Tuesday, September 29, 2009


And some of the Results are in....

When I first started my poll all I wanted was 100 votes either way.....

Out of 100 people I wanted to see what the Fans are Feeling and Not Feeling....

Some of the Polls I will keep open because they are Still too close to call....

But here are the Some of the Results:

Me being rimmed: 71 percent........Wow!!!!!

Ummmm when I saw the results I had this crazy look on my face sort of like this:

Check out 3:00min mark on the Vid, Needless to say................... The look was of Shock!!!

I'm really not into being Rimmed!! But.........Since it's what the Fans want to see......................I will get Rimmed!!!

Happy Now!!!!???!!!

I will get rimmed in a Future Feature..........

In a movie I do, I will insist on being rimmed by my Co Star. Now the only problem, Who gets the Honor of eating out my Ass??? I have to feel comfortable with the model that I allow to Lick my Ass!!(I can't believe I'm thinking about this) I have been in different/strange situations before but this will be the REAL TEST!!!

Now on to the other result, U guys still want to see more Creative Fucks!!!!! 63 percent said they wanted to see more.....


I have several positions that I have been working on......and the World will be shocked to see them...

What was interesting, 37 percent wanted to see more Romantic scenes.....Nice!!

I'm known for the Aggressive Fucking!!!! but to tone down the fucking and make it more Passionate is the direction where I want to steer the Diesel character....

But a good Power Fuck!!!Is what I do.....So there will be plenty of that!!!

On another Note....

Im killing the body and hitting the gym like crazy...Im happy with the results, I'm biking and doing alot of Road work(Running outside)and the results are paying off.

Look out for the body pics coming ur way.

And Diesel has SuperHero outfit now.........Yes I had a Uniform made for the Bishop character...

Sneak Peek in a couple of days..

Another post Tom



I hate this shit too.....

I live in NYC, so when somebody sneezes on the train and doesn't cover their mouth. It gets to Me(Not as Much as Socks with Sandals)U Nasty Fucking Bitches!!!

It's funny I do some nasty stuff on screen, Fisting, Pissing, Spitting bah bah

But Random People, Blowing their Nose, Clearing their throats, and Sneezing some Even Nastier Shit to Me!!

Short Post Have to Head to Gym

Monday, September 28, 2009


Whew!!!! Alot of Stuff going on..........

HustlaBall 2009 NYC, that is going to be Huge!!!! Finally the Huge party comes to NYC and I went from working Hustlaball(I mean, I was the one that stuffed the VIP giveaway bags, Put up Posters, No Kidding!!I did the Labor) to Performing on Stage and Wowing the Crowd, To Now Hosting the Show with Lady Fag!! Hosting the Show!!

I came a long way in this business.....

I keep telling People, Nothing Ever Ever!!! Was handed to Me....Everything I worked for!!!! I'm so happy to be hosting this Year!!!

There are alot of things that is going to happen in a Short Time....

I working hard People!!!

U have No Idea.....the things that will happen.....

Watch It with Me.........


First off the Bat, The Web exploded with Anger at the New preview of Nightmare on Elm St......

Not to jump on the Bandwagon but....No one can replace Freddy(Nuff said)

I will give it a shot just to make fun of the Movie...

Moving on here is a Movie I want to see:
The Book of Eli Trailer #2

Denzel and Gary Oldman in the same movie, It could go either way.....But this is high on the list of movies to see.

Short post but there is alot to talk about


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Okay I wrote my post on working with the Character Bishop, Here is the Hype Over Bishop:

I put up the pics of the Marvel Character....Lucas Bishop..Put his Bio up..but to fully understand why I want to play this character.

I guess U have to See the character and how He is displayed as a Cartoon Character. Well Geek Alert On!!!

Here is the Cartoon Version of Lucas Bishop(its Very Long be warned):

object width="425" height="344">

Alot of stuff to take in but its okay.....

Over time I will explain the story, without everybody having to watch the Vids(the Comic Books go in greater Depth)But if Ur not a Geek, U will get bored trying to take in all the info.

Now the Character of Bishop is very complex, and He comes back through time at different points of the X Men adventures(U have to see the Cartoon to Understand)
You know I always end the blog on something Different, here is the Bishop character but with a twist there is a "Different Voice over for the Actors in this one) Enjoy!!! I think its funny!!


I'm opening this blog to the Fans......

The Fans are the ones that keep me motivated...........

I have said many times, I never created this blog for the fans(At First)........ It sounds harsh but its the truth!!!.....When I started this blog it was to chart my progress coming into the Industry.

What was unexpected...........that People would read my blog and embrace it like a Guilty Pleasure. I know alot of People read this thing(Some will admit it, some won't)so I'm using my own blog to help Me regain my spot on Top(Did I fall from Grace??LOL)

So...........U the Fans!!! Will have some Control over the Diesel Washington character. Tell Me what u want to see....and over the course of filming productions I will use What the Fans suggest:

Okay People, I asked alot of things from ya.......

