cold world. Touring is not easy, in fact it is quite draining and tiring. Some weeks its plane to plane, bus to bus, rail to rail, nothing but nonstop traveling. Not sure why I'm taking to the road so much....

I know its called the WhoreTour 2011..

I used to admire Musical groups that throw everything to the wind, pile into a van and then coast from state to state to plug an album or to perform some shows. It's the passion behind the work that makes you want to go out and "Show it off". But how does this translate to the porn star??:

Many porn stars go on tour (Dancing Gigs) at clubs(I wish I was younger for that)and tips pile up and its always good to be with fans who admire your work. If I was back in my 20's I might go that route myself. I can dance a alittle...

Check for yourself:

Not bad right??I had to pull that Youtube out of retirement...

Back to the talk, others like myself resort to Escorting or pedaling the flesh in a more intimate way. HAHA I said Pedaling the Flesh...Who talks like that?? I guess I do..(I'm so old!!)

All of this touring has opened my eyes to things, I have fell in love with Joey Boston who has been locked to my hip throughout the course of all this touring. Holy Shit!! Has it been six months together?? Damn... Who would have thought??? I guess I'm Jinxing it now by talking about it on my blog HAHA..

I wonder how many fans have read through my blog and calculated all of my past lovers.. The one big drawback when it comes to having a blog. We get to read old stories of past lovers that WE were so much in love with. I can honestly feel the emotions in all the past writings. Is it a curse?? Does going back to read old posts of former lovers hurt?? To be honest, when I was single I would go to those old posts and reread them. I see the hurt in the words, I see the mistakes I made, I see where I went wrong. So many memories captured on this blog and the past blog C.A.N(Crimes Against Nature) Wow!!! I see when I went Balls Out on people, Angry at people, I'm Human *sigh....

I could delete the posts, but that wouldn't be the never ending story of Diesel Washington. I have had my Ups and Downs and if I want to display the Real story of Diesel Washington I have to keep it all. I could be that asshole that edits his own life from certain details that might be embarrassing, NOT ME!! That wouldn't be truthful, most fans come to this site to read the Real Deal. I'm not going to lie to you people because you are smarter than that!! I'm the kind of porn star that knows exactly how it feels to be a fan. I want the dirt, I want to see the human side, Glam is cool for pics but I want to know more...It's all about the Likeable factor for Me. HAHA I'm a fan of Gay porn as well..

Why do you guys come here??You can get your hot guy any day of the week...?? I know!! I'm an entertaining guy yet... I'm that complex guy that is more than a hot face(I flatter myself) and big dick. I'm that certain something that doesn't come around everyday, I have depth for a porn star, I don't have to post naked pics on my blog to get your attention, that is something a Newbie porn star would do. Before I get the Hate email from other porn stars who employ this method. There is nothing wrong with that..I prefer to stand on my writing skills or some people would say lack of writing skills(Suck it Grammar Snobs)

I have almost six years of memories(in Pics/Videos)on this site. My journey is not over...

I think it has just begun....

Next post will be huge, its the mark of the six years of doing this blog...

6 years of writing these posts and six years of sharing my life with the fans..

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Well looking up other porn and see that more people are using my moves cool..

In the past I would be mad but..

I give up this time around people love stealing the hot shit.



Go to the site and check it out!

I have always been a fan of Water sports, I have the crazy shows where I piss on the crowd/on myself/partner..

You can sort of say its my thing, now......

Some people are not into t he whole piss thing and find it degrading or disgusting well...To you disgusting, to me I find it nasty!! So how describe it?:

Its feeling the flow hit you.

The taste of it..

The strength of the flow

Color of the urine

Its the waiting time for the liquid gold to shoot out, its almost like edging yourself... While your looking at that "Nozzle" to expode, you stay focused on the dick...Waiting and waiting..


Now first order of business, now I know right off the bat, people who don't know that Diesel Washington is into water sports are going to cry foul over the cover shot of a white guy pissing on a black guy. Ummm its 2011 and its a fetish film..

Pee play, Watersports, whatever you call universal!!

THIS black man does not feel degraded or humliated by doing a scene of this type, In fact I enjoyed it alot!! I knew the image would edgy and eye catching!! That is the reason why I agreed to do this shoot. In previous Vids I played the Dom Top that pisses on everybody!! I wanted to shake up thing!!

In real life, I'm versatile when it comes to piss play(only piss play though)so I wanted to show more and really add another aspect to the Diesel character.

Now comes the cocky part, I have been involved in watersports for years..

I have done the big movies showing my skill at it, but this is the first time I get a cover shot on a DVD for doing it. I'm

I will admit at first I was kinda upset, I filmed this scene a few years ago and finally now it sees the light of day?? I had a few harsh things to say on twitter but now I'm happy with end result.

It was a messy scene!! Piss flying everywhere!!

I will take this as a classic! Truth be known Raging Stallions had a feature called "Piss Army", and I was upset at not
being asked to be apart it! Industry insiders know I'm one the best performers around that excel at the pissing fetish. Oh well you learn new things everyday...right?

Well check it out...

Literally gallons of piss was on that studio floor...

Yeah water sports is not for everybody...but is it for me

Saturday, November 19, 2011


WhoreTour is in South Beach Miami right now.....

Just some teaser pics for now, I still have pics to post from ATL..

More to come..