It's interesting to see How U will answer these questions on the Poll. It will help Me to come back into the Industry with a Game Plan!!!

How many other Porn Star bloggers would ask their Fans, "What Do You wanted to See??" "Or even put up a poll just to get feedback from their Fans????

I'm taking this Blog to a whole new Level.....and it's all about the Fans. I achieved What I wanted in Porn....Now it's the Fans turn!!! Tell Me what U want and U the Fans get to see it Played out in a Feature...

How Fan friendly is that?????

*****Okay Okay Okay I know Steve Cruz also did this on his Blog, but its still fun seeing the Results*********

Love Ya Steve, I had to Bite this off ya.......Also Unzipped.net I had to put some polls on my blog as well LOL...

Friday, September 25, 2009


I know I know......

I can already hear the People saying WTF!!!!

I'm confused just as U people!!! When I saw the Molding Pics(Tony Buff/Dean Flynn dildos).....I snapped!!!!

All this energy came through me..................

To be honest I was retired...........I wasn't seeking work, I wasn't asking people for Gigs. I turned down alot of opportunities...It was Stupid of Me!!but I was burnt out!!!

Since August........I got a huge itch to work!!I wanted to be on a Set and making the Magic..I wanted the cameras and lights......That nervous energy that goes through Ur body when the Director says Action!!!! all of it...

I missed it!!! Big time!!! I see all the New faces coming into the Industry...Each Innocent face, looking to make a name for themselves...More Flesh to Press!!!

I'm Hungry!!!

I have always been on shaking ground with the whole retiring thing.......

But can U say I retired, when I never really left????

To truly walk away......The blog ends with the Career!!!

And the Blog has always been up and running!!! In fact the Blog has gotten better and more creative.....

It's Simple I'm Back!!!


After seeing these pics......

Here is the Ad for the Gig in Florida...... I will talk about that in the next post.

Lets talk about the FIRE IN MY HEAD!!!

Above is Tony Buff and Dean Flynn getting molded for their Dildos, Marco Blaze and Mister Sagat also have Molds..............

*Sigh it was hard reading the post on the Titan blog......... I wanted a Dildo myself..... I was there for the Release of TitanMen tools in Las Vegas 08.... while I was still an exclusive with Titan, I was offered an opportunity for a Dildo but there were some complications and nothing panned out!!! Now to see that Titan has a Dildo line for their Exclusive models!! It Hurts!!! It Really Does!!!

I won Hottest Cut Cock back in 2008, Performer of the Year 2009(all because of Titan)and to see How Titan moved on........ with plans for a Dildo line with out Me it hurts, feels like I was stabbed in the heart!!!!

I'm Hardheaded!!!! For a long time I couldn't move on!!!I retired out of the business because I achieved what I wanted to in this business.....


The reaction I had seeing the images of Tony and Dean getting their molds........ It started a Fire inside my Head!!! Eddie Diaz has his own Dildo when He was Exclusive with Channel 1 releasing... that is in stores now!!!! There is even a Black Balled 6 Dildo out from Channel 1 releasing.............

So far there is only One Black Gay Porn Star with a Dildo on the Market....Eddie Diaz, and a Black Balled 6 dildo that is it!!!

Ever Since retiring in June, I see people working.....and I'm getting more jealous everyday.....


I'm going on the War path!!!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!

To all the Haters, Copycats, and People who used my name while I was gone to further Ur Careers!!!!!


This will not be easy!!!! I said alot of things on my blog..... People may have Blacklisted Me!!!!

But U know what????? I have always been a Fighter!!!! I like having my back against the Wall, I like having something to prove!!

I fought so hard the last 3years to get recognized, I wanted to stand out for my performances, that has happened and afterwards I lost the energy to push harder...... THE FIRE IS BURNING BRIGHTER NOW!!!!Cause I have something to prove!!!!

Right now, I'm rock bottom!!! It feels like I'm starting from the beginning again!!! Since I'm a very outspoken person, alot of people are going to be Scared to touch Me!!! I welcome the hard road that is in front of Me. I always like battling Odds and the odds are against Me big time now!!!!




Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well I thought it was time to write another revealing post....

I have always loved Hip Hop, in fact I went to school with some of the Wu Tang members(That would a Hip Hop group to those who don't know)I was raised on Staten Island so I would run into Method Man, RZA, GZA, GhostFace Killa hanging out in Park Hill(A Housing Product on Staten Isand)and just hangout freestyling on the street(Putting words to rhyme that has a cohesive flow LOL) I was good at it, I performed a couple shows....

But this was way way way back in the days....I'm still a Huge Hip Hop head, Oldschool type to this day.... But I like all music.. As of Lately I'm listening to "Built for Cuban Link Part 2", Part 1 was a classic and it still gets played to this day.... Part 2 rides that same energy....

Now this music is not for everybody... Alot of Gun play talk, Dirty Sex talk, Cooking it up!! bah bah bah

The main focus(for those into Hip Hop)is the word play between Ghost Face/Chef, the wording is so detailed.....its almost like they bring you into the Action.....

Now some people who are reading this blog right now are probably saying.........



If Ur not a Fan of Hip Hop, this blog will go right over ur head!!!

Anyway!!! I was thinking about posting some Vids of Me freestyling.....

I have alot to say and I think People will be surprise!!!

NONONOO!!! I don't want to be the Gay Rapper(although having the Porn past would make it Hot!!!HMM??)

Anyway..........LOVE YA HIP HOP!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well I'm loading up the schedule.......

So let's recap Oct 1-5 I will be in Flordia I will be performing two shows down there, Oct 8 there is a opening party for the Naked Ambition exhibit so I will be there having fun and taking pictures. Oct 11 I will be hosting Hustlaball 2009 with Lady Fag... which I'm very excited to be doing.

And there Is a special project that I worked on while in LA that should be coming out in the middle of Oct. Cross ur Fingers about the Project.

Let's talk about Folsom Fair...........yeah I'm not going. San Fran will be packed with porn stars just partying and having a good time, sucks that I can't go. Sometimes it's a problem to live in NYC, since I'm way across the country the price of airfare and hotel expenses can be costly. Since I'm no longer an Exclusive, its not like I have a Studio that will pay for half or even a quarter of the expenses to get there. I hate to miss out meeting all the Fans and rubbing elbows with the other Porn stars, but like I said in other posts I have been there for the last 3 years that's good enough for me.

I have to admit I hate missing a good time, so I will let it all hangout at Hustla ball NYC, I'm going to perform a Hot set for Hustla ball, so Hustlaball will be my Folsom Fair. Over 50+ porn stars will be in town for Hustlaball and I will be in the middle of all of that!!!

I wanted to point out another thing.......... I do not use Twitter!!!!, I do not contact Blogs or Websites sending them information to post. Unlike most studios, or porn stars out there, I don't twitter or email or call up bloggers, webmags asking them to print stories about Me.

I make the News by coming up with Creative ways to market myself. I have a good standing with alot of the bloggers and Webmags out there so there is no need to get on Twitter, or to email anybody about breaking news!!! I will leave that up to the other guys.....

I would like to admit that posting is getting harder and harder to do lately. I come up with an idea and it's copied like days later....

My Vid Uploaded Sept 16:

And now Cody Kyler Vid uploaded Sept 22

I like Cody Kyler(FlavaMan exclusive) so I'm not calling him out or anything!!!In fact, he looks alot cuter singing Mariah than I do(It's True!!) Just funny that I put up my Vid just messing around with the camera and then he puts up his Vid 6 days after mine!!! I guess we have the same taste in Music????

So I have to keep working harder and harder to stand out, I like to come up with fresh ideas that nobody is doing......... Only to have people use the same idea for their own sites. I'm not going to hate on People!!! I just want to make sure that People know where they see it first is all.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Remember Me telling ya that porn company's will start filming in real time.http://www.dieselwashingtonxxx.com/2009/09/porn-junkie-to-porn-star.html

Well it has started already.......

Treasure Island Media has signed on Ryan Sullivan to videotape and be granted full access to every aspect of Treasure Island Media for the next three years – every shoot, every meeting,bah bah bah in the form of episodic videos......

The idea is Genius!!! This is the new format that all Studios will use.... I'm alittle worried because Treasure Island has a foot hold on this emerging trend.....


The balance needs to restored......Titan Media I have to give them credit for providing his footage: http://blog.titanmen.com/2009/09/francois-get-poked-for-the-good-of-humanity/

If there is going to be a site that celebrates the Bareback end.....There needs to be a website that focuses on the Condom Only Audience. Studios like this(TIM) had to find a way to reach out to Fans and their audience. They were forced to adapt because they had no choice(IML, Folsom events barring them), It's the Balls to the wall type of survival.... But to balance the Power, Condom only studios need to follow trend... Its all about the extra footage!!

This documentary style of getting footage behind the scenes and following the models around and recording all the crazy stuff, then broadcasting as episodic videos is the main idea..... The idea has been floating around.....but no one is really touching on it!!! They are putting together cute little Youtubeish type of things...But they really have to start getting footage from the start of the production to the end of the production.

They should start filming behind the scenes as soon as the models arrive on Set.... I'm talking about from the signing of the contracts......to the models meeting each other for the first time......and then some footage of the set, and some of the Fluffing it takes for the shoots.

Added to this:

Exclusive models should have their own showcases, the models in their natural settings, hanging out, one on one interviews bah bah. The footage is easy to get and can be taken at no additional cost to the production. Interviews can be posted on blogs or websites before, during or after the production is released.

Cameras should be around for Events, signings, Personal appearances.......

There should filming of the Casting process for Movies. Interesting to see How studios pair up models with each other. And then get the reactions of the models paired together......alot of interesting twists to this. The studios could take a poll on which models should be paired together....Giving Fans/Consumers a chance to see what they really want to see on screen. Which in turns empowers them and gets them into the filming process.....Endless possibilities.