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


That is right!!!

In your town people, sorry about the late notice.....

In ATL right now, it was raining earlier in the day but it's turning out to be a nice day. It's alot warmer than NYC I will tell you that...

Anyway in ATL Nov 16 - Nov 18

Then Florida is next on the list....

Nov 18- Orlando then Fort Lauderdale ???

Nov 19,20 - Miami

Some dates may change but that is what I got so far....

Pics later if your horny enough...


Sunday, November 06, 2011


We are about to get it on....

I started with the title take it personal...


I take my Brand/Name/Family/my Work all Personal.

Time is Money and Money is Time!!

I'm not sure how other people conduct their business, I always use the rule of thumb..Is it worth my time? Now that might sound harsh but there is also a silver lining in that statement. Things I consider Worth my time:

Projects that tell an interesting story

Working with another hot model who you "Scouted"

Of course projects that showcase your "Skills" to the best of your ability.

Self promotion

Giving back to fans...THIS IS HUGE!!

I have other "Things" to take into account... I'm giving you a short list. I can't have ALL my thoughts written on this blog because it would be such a Hot Mess!!!

Now after you take all that into account, then the scheduling begins. I have to take a few days off work(Personal Trainer)get all the traveling done(which is pain)getting to airport, hotel arrangements, travel expense(if any), booking, gym locating, Bah Bah..

That goes for Porn Shoots, Personal Appearances, Escorting

So basically I get pissed when something doesn't go right. I invest so much time and energy into something if "It's Worth My Time" because I take my Career in the Sex Industry Serious..It's my BRAND, its my name(Well made up name)and I'm not going to let someone else drag my name through the Mud...

I can do that all by myself *insert laugh. Back to the post..

A smart porn star should know that any footage of him in porn will be around forever. So they have to be prepared for this.... In fact this footage is archived and reprinted and reused over and over. They own the rights to Vids/Pics everything!! So it would be wise to know that everything they get on camera is their property as well. So any embarrassing moments caught on film might just wind up on the BTS(Behind the Scenes)or your private funny moments made into a Youtube or something.. Control your image people..

Well I'm getting off course...this blog is about Taking it Personal! So here is the question is:

"Shouldn't all Porn stars take it personal??"

Back in the days, a porn star would make a couple of movies and wouldn't hear from him until he did another Vid or made a guest appearance some where. Technology has moved way forward and now porn stars are Twitting their every move and you got Facebook, and every other Social network.

Such a big change..

I guess one of the reasons why I became so popular.... is because of this blog. It is something that is for the fans but for myself at the same time. I look back at previous posts and I can't believe some of things that Ranted about. It is what it is though...But I guess that is what make you The Fans keep coming back to find out what is going on in the world of Diesel

Whoops off course again,

Now that We have all these tools to use, the porn bloggers are searching for anything they can find. I get alittle worried sometimes..

How far is too far??

There is footage of Diesel sucking dick, fist fucking, fucking, signature moves bah bah all on film. I give alot of myself in roles/blogging/Twitting so I give you Plenty!! Some things in life you want to keep private, sometimes you have to try to find yourself again separate from the Porn image. The need of being "On" all the time is draining..

Always a Public figure..

Because I do porn, I now become a Public figure??, Subject to everything that comes along with that..? Right? That is the trade off...Right?? I always ask myself "Is that fair?"

Should my public records be opened to the public. More than once I have seen a blogger reveal a porn stars real name and I think that is tacky and I have a problem with that. Data bases are "Hacked" all the time I get nervous to think of what information is out there floating around. And who has access to it?? Call Me paranoid if you want but I do like my privacy.

Remember that Pornwilikipedia thingy?? I really don't give a shit about the right spelling or whatever. More and more gossip sites are appearing and every rumor or gossip is up for grabs..

I remember the whole story with the whole Mason Wyler thing...

His personal life was attacked on every front, people were asking about former lovers, former scene partners, it was a witch hunt!!

There is a difference between Mudslinging and down right being nasty. Believe Me I have had my share of Battles and I have hit people below the belt, when it came to mudslinging..

Now people are setting up web cams to catch people in the act of stealing...Yikes but so true, court documents, emails and other forwarded information can now be used against you..

I had some hard lessons to learn, when I made that ill fated attempt at getting representation from David F. We had a Giant falling out!! What made matters worse was that David F was sending out "News Letters" that were just destroying my name and brand. That was a hard lesson to learn...

The only thing that people see on the surface is that Diesel is ranting about someone or something. You never get to hear the flip side of the story, when you deal with this business be prepared for Money hungry models, Models looking to get fame, Studios/Sites willing to sell the "Dream" to all the new models coming into the business. How do you not take it personal, when someone is selling you a pipe dream, and against your better judgement you put your trust into them??

It bites!!
What's the title of the Blog again?? Take it personal

Well this is personal..

I have to be honest, Diesel Washington used to consume my every movement at one point of my life. It was creating the brand, pleasing the fans, working hard and finding roles that would stand out and became memorable. I had to create myself, and then when my exclusive deal with Titan ended I had recreate myself, I retired and I had to reinvent myself one more time..

And now?? Preparing to start the attack once again!!

I do take this shit personal!!

Diesel Washington this big cross over star... Some people would say, Really? Where did I cross over from?? I'm bad with directions so someone has to tell Me about this Cross over star thing.