Reality TV has taken over....so Porn studios need to capitalize on this... Blogs and Websites are gaining in popularity and it's the easiest tool to use.

I'm Cocky cause I knew about this years ago...... people want more bang for their buck!! Having a Blog or website featuring ur favorite models in real time is awesome for the consumer. That led to the popularity of Randy Blue, Corbin Fischer, bah bah the scenes almost feel reality based...The turn around time for productions is much quicker... they just have to take it one step further...

This probably makes no sense to Fans or People who just watch porn to jerk off to. But to studios this is golden information......

Do not let(TIM)have the only access to this type of media.....

Again this documentary style of footage....gets the viewers into the models, their back stories, and it gives a little sight on the models. Easy to get and helps sell the movies.


NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Character changes

Okay I haven't spoken much but I wanted to talk about......

A new character emerging...........His name is Bishop.

What is different about this character?

He is a fighter...from the future..and He is Bad Ass!!

He came back to correct the mistakes of the past, and see that his future time is not destroyed!!

I really like to run with this character!!! I think He is interesting, fun to watch, and special effects added to the Tee!! I could even create a Website dedicated to the character!! I'm going all out and having a costume made for the character(Geek alert)So I'm working out the details on that..I don't want it looking corny but it needs to function

I have to give Co Credit to Jack Manly......http://www.dieselwashingtonxxx.com/2009/08/diesel-washington-through-jackmanlys.html

I was familiar with the character from the comic books and the Marvel cartoon version on TV. But now I want to take what they created and up that!!...... Over the past week I was creating the Idea and Identity of the Bishop character!! Which led to scripts and Scenes and so many ideas....

Whats great about the character of Bishop his scenes would have the feel of like Quantum Leap....(yeah alittle nerdy) but it would work!!

First off, Time Traveling is always interesting...Story lines are interesting...Character development is important...Branding important!! So many ideas....

I could make him a Mutant?...or I could keep him Human?.....or some kind of Super Being?....anyway alot of ideas are being thrown around..

The current Version of Bishop will be based on the Marvel concept......I will add some different changes but the overall character and look and feel will be that of the Lucas Bishop character.

Whats great about the Lucas Bishop character is that we resemble each other to the detail.. Both born in Brooklyn(Bishop was born in Mutant relocation camp) He's 275lbs, I'm 245(I don't want to get any bigger) Hair color is the same, Eye color is the same, Same Height 6'6 and I like his story lines.

The Big Boss is gone!!! I wanted to work with his character....But I'm focused currently on Bishop. So that version of the Editor is gone.....

Bye Big Boss!!!

Dexter DeLarge is making a return.....I'm excited about that!!! He has a performance at Hustlaball NYC Oct'11 2009 so look forward to that!!

Diesel Washington is always around, and he will be performing in Florida. Oct 2, 3.

Anyway.......I wanted the Fans to Know about a New Character this is being added to the blog.. His name is BISHOP!!!!! I want to get this character off the ground and make him into something.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I have been gone for awhile.....

Vid of Me watching the Giants game and the Emmys on Sunday night:



Well I have been busy working out and just handling the regular business of My life. I have some interesting ideas for some new Vids coming soon stay tuned. Oh and the Fuck Like Diesel Vid is at 35,000 hits(not bad)

I have to keep this thing up to date........

Long weeks of working out and trying to get back into shape, I have alot of things coming up on the menu. I have a gig next week in Florida and I'm getting ready for that. October will be a very busy month for Me more about that later....

I'm looking at the Porn news, and I'm excited!!! ...

When it gets close to the end of the year, all the studios pull out the block busters and it looks like that Raging Stallions is loading up the shelf with some big hits... Focus/Refocus, The Trap, ARABESQUE all due out!!! Damn!! and looking at the casts of all the movies....They put together some of the biggest stars for these movies...People are getting all kinds of taste from One company!! Very Nice!!

Falcon has Roughing it and Romans Holiday 2 and another release.. I'm sure that these releases will be Hot!!! Also Massive Studios is dropping Bad Cops featuring Rob Robomi(making his returen)Glad to see ya back Rob!!!

Colt looks like its dropping some New stuff, "Hot Bods", and "Curious"(is out!!)and another BuckShot production “Lotus" starring the return of Brian Hansen(hot guy)

Titan has "Bound and Beaten" and a Joe Gage movie "Slow Heat" and another release soon out!!

Hot House has "Reckless" and "Movers and Shakers" and another release due...Plus they have been putting alot of things in the Hot House Backroom

JetSet has "CarJackers" and "Tackle" and they have alot of new content on JetSetmen.com

So people are working and love that the industry has adapted and partnerships have been started(Interesting Mixes)

I hear Robert Van Damme has a partnership with Dominic Ford 3D and they will drop some work together. Robert Van Damme also shared a deal with Nick Capra to share footage, and I really like these ideas... Bel Ami and Corbin Fischer..

CockyBoys and Euro Media Distribution have a deal now.....so CockyBoys makes its move into DVD's now interesting....

First Studios were trying to tap into the Webmarket by offering footage strictly to web....VOD and their own sites. Now Web based studios are jumping into the DVD market...Interesting times, Interesting times....

Even Magazines have directed their energy to Web based. Unzipped moved its Freshman and Men Mags to a Web based format so the doors are opening and it seems the Internet format is winning...!!

Anyway I might have really jumped the gun by retiring........I have alot of thinking to do.

I really like How things are going so far.....the process is slow but the Porn Industry is repairing itself....The amount of releases per month has slowed down for alot of the companies...But in doing so, the Quality of productions has grown and the movies are getting better and better!!!!

I figure by next year, the industry will start making more hits and in large numbers. So many new faces in porn this year, and I'm horny to fuck them all!!!!LOL!!

Anyway this post sucks, I just wanted to point out all the things happening in Porn. No more neg comments about the Recession tearing up Porn, I look forward to seeing what Porn has to offer in the coming months

Better post Tom!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This post is about Ron Jeremy, the biggest Male Porn Star!!! But first some Vids of Ron(If U don't know Who this is) Some call him Ron"HedgeHog"Jeremy, I called him "GorillaMan" when growing up.

This is a funny Vid with Ron Jeremy

Another Vid with Ron Jeremy

Ron again

Ron again

Ron again and here he is doing "His" Britney Vid(arent they tons of these Vids floating around LOL)

I think the Most popular male porn star is Ron Jeremy!!! Hands down!!! He has broken all the rules and became a Porn Icon, I think he has become more Popular than Jenna!!!

He is Def on the List of People that I want to meet.....here he is on TV:

He has done almost 2,000 movies..........Wow!!! He has done it all Midgets, Bi, Transsexuals, Groups, Orgies everything......

He has been on TV shows in Movies, he sells his own Hot Sauce!! This Man works and works and works. He has written a few books, hundreds of shows on the road.

He has the Career that I want......

I have goals now!!!I was floating around for a long time not knowing what I wanted to do with myself!!! When I came into Porn I wanted Matthew Rush's Career and I worked hard for it!!! Now!! I have achieved some level of stardom and Now I want the Big time!!!

Ron Jeremy is the Top of the Food chain..........

As far as Male porn stars go........Ron Jeremy stands out as having the biggest Cross over into Main stream stardom than any Performer out there!!!!

Now I have a New Goal........... to become Bigger than Ron Jeremy!!!

Watch out Now!!!


I wanted to do a Serious Post today.......

I read this in one of the comment sections of Unzipped.net:

"i hope none of us look to these human garbage piles who do porn as our moral compass. They are what they are, something for us to use and throw away after we're done, just the cold hard truth."

Fuck!!! I have heard statements like this all the time.......

The Fans of gay porn are just like any other Fan based entertainment.... When U first come into the Industry as a model, everybody loves you, Ur New, Fresh, Innocent faced and people are attracted to that Newness.....

Its like a form of Idol worship..... They pick who they like, and then build them up and put them on this almost God like level...... Over time there is always a newer face coming into this Industry though...

So that model that was treated like a God!! goes from the "IT" Kid to "Not Him" again Kid..... and that is just the way People are. They Idol worship these models only to Discard them or 'THROW THEM AWAY" over time.

I didn't know that I was disposable at any time..........I work too hard to get noticed, I work too hard on my scenes and I work too hard on my blog....

I'm not disposable............in Fact I'm still here People!!! After 3years in this business, I'm still here getting press, doing appearances and living my life.

This business can crush ya!!!!! I had to walk away........The reasons why I Walked:

Because of the Low scene rates

Because of the Hate email I get, Every single day I get it....... sometimes it gets to ya.

I deal with People thinking I'm dirty or some kind of Slut or Skank.....

People think I just use my Looks to get ahead and I have No brains at all.

I have to deal with the Stigma of having done Porn......my Pics and Scenes will be around forever.

I deal with Hate from other models

Constantly being Judged as having an Attitude, or thinking I'm better than People.

Being looked at as a Piece of Meat all the time.....

Relationships being harder to maintain or having a hard time starting a relationship.

Being possibly exposed to certain nasty things out there(crabs,herpes,bah bah bah)

U have a short shelf life in this business before U get overexposed

Companies and Studios have a certain look that they look for.......

I Know certain Jobs I will not be able to get because of Porn past.

I have been told that I would burn in Hell because of my Sexuality esp because its on display for the world to see.

I have been judged by the Black Community for being not Black enough...... I was judged by the White Community for not fitting into the all American type.

I have been called Violent, Trashy and a Headcase by People I have never met. What's worse, People that I'm interested in are warned in advanced(by people who don't know Me) that I'm dangerous or Dirty or Slutty .....I don't understand it!!

I'm been judged on my Ethics and Moral code by People who don't even know me.

The List goes on and on, but this Statement:

"i hope none of us look to these human garbage piles who do porn as our moral compass. They are what they are, something for us to use and throw away after we're done, just the cold hard truth."