Does Cross Over mean..... Appeal to a larger audience?? If it doesn't then "Keep the Cross Over"

Had to hit you with some Old School Hip Hop for your brains.

Back to this Cross Over thing......I have heard I was this Big Time Sell Out. I talked about it numerous times on this blog. I still don't believe all the bullshit that people assume about you, all the gossip and rumors that go around in this business. I developed a "Thick Skin" over the years and learned How to tune out the Haters, but every Now and then you see a post written about you. The comments left in response to your post, Can be hateful as hell...

The comments range anywhere from calling you a "Whore" to as bad as wishing bodily harm to a performer, they attack your character/morals/ethics and your personal life.

So yeah to the Haters out there.... I "Take it Personal"..

You want to attack someone whom you never met?? Bring it! Cause I have fought many battles along the way...

Other things I take personal:

People who use you to get ahead, its like they were plotting and waiting for the chance/opportunity to "PiggyBank" off your connections...

People who waste your time....

People who you think you can trust, but you cant....

Those people who you give a second chance to, and fuck up yet again...

Those Who fuck with the family(You know where I'm going with this)

Sometimes I have to take it personal, maybe other porn stars work for the check or the almighty dollar. They take any and every role given to them, no regards to past work or maintaining a brand, everything is looked at as the "Next Payday". While I can't blame someone who wants to work for the check at the same time, I'm not one of those performers who is ruled by money.

I will not take every part or role given to Me. I turned down several key roles over the years simply because I didn't want to play a stereotype on both sides of the coin.

I'm not a Thug nor will play one..

I will play a Pimp though, now some people would say that is the most Stereotyped role ever!! But there is depth to playing a pimp onscreen, in movies it's alittle played out and over done. In gay porn, I think there hasn't been enough pimp characters for my liking. My character in Redlight was simple, direct and the Boss. Who knows??? I may play more Pimpish role in the future.

A pimp role is so personal to Me....

Lastly because this post is turning out to be a nightmare....

At first they worship you, and everything you do is gold, after your shelf life has expired, what do they do?? Hang you out to dry..

Your not New anymore....

Used goods..

You old news..

Not as fresh anymore


As they say in the fashion business."One minute your In and the next minute your Out"!! The emphasis on youth is common in every industry, but the typical porn model has one or two years of good work ahead him. A popular model can last the three year mark before he has to start limiting his appearance...

Well scratch that..I have known models that were in the business for a year and already have 100+ scenes under their belt. Really?? Wow!!

I have been doing porn since 2005 and have under 40 scenes in my library. The reason because I take every role serious as hell and personal

I have a "Personal Library" of my greatest hits and its all quality!!!

I wish more porn stars take their brand personal, too many porn stars doing every single site they can do. If there was a site called Suck My Dirty Feet, I'm sure there will be hundreds of porn stars lined up if they were paying a decent rate. Sad part is I like feet, but not sure that would be a good promotion for the Diesel character...

I tend to think about these things...

It's only my opinion but I think a star shouldn't water down their "Brand" or get side tracked into projects that don't enhance their visibility in the business. Something to think about...

Because of course I take all of this personal.

Friday, October 21, 2011


I get hundreds of emails from angry bottoms...

They are MAD AT THE TOPS...

It seems that the Tops are not handling their business nowadays and the bottoms are putting them on blast..

Why do I get these types of emails is beyond Me, but I find it interesting that people ask Me questions regarding relationships, sexual play, role playing etc etc..

I'm not Doctor Phil....or Doctor Andrew..

I just tell it like it is....

So here we go.

How to Tell When a "Top" is just not that into you:

He always fucks you doggystyle, with your face down in a pillow..

He uses the "Cum rag" first even though he gave you a facial, then throws the towel at ya.....and you still haven't came.

When your sucking his dick he says "Don't you look at Me"...

He fingers your hole super hard...knowing he didn't clip his nails..

He fingers your hole super hard...knowing he didn't clip his nails and he has dirt under his finger nails from working "Construction" yikes..

He only calls you for booty calls(no problem with that)but u never NEVER are asked to spend the night.

He will only let you suck his dick if he is wearing a condom(Choice I know)Now that is a tricky ensure your safety during sex your suppose to wear a condom regardless..But in the Real World...Come on!!

He doesn't remember your name(HAHA)

He always has to be drunk or high to fuck you, not recreational use like PNP but he HAS TO BE HIGH!!..Sketchy..

Never gives you the "Reach Around.."

Everytime he fucks you Doggystyle, he lines you up for a good view of the TV..

He is the Best Fuck you ever had... His impression of "Your Performance"?? "You Okay.."

He never wants to eat your ass(Duh!!)

When your under the covers and you go down on him, does He pull the covers off so he can see you sucking? or Does he pull the covers tightly over your head so basically you can't breathe??

When he fucks he on your back instead of placing pillow behind your head, he places it over your face lightly..Well if he did it would probably kill you and he isn't into Necrophilia..

He never hosts....and you know he lives alone.

Refuses to kiss you after you suck his dick...WTF?
Refuses to kiss you after you swallowed his load..LOL
Refuses to kiss you after YOU rim his ass..LOL


Refuses to kiss you during sex..
Refuses to kiss you before sex..
Refuses to give you an open mouth kiss or French Kiss
Turns his head everytime you try to give him a kiss, but keeps pushing your head towards his cock..hahah

When he is fucking you in the Mirror, he is getting off Watching himself in the mirror..