God this statement hurt!!! I know I'm nothing but jerk off material to People out there....but to hear it said so coldly......Hurts!!!

So to the Fans, Now U know what Us Porn models go through......It's not the Glam life people think it is. Maybe that is Why alot of Models have a hard time settling back into regular life after having done Porn.

U come in feeling like a God, and when U leave....... U feel...... Used up, Dirty, and ignored....... We are told just to Retire or just Fade Away or worse..... We keep trying to find jobs in an Industry that is built on Youth, We become Jaded and then have to suffer through the Anxiety of competing with Younger guys who might not have as much talent as We do but they are a Fresh face unseen on Camera, so that alone makes them more valuable as a model then a Veteran ........

On a brighter note..... since there is a recession...... Some studios want a model with some experience.... They can't risk bringing in right off the street models because budgets are tight...time is money. They can't afford to train models(camera angles, not cumming too fast, and learning the stop and go of filming)so there is still work to be found.....but the game is hard to play.

I wanted to write this post, I'm told over and over that all I'm good for is Sex!!! It sticks in Ur head sometimes......

I have alot more to give someone besides Sex, I have a brain, emotions and feelings. I have a Big heart!!!

We Porn Stars do have Feelings..... And We get hurt like everybody else.

There is no retirement plan for most, there is no insurance for any, there is no 401K plans. We have all these things against Us...... At least We can be looked at as Entertainers, not some disposable trash that U discard after your use.

I'm done ranting.....

My feelings were hurt today that's all........


This Picture was sent to Me by a Fan named Tim.......

People ask Me all the time how I came up with the Name: Diesel Washington...and its a combination of two people's name

Vin Diesel and Denzel Washington....

So I was shocked to see this picture in my email with both my Favorite Stars in it at the same time.....

This is How the Name Diesel Washington was created!!!

Thanks again Tim!!!


As Porn Stars we spend alot of time in the Mirror, so I thought why not use two mirrors.....

This is my rough attempt at making new angles and POV shots for a Vid. Also I'm feeling MC's song Obsessed!!! Love that song!!

So this was a quick Vid, I wanted to put something up on this Hump Wednesday!!!

More to Come Soon!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Constantly thinking......... it's a curse that I have.

I find that my style is the Over thinker....the Next move, My path, Direction, all sorts of things...pushing and pushing to be better.

So there are some things that I want to clear UP!!!:

Yes I'm attracted to GayComicGeek, No!! there is no Sex going on....He has a BF and I respect their relationship(alot of emails on this one)I'm a good guy, strictly Interview...

NO I WILL NOT BE GOING TO FOLSOM FAIR THIS YEAR!!! I had second thoughts about going...there is no promotion for Me out there....And been there and done that for the last three years. Last Year at Folsom I had the chance to perform with Terry Nunn and Berlin.....I carried Terry Nunn on my shoulders during Her performance. Don't believe Me guess U have to see the Vid:

Basically I went out with a Blast!!! I told myself that it was time to retire from Folsom(Loved it but that is for the Younger Guys Now!!)I performed at Folsom three years running and My Last Show was Big!!!Check that out here!!!


Hmmmm What Else????

I think I can give ya One Hint about the Secret Project that I worked on while in LA, here is Ur hint in this post: http://www.dieselwashingtonxxx.com/2009/05/chi-chi-s-skin-trade-party-grabby-kick.html I said there were Two standouts at the Party.....One of those Standouts I had the Chance to Work with... There was Ur hint!!!

What Else??? The Florida trip, I'm excited about this I get a chance to Network with Howard from Fabscout, Giophotography(Vision behind Dexter DeLarge pics) and just in the Florida area, alot of models down there(think of all the trouble I would get into)

Oct will be very busy......

Florida Trip

I have the Naked ambition Exhibit at Museum of Sex from Oct 1-Nov 1,

Hustlaball is coming Ur way Oct 11, 2009 and I will be performing again, representing Diesel Washington....

Maybe U will Hear about that special Project I worked on.....Cross Ur fingers!!

I have other Movements to report but I want to wait..........

I need all the Haters energy for this one!!! So I want to build that Suspense for them!!! Then they can run with the Hate......I love it..

Anyway this post sucked.....was almost like a fuckin letter and I hate those type of Posts

Tomorrow I'm working on a really smart post...


I have been slipping on my porn duties so I'm back..........

Back to What??? U May ask??.....Talking about Porn on my blog!!(LOL)

I like reading interviews of Porn Stars, and the Major Questions is always, "What Made Ya jump into Porn??" The answer varies, the safe answer is: "I love Sex, and Why not get paid for having Hot Sex with Hot Guys" that is a good answer to Me... Its Honest, direct and doesn't lead it into something.

Then I hear something like ""I made 50 thousand in 3 months do u blame me??" This is by a New Cummer into the Industry..I can't hate on this performer for trying to get his money but Damn!!..

Why did I come into this Industry??? Because I was a Porn Junkie(not really but close,LOL) I have been watching porn since 13(Duh)and back then My All time favorite Jerk Movie was Taboo 2

This movie was my Nut Buster.....I mean I busted so many Knuckle Children to this movie.. The characters:
Dorothy LeMay ... Sherry McBride
Honey Wilder ... Joyce McBride
Kevin James ... Junior McBride
Eric Edwards ... Greg McBride
Kay Parker ... Barbara Scott
Juliet Anderson ... Gina (as Juliett Anderson)
Tammy ... MaryLou (as Bambi)
Ron Jeremy ... Orgy Guy with Neck Chain

My favorite characters...Dorothy LeMay, Junior(Kevin James, who died from Testicle Cancer 87)and Ron Jeremy(back then called him Gorilla Man).. What was the Nut buster was watching Main Character Junior, Fuck his Mom, Fuck his Sister, Fuck his Girlfriend, Fuck his neighbor, and fuck like three other girls in the Orgy scene of this movie..It dealt with the taboo of Incest(for Me it was the Hot sex)Junior was my fave, young guy big dick(HUGE) and was fucking all of these chicks, the scene with him fucking his sister Joyce(Honey Wilder)was insane...My favorite quote from that movie(100's of views)Joyce to Junior while they are in Bed "U can only suck around the nipple" to which Junior replies "The Nipple is the best part Stupid!!" Sadly I think Kevin James would have became a Huge star if He didn't pass away... Here he is with another Icon Vanessa:

Now I was about 13 or 14 and this movie carried Me for about 3years of Nut busting...There were other productions...Deep Throat, Devil in Miss Jones, and anything that Seka was in..... She is a Legend!!!I shot so much Cum watching Her.....it could fill a bathtub..

I got older and tastes changed I was reading BlackTails mag, and more of the Ghetto kind of thing I liked....Blackgangbang....MonsterCocksLittleCunts, Blackgangbangcheerleaders.. that was my sort of thing. Lexington Steele, Mr Marcus, still watched "Gorilla Man", Shawn Michaels, Janet Jacme, bah bah... I love Str8 porn, it was dirty and the Guys talked shit during the Movie, Like "I'm going to Fuck that Pussy!!" I like the verbal play in Movies when its done right. I really enjoyed Mr Marcus/Lexington Steele these guys were fucking all these girls..and Fucking them Well!!!! So when I had the chance to meet these guys when I was younger jerking off.....and was able to get Business Advice from them!!! I asked all the key Questions How have you maintained Ur longevity??? Branding yourself??? Direction of Porn nowadays, The Race Issue in Porn, some insightful stuff!! Here is Damien Crosse Mr Marcus, Diesel Washington:

Diesel and Lexington Steele:

And then tastes changed yet again...I find myself watching Jeff Stryker, Ken Ryker, Bobby Blake. Jack Simmons, Here with Bobby Blake, and I asked Him those same Questions, I asked all the key Questions How have you maintained Ur longevity??? Branding yourself??? Direction of Porn nowadays, The Race Issue in Porn, :

Here with Jack Simmons:

I have spoken with Tiger Tyson and asked him those same questions"How have you maintained Ur longevity??? Branding yourself??? Direction of Porn nowadays, The Race Issue in Porn, and He has also been so cool to talk with, We both understand We work in two different Genres of Porn, but the bottom line was to keep pushing to be successful,
Here with Tiger Tyson

When I had the Itch to try Porn...in 2004 the big star was Matthew Rush, I had the pleasure of running into Matthew at events and had the chance to ask the same question, How have you maintained Ur longevity??? Branding yourself??? Direction of Porn nowadays, The Race Issue in Porn.. This was the First time I had the pleasure of performing with Matthew Rush

So I jumped into Porn 2004 and gave my All....a Popular Star at the start of my Career was Adam Dexter(Colt Exclusive). We talked online a few times and I love his sense of Humor it was good to talk to him and really find out what the Porn Industry was about at that time....... this was around 2005-2006.
Diesel and Adam Dexter:

So I made my rounds in this Industry..... and learned from the Best...

What makes it Funny is that all these Guys I used to Jerk off too...............LOL

So when I look over the People I have met in my time of doing Porn, I got alot of pointers from some of the biggest stars around...

To all the Haters that think I'm clinging onto my Career........

Just because I don't do any DVD work doesn't mean that I still don't want to be involved in this business. Why Fade away????? I'm in good shape!! I'm still active with Vids and blogs...and I do that all for the Fans.(For Free!!)

I see the trend now, everybody will get blogs and write about their performers.....Bel Ami just opened their blog...Titan has a Blog out currently...and I know more and more companies are following the trend.....I know companies have their own blog now(Duh)some had Websites and blogs for years. But the depth of the Blogs will change Here's how:

The Key to business now......have a blog that keeps updates about Projects(they already do)but make them more Fan friendly...... There will be more Interviews, More Pics, Event coverage(which they have)but all of these things will be in real time....