Well these are some helpful hints for all the bottoms out there. My book will be coming out soon.....

Yeah Right LOL

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Funny Video I did "On the Set" again this is only jokes people.

I'm a known Pot head.....

And We all know Pot heads and Coke heads run at two different speeds(haha another drug reference)

Lighten up(HAHA another one) Bricks...hahaha got that from Chris Rock

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hey people...

Not to sound cocky or anything but there is a reason why my scenes come out Hot!! Of course its because of the Talent/Director/Editor/Cameraperson and everybody that makes up that wheel to create...Porn

Diesel Washington?? I step up my game and bring in something that is called dedication...

I'm dedicated to my roles..

Bah bah I know...... Enough of my mouth saying How great I am...

I grew out a moustache for this role I have coming up... I went back to old school style...Handle bars and everything...

I'm dedicated to my roles.

But go ahead and hate on it....I know you will.LOL

But it's for a role...

Saturday, October 08, 2011


Diesel Washington hamming it up with Martha Walsh(who was singing onstage)

I forget to mention that not only did I have a chance to go the the Poe Museum, I also had the pleasure to attend a Gay pride event in Richmond.

There was music, food and people came out to represent...

Good times more to come


Cool link

I got some good press while I was in Richmond VA, and I think Richmond VA is a cool place..

Anyway the link :

Sorry for the quick post, I got some big things that I'm working on!!

Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MY 1000TH POST!!

Holy Shit Big Dick Man!!!!

Could it be true?? My 1000th post on CAN/DOES blog....Wow!! I have been writing for years and finally We are at 1000 posts..

Damn!! I have done so many things(people)traveled all over the United States. Talked about scenes(partners/behind the scenes/interviews) Its going to be hard to go back to all the past posts/interviews and find all the highlights over the years. So lets start with a fresh post and see where everything falls together in this huge post.

Lets start at my visit at the Poe Museum..

I have been traveling on the WhoreTour 2011 and the first couple of stops were in Washington DC, and then Richmond VA. Richmond VA the home of Edgar Allan Poe(he grew up there), the writer of "The Raven" "Tell Tale Heart" "The Pit and the Pendulum" bah hbah. I'm not writing a history lesson or anything, but the Literary influence of Poe's work will last forever!

Back to the Poe Museum, Diesel Washington and Joey Boston get to the Museum and start the picture taking process.

Loved hanging out in the Courtyard taking pictures, yeah I can be that "Weird Guy"(Social Outcast remember that for later..) So here are some goofy shots in the courtyard.

Whose is that peeping in my window?? Pow!! Nobody now!!

Being on Poe's property was alittle creepy, so I played on the creepy factor big time!! Who is that guy looking out the window.......???

HAHA creepy!!

So I need to get deep for a second..

Some of my favorite Poe quotes:

I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.
Edgar Allan Poe

I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it.
Edgar Allan Poe

Science has not yet taught us if madness is or is not the sublimity of the intelligence.
Edgar Allan Poe

Stupidity is a talent for misconception.
Edgar Allan Poe

Okay a break from the quotes(We will return to them)...

I saw a very interesting photo while visiting the exhibit:

A photo by Margery Knight: It's a keyhole shot of the courtyard through the gift shop door. Feeling inspired I recreated the shot...just for fun.

Well here is Diesel looking at the photo and trying to see through the keyhole..

Whoops another quote:

Experience has shown, and a true philosophy will always show, that a vast, perhaps the larger portion of the truth arises from the seemingly irrelevant.

Edgar Allan Poe

What do I see through the Keyhole???? Yikes!!

WTF?? How could I be there...??? When I'm looking through here???(That shot took Diesel and Joey Boston about 30mins to do)

*****Blog Break********

I'm a Mother Fucking Monster!!!

Music please:

I can admit to being a monster!! That is my character!! A larger than life Sex God that grabs up the boys and fucks them mid air!!

Social Outcast maybe abit...


That slight break was in keeping with the blog because Edgar Allan Poe was deemed abit of a social outcast as well...

Great Minds think alike..

Okay this blog is taking another direction right now....

The WhoreTour 2011 is still in effect, speaking of the Whore Tour 2011...

I decided to take it in another direction, meaning I will still whore it out, but I got some cartoons for your ass. Big time cartoon buff here so I thought it was a great idea to do something different for the change. I'm trying to start my own cartoon thing.

Check out a sample:WHORE TOUR 2011 CARTOON VERSION

Thanks to Pocahontas for the Artwork(she is on the bankroll)...

Since We are speaking about Bankroll, these are some projects working on:

Writing for JustUsBoys Mag my piece is called "Getting Real with Diesel Washington"

Writer for Zeus Magazine

Working on a secret project(hush hush for now)that I'm super excited to work on

Currently touring the United States on the "Whore Tour 2011"

Several other Hustles going on at same time(I'm a bad boy)

So YES people I'm staying busy DOING SOMETHING! I could go on and rant about How I should be working more but I'm fine. Although... I see yet another Black Balled movie by Channel 1 releasing being released soon. I think its Black Balled 8(can't keep up) looks like another hot cast of Black men piling on and tearing up some little boy(his ass was probably sore) I will plug it....