The companies before wanted their Models to be a Mystery.....The Less u knew about the model, the more U wanted to see him or her on screen...Those days have changed, the Fans want more bang for their buck.....It's very simple to get a Few Behind the Scenes footage give that away....some Funny moments with their Exclusives, Photo shoots in the studio for the fans to see either Real time or Youtube. Just show more of their exclusives to get a Fan base....when People like a certain character or performer they want to know more about them, if they are going to spend their money on a product, they want the total package(them having Sex, getting fluffed, dancing, stage performances). They want to see them in Movies and Web and then they want that next step....

While everything is in production....the model should still stay connected to the Fans in some way...via Blog or website. Its very simple to get footage by a pool and having the exclusive models out by the pool having fun, talking to camera bah bah bah. The Art of Teasing has been lost in porn nowadays......

I go to certain sites and there u have it....A hardcore scene with loads dripping out of some one's Ass.... ummmmm okay????? and that is given to the fans as a freebie...That's not my taste..... at all!!! That is "Their" market plan to get more people to buy their product...not saying right or wrong..It's just not my plan!!!

I should keep this as a Secret......matter of fact I willl....

Any Companies out there that want greater exposure for their Models should Consult Me!!!. This is not to be Cocky!...But times have changed!!! The Blue Print of How to do Porn is the same....but Marketing has changed!!! The way that Companies market Models has remained the same and it should have changed with the times...... If the companies want greater revenues, they need to push their exclusive models more.....Buying Ads in Mags(is helpful)but I know the Secret of Marketing.... Hire me and I will let you know the secret........

So basically I came up watching Porn like everybody and busting loads to some hot scenes.....then I got the chance to make my own path...but at the same time learn From the Pros..... I was given Vital info on how to keep my career going....

I retired.....yet I get more Press than some of the Exclusives of Huge Companies!! And the is a Reason for that.....????

I work hard and Studied the Greats, payed my respect and pushed to stay ahead!!! So say whatever U want, but I'm not clinging onto my Career I keep telling People my Career hasn't even started yet.....Yeah I retired from DVD work(for now).......

But my Work will go on for years and years!!!So I will always be a Porn Star wheter in front of the camera or not...

I maybe MAD!!!!

But there is a method to my Madness!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


In response to His Vid, Dude U are a Hottie yourself man, I have always said Geeks are Hot to Me cause I am one. I have followed ur Youtubes for a long tme....and I finally got the nerve to say hello. Paul, You and Ur Bf are some Hot Guys....... GQ guys are hot and all that.....but Geeks are Hotter!!! After U finish fucking a GQ guy all U want to do is get up and Shower. But with a Geek U sit in the Sticky, pull out some comics or real toys and then play all over again... And Paul U have so many toys to play with(LOL)...I'm Jealous. I was a Huge Fan of the Transformers...and U have so many Action figures...I would lock myself in Ur playroom and play with all the toys...

Just some more Pics of GayComicGeek, I really like this Guy(said it before)He gave Me a shoutout on his Blog. So of Course, I have to post another Blog on Him.

I just love His energy and his Geekness, I don't run into many Bloggers that catch my attention...... And He catchs my attention Big Time!!!!

Check out his website www.GayComicGeek, He fucking rocks, catch his Reviews of Movies(for Geeks) Toys (for Geeks) and of course Comics

I'm excited I get a chance to meet GayComicGeek in Oct, so that will be interesting(Very)

So that is my Post, alot of Drawings of GayComicGeek, some pictures of Him(that I picked out)

And the Last picture is of GayComicGeek with Bf kissing AWWWWW how cute!!!


Can't wait to see ya.........

Until then be safe.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Okay..... I had to put this post together..

Lately alot of People have been talking trash about Me.....I talk trash about other People, so of course People are going to talk about Me(its expected Duh). But I was surprised to see all forms of Hate!! To Highest Level this week:

I was Hated on by some model that was like 6 scenes ago, And they exposed themselves to be the USER they are...And Now they live in a Cam House!!! But Somehow they still want to talk about Me??? Living Off my Name???Again??!!! Umm Bro...Our scene was.....like....Year ago?? Don't use my name anymore...Ur a Big Star in a Little Cam house...Wish U well......... I wonder "Why U still think about Me????"

Then to Haters on Twitter(and I don't even have twitter)Hated on Twitter??(that is New for Me)They like to answer things I said to them on Chat and answer them on Twitter.... People, I talk to alot of PornStars onlilne... I tease alot!!! I mean alot!!! But its words that go across a screen....But somtimes I forget that People only have the movies and this blog to understand Me. In Person I'm a ---------(yes there is a word taken out, I know ur counting slashs, its 9 LOL)But My Question to this person hating on me on Twitter, "Why U still think about Me???"

Neg comments on UnZipped.net, I like to stay ahead of things when it comes to Porn News!!At the same time, I make Vids for just entertainment(Purely that)So it's funny to See people Who get so bent out of shape over my blog or Vids.... Someone clearly thought I stole