Not sure why I'm plugging it, Oh I know...

I'm plugging the movie for the models solely..

Get your money models, this is a tough business stay strong!! Why wasn't Diesel apart of this production??? No offense to anybody... but this is not my genre of movies that I like to be apart of. At this point of my career I want to stay far far away from gangbangs or big orgy scenes..

And there is a reason for that...

When I first started in this industry my first couple of scenes were either threesomes or gangbangs.

1st scene was a threeway

2nd scene was a fourway

3rd scene was a threeway

4th scene FINALLY DUO

5th scene Five men scene....

I had enough of the multiple partners in scenes, they tend to take longer to film and there tends to be alot of chaos going on in the scene. Thinking from the viewer's POV, if there is so much action going on in one scene you tend to get distracted from seeing ALL the action. Not to sound like an asshole...BUT I WANT ALL YOUR ATTENTION on my scenes!!

Besides someone couldn't get their money up for Me!!! LOL Anyway I'm giving it a plug....

Whoops I'm getting too serious again..... Moving on!!!


Yes I stay inshape(as much as I can)and the body is put together...

To be honest, I feel like a Heavy man in the body of fitness model. If I wasn't making money off of my body, I would be eating as much as I can and in LARGE AMOUNTS!! Seriously I love buffets...

I have to take pics of my favorite Buffet place..

I had to let out that secret, I search for the Buffet places while on tour!!There is something to be said when going to a buffet place and chowing down!! Fuck the dinner table manners(We all need a break sometimes)

Sometimes you want a whole table full of food to CHOW DOWN on.

Another secret is that I go to the Dollar store alot!! There is no harm in that!! Call Me a Dollar Store Whore!! You find some good deals traveling around, while in North Carolina I went to this huge Dollar store that had everything..

I was in heaven..

Anyway back to eating....Lava cake anyone?? Get the stuff ready..

Prepare it..


Yeah I love food!!! Moving on(this post is a mess)....

Seems like I'm doing alot of jumping around, but this is an important post for Me. I felt like I wasn't giving my best posting for the fans(been busy). So its time I take my crown back.


Your dealing with a Battle Blogger... I STARTED THE BLUE PRINT for porn stars to start blogging..

Okay off my soapbox, you know the deal!!

Switching speeds again....

LOVE YOU RENTBOY.COM......I hope M.L. is not digging into your ears!!! M.L. thinks he runs NYC!! What a crap asshole....

Dude if you have to take money out of your pocket, to try to stop my shine. That means you are threatened by Me. Its no hair off my skin, it goes to show you that you have to spend money to try to stop my influence in this business.

When are people going to realize that instead of trying to control Me, you should be trying to get Me on your side as an asset! So confusing..

Almost seven years in this business, and people are still trying to ignore Me or bury Me....

NOT HAPPENING!!!So until you realize that I will keep beating that drum, making noise!! As a playa should...

I see people keeping their distance from Me, thinking either I will cause some damage to their money making or somehow call them out for something they did wrong to Me. I'm over that bullshit!! Granted if you fuck Me over in business, I will make sure I bury you..

Battle blog Wars:

Diesel VS MOC blog

Diesel VS Tre X

Diesel VS JuicyGohoe

Diesel VS M.L.

Diesel VS Kam Scott

Diesel VS DaShitter

Diesel VS theSword(when Paul was there)

0 losses....

Do your homework when battling Me, cause I'm a Monster(you already know that, see above) Bring it if you must!!!

You have been warned!! Countless awards and nominations for my blog, Your fucking with a Vet!!

I need to stop all the barking its time to get sexy...

Naked picture of Me smiling(not many around)

I'm giving away alot of stuff on my blog today..Whew!!

Another topic change...

Tired of all this barebacking shit!!! I read a great article on


It is a intelligent article explaining a current trend I see happening in porn. Porn stars who have a barebacking past given a PASS in mainstream porn to perform. I guess I'm from the old school...

Back in the days, models that did bareback were not employed by mainstream or had to go through a whole process reestablishing themselves. That has changed in a big way, models are now going back and forth between condom shoots and condomless scenes. It's kind of scary to think that in this day an age, models are still willing to risk their health for mere peanuts.

I'm fighting that battle HEAD ON!! OPEN UR EYES PEOPLE!!!

More Porn news.....

Glad to see Mason Wyler filming again(want to fuck him badly)

Eric Rhodes, not sure why this guy is getting so much shine on lately. His ugly dick, ugly Tat whatever.....

Riley Price getting alot of shine cool...BTW whatever happened to that post in your blog saying that u picked up the idea of blogging from Diesel Washington and Wolf Hudson?? I saw it in your first post...

I was honored that you mentioned Me, but now seems the post is gone?? What is going on?? People rying to erase Me all completely???

FYI to all the porn stars getting SHINE now!! Yeah the spotlight is shining bright on you, what do you do when that spotlight fades?? That is the time when I see the true porn stars shine.

Do you lie down and die?? Fade away?? or Fight??

Seven years in this business and still fighting....


People have to band together to try to push Me out.

Telling lies to inspiring models that Diesel is bad. My god, I have heard the rumors from the models themselves saying that certain producers have Blacklisted Me. Just because I complained about their hiring practices(which I should)lack of testing, treating models like shit. Bah Bah... Sorry that you guys feel like that but its the truth...

If a company treats Me well, of course I will give them a Shout Out and plug on my blog. In the same case, if they treat Me like shit of course I will warn other models about a particular Studio/Company/Site. Well that is my style..

Other models have that attitude of "It's not my business, so why bother??" Do you and I will Do Me!!

I get emails daily from newbie porn stars thanking Me for the insight I gave them about the business. If I can slow down the number of young gay males coming into this industry doing dumb shit(drugs, casting couch, STD's)then I can sleep at night, and THATS ALL RIGHT FOR ME!!



Friday, September 09, 2011


I can do something funny...

And it has a message as well..


Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Yup I haven't posted forever.....

Lets jump right into......

I'm still doing the WhoreTour with Joey Boston(see previous posts)and traveling from state to state and making the people happy...

But I'm not happy right now, just so many things going on in my head and trying to sort out everything. I guess I would be having one of those bipolar moments again(yeah big surprise there) I'm going about my business in life and I keep getting stalled from achieving the main goal.

To start my own...

Now I do have some good news to share with the fans, but I have been sworn to not reveal until the time is right. So on that note people, stay tuned because I have some news that will make alot of people happy.

Back to starting my thing, I'm taking every precaution to make sure everything is right. I have some great ideas that I want to bounce off the fans and ALOT of hot ideas that will shake up the industry.

Ideas set

Themes set

Models set

Equipment set

Support system(besides fans and family)NOT THERE!! My mother will back any idea I have wheter stupid or smart(that is what moms do) As far as friends(close friends)they seem to break down into the following groups.

Either they are against the idea completely...

Don't care either way, Business or No business as long as I am happy, they are happy.

Or the worst part, they don't care to know about any business that I set up...just for the simple fact that IT IS MY BUSINESS. Basically its a caddy way of saying...I'm sure the business will be a success because....."YOUR THE ONE DOING IT" I should feel flattered that they have high hopes for Me..

But I don't feel those High hopes, I feel like I'm getting swarmed into something so big that I may crack under the pressure... So I'm 6'6 245lbs solid muscle, Bad ass from NYC who is not afraid of anybody...

But the truth is...sometimes I do get scared.

For the friends that are against the idea of starting own business(sex business), that is cool and I love them for it. The recession is kicking every bodies ass and people who thought they were untouchable are now feeling the pinch themselves. It is an eyeopener for everybody. So I understand their fears...but I will push on because it is my dream and my goal. I understand they are not coming from a "Hating Standpoint" merely they are coming from a "Reality Standpoint" that starting any kind of business right now is shaky. It's always about taking a risk in business to Me, stand up if you have the balls, back down if you want to be a follower. Sorry but I lead...

To the best of the bunch, the ones that don't care either way..
I know you want the best for Me, but pick a side. Saying you don't care either way is like playing the fence. I will be happy regardless if Rich or Poor, I want to know will you support my decision and try to help Me achieve my goal? That is the question...I don't want you to just sit on the side and watch it play out not knowing was you With Me in the beginning?? Or just wanted to watch the Crash and Burn?? Who knows?? Maybe I'm too sensitive....Whatever!!!

To the ones that don't even want to hear about my business....You guys are dicks!!
It's weird cause I have those ADD/Shallow/Pretentious/Self Absorbed friends, who could careless about anybody else but themselves(We all have those friends)and I GET IT!! I do...


With those kind of friends it hurts sometimes when you express yourself with all the passion and gusto in world, and they haven't heard one sentence that you said. In fact what is coming out of your mouth about your life is actually boring them, I mean how rude can you be? I give them a pass because We have been friends for years and sometimes they have your back(Big time). And I guess they will be around for you when the timing is right(Their timing)but they are friends right? Got to love them..

Maybe its the bipolar thing, I should be happy that I have friends around Me that support Me either way...

Just sometimes I wish I had someone to talk to that is excited as I am when explaining the business side. It seems everybody wants to hear about the hot naked guys and see pics and sit around talking about all the money you will make doing your idea. You find fewer people willing to sit around and go over ideas for shoots and coming up with different kinds of concepts/themes and shooting locations. I know its all about porn and having hot guys but I have a greater appreciation for those that sit at the table coming up with idea after idea to put to film.

Yeah I do have to admit coming up with ideas over and over for shoots is not easy. I have books and books of ideas that I put down every night. Thinking up different camera angles and themes that I can set to film. I have some ideas that I think are brilliant, but maybe in reality its the worst idea ever and I need to polish the idea more. I can't talk about online cause the vultures will steal every idea you have(Been there and done that).

Anyway I came online to vent out my ideas and what I'm thinking about...

The last few posts have been nothing but filler:

Hot pics

Some Vids

Short essays

I haven't opened up to the fans in a while, sometimes I think people come here just for the dick shots(lack of)and the funny Vids. I guess some people come here just to read what is going on in my life. I forget I reached that Personality mark, so pretty much I have to be that entertaining guy that you read about on Twitter/Facebook. Or I have to be that Loud mouth that is causing Blog/Twitter Wars!

At the end of the day, I think most come to read my blog because its the story of a real Human being(Editor), sometimes fictional characters are added in for entertainment(Dexter Delarge, Big Boss bah bah). But for the most part, the blog is about a person playing a complex character called


I may not have the best grammar, or English skills but I think people get the gist of what I'm saying...

Thanks for reading...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Okay People..

You see how I have been traveling around going crazy from city to city....

Well the tour has started back up and first thing first! I need to hit up Philly!! That's right folks Diesel Washington and Joey Boston is headed to Philly this weekend so get those wallets ready!!

Dig Deep!!!

Some people do not understand what the tour means:

Diesel Washington and Joey Boston go from city to city and spread the happiness around.

Happy Holes!! and Happy Endings is what this tour is about.

I get tons of emails per day from people asking to know when I will be in their city. I can't hit them all(I would be broke if I did)but I will post a travel schedule soon(things change quickly)

AS FAR AS THE TOUR!! I'm visiting cities looking for clients that want some one on one time with Diesel Washington lets call them "Private Shows" THAT IS A PAYING GIG PEOPLE!! I'm not looking for Dinner, Convo, or to be taken out by fans. Not looking to be interviewed or do a photo shoot. $$$$ all about that almighty dollar!!

Not to sound rude or mean, I get hit up online from fans always wanting to meet Me to become friends or buddies or just to chill and party with. The tour doesn't pay for itself so I have to pay for all the accommodations myself. This is a recession people, if I had a sponsor things would be alittle different but I don't so someone has to pay for hotels and transportation.

And unless a Club is paying Me to appear there it is very unlikely that you will see Me out at a club. Usually at the hotel most of the time when on tour(I work hard)anyway.....

I will have more info about Tour Schedule later in the week....,.

More News..

I have been talking to a start up Company about directing some scenes for them, more about that later...

Some other projects coming up, and a trip planned for Florida(that should be fun)coming soon..

Stay tuned people!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Everybody keeps talking about my ass:

Got to give up my Ass!!

Get it fucked!!

Get it eaten!!

Plowed and Hammered

Deep fucked hard!!

Blah Blah...

Like that is going to happen...???


Most seem to think that I'm down and out because I haven't done any scenes recently...

Well there is a reason for that, I want all the work to be out so I can start all over from scratch. Yes that is correct, I have alot of work that is out there so fans are going back to the old stuff because it is CLASSIC!!

Well to start something "New" I have to let the old work Simmer out there. When I say "Simmer"

Gives Me time to work on my body

Work on my craft

Set up scenes

Network with people


Blah Blah......

Anyway had to put up a funny Vid...

Because I love to entertain my Fans...


I was laying around with Joey Boston and I figured I haven't put up pics in a long time....

So here you go guys!!!

I will post more pics soon, Moving on!!

I called this post "Glasses and Red Socks", yeah if you noticed I was wearing glasses and red socks in the pics...


Anyway the body is holding up well....(Thanks in Advance)

I have some things coming up soon, I will keep you guys posted!!

Monday, August 08, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts....

When you hit the road alot you have SO MANY other things to think about:

Scheduling Hotels

Figuring out Bus/Train/Plane routes


Scheduling Clients

Blah Blah....its the usual thing with traveling..

Speaking about traveling, I have always said I love touring and just moving around seeing fans and "Making Money". I think some people are confused as to Why I am doing this tour??" Alot of reason I guess, bored and didn't want to stay home all Summer and just like going out of town for a change instead of sitting in the hot jungle of NYC. Don't get Me wrong I love NYC...

But sometimes you need to get away from this God Damn City!!! Summertime is always a pain in the ass in NYC, the city is flooded with Tourists from out of town so getting around Times/Midtown area can be a nightmare. Anyway back to the Tour ideas I think its time that I move the Tour to North Carolina/South Carolina, ATL, Florida..

So I'm giving you the Fans a HEADS UP!!! Coming your way soon and I'm working on those dates for you right now.

I know you guys are not dummies and know exactly What I can do...

Sometimes(like now)I need to reach out and talk to the fans. Lately I have been on the road just trying to get money to start this business venture...

Making and Having my OWN SHIT!!

I'm so picky when it comes to things that I HAVE TO RUN IT MYSELF! I have a certain way I do things and I want to make sure that everything is planned out the way I want it to be. Control Freak!! Yes I am...

I do not want to lose the connection I have with my fans, and I know you guys understand that I NEED TO DO THIS!! I have alot of goals set for myself and one of those goals is to have my own business. But to be honest I see alot of the stuff coming out by other models and I really have to sit back and say to myself:


Just because you started your own production company and turning out projects, does not mean that your product is good!! Yeah yeah say what you want "Well at least I'm doing something and not sitting on my ass complaining about other peoples SHIT"

To create the best product you have to be patient and weigh out your options. Why rush to put a product out and its unfinished and looking poorly constructed?? Yeah I know I'm running my big mouth again as usual(get used to it), I have opinions and I will state them, IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT DON'T READ MY SHIT!!!

On to Porn News:

BF's fighting what else is new??

I see the same studios putting out LOOKALIKE scenes(yet again)and nothing has changed. Same Shit!! Same Shit!!

I still haven't fucked Marcus Mojo yet(someone even blogged about it)I see everybody fucking Marcus the same ole way(except Tommy)COOL!! I'm putting it record!! If Diesel ever fucked Marcus Mojo....ITS A WRAP!! HOTTEST SCENE OUT!!

I see that Falcon hired all the NextDoor Studios exclusives for a ORGY SCENE!! Umm the guys are hot but....

Is there anymore newer porn stars out there looking to get their shot?? Seems the NDS exclusives are taking all the jobs.... Not only do they have their own personal websites but every Studio is employing them as well.

I'm not a hater!! But I get alot of emails from models looking to get into business/currently in business/out of retirement saying that Studios are playing the "Favorite Game" and only hiring guys that have "Fame" already, No room for inspiring models looking to break into the game...

I feel bad for the newer guys, all I can say is STEP YOUR GAME AND MAKE THEM TAKE NOTICE!! Don't take No as an answer!! Keep showing up at events and Strut your stuff!!

Well I'm rambling now..

This was a quick post for the People!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

WHORE TOUR 2011: Pittsburgh/Detroit

Detroit Whoring it up!!

Pittsburgh....whoring it up!!!

Sorry about the lack of post on the blog lately...

I have been traveling like a motherfucker, so putting together the Vids and traveling from city to city, is putting a toll on Me. You learn alot about yourself on the road, esp when traveling around with somebody else.

I WILL ADMIT IT!! I'm not the most easy guy to be around. I have a certain way I do things(as other people)and I can be CRANKY AS FUCK IN THE MORNING!!

Yes I am one of those, getting up in the morning is the not easiest thing to do!! I don't drink coffee or soda, I don't have that morning Cig(That most like)so rolling out of bed is a complete nightmare for Me and anybody around Me(Sorry Joey Boston)

Speaking of Joey Boston, he is doing fine and learning the ropes(alittle slower then expected, but learning)I have grown very protective over Joey Boston and that is what two people are suppose to do. I GOT YOUR BACK, AND HE GOT MY BACK!!

WE FIGHT LIKE CATS AND DOGS(I'm the dog)but in the end the trip is about making money and then moving on to the next city to make even more money. Whore Tour 2011 plain and simple.

Now about the Whore Tour 2011, alot of people are asking, "What is the Whore Tour 2011 about?"

Well people I'm an Escort, I really do not go into many stories about it just because its private!! I have seen too many porn stars out there talking about their clients, giving up names, or setting up people in high levels of government for public ridicule(by the bloggers, TMZ, blah blach) the reason why I'm successful in this game is because I don't give the details. I may hint every now and then but I will not name names...

Hooking oldest profession in the world, Rule number one is KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!

It's not hard to do at all, respect your clients privacy and your IN LIKE FLINN!!

Now to all the "Secret Admirers" out there that have something to say about my Whore Tour 2011..

First off the bat FUCK YOU!!!

I do porn(well I'm a public figure)my porn history will follow Me everywhere so I might as well capitalize on it, the best way I know how:

You have the following options when u do porn:


Go Go Dancer/Stripper



Live Sex performer/Musical performer/Acting/Dancing

Website/Cam model

Public Appearance/Private shows.

Of course you have the Reg 9-5 job, that supplements your income at the same time(Duh)

Now to all the Secret Admirers out there, there is a fucking recession going!! It would be stupid for the porn star to NOT tour around. If there is no work in your town, then you have to go to the town or city where the work is.

I have heard it all since I have been on this tour:

Get a real job

I'm Washed Up because I'm doing the tour. That makes no sense to Me, I'm going to where my fans are, and if they want to see Me up close and personal there is a slight donation for the "Meat and Greet". I like meeting my fans(some)but at the same time, I'm not going out for drinks or dinner with every single fan just because they want to get to know the real person behind Diesel..

Sorry people that is something you have to pay for...

I give you the blog for free, youtubes for free, Vid messages for free(which I will return to doing sorry about the delay) For "Meat and Greets" yeah I have to charge for that. The expenses for taking the trip are coming out of my pocket so a donation to the trip is always accepted ESP if I'm banging out your ass..

Moving on... people can find my services on Rentboy, I'm real easy to find!!

One note about the escorting thing...

I do not charge a huge rate for my services, I'm a Dom Top that likes to get serviced and I pound out some ass...

I'm not that type of escort that caters to clients in a passive way. I do not like to be taken out to eat, Wined and Dined, or go out to a Broadway show. I do not do the Boyfriend fantasy thing, I do not kiss, eat ass, or even suck dick!!

I give the clients what they want!! A No holds barred Dom Top machine that comes in and pounds your throat while Face Fucking you. Pounds relentless on your ass, stretching your hole to the limit, at the same time spitting down your throat, pissing in your face, and holding you down on the bed face first with your ass in the air and your at my mercy...


That is the reason why my rates are not that high, to the other escort that kisses and eats ass, and makes his clients feel at easy that is YOUR role not mine!! I work over my clients and make the experience something they will never forget.

I rather be that escort that goes too hard, too demanding, pounds too hard, fucks too deep!! Than that bullshit escort that comes in and is half hard, doesn't want to be there, and goes the weakest fuck alive. Or even worse, the one that ASS KISSES so much that its fake and not real, some guys are into that scene of the long last BF or something like that. For Me, I just can not fake passion for somebody I don't know or have just met. I prefer to be direct and to the point...

We are here to fuck!!! None of this Lovey Dovey stuff!!

Anyway this was a quick update for the fans...

I will write more later..

Or you do all the above at the same time.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Okay People U have been patient with Me....

I have been traveling the last 2weeks NYC, Boston, Philly, NYC, Washington, crazy times but making alot of money....

Anyway I will write more Tomorrow..

Thanks for waiting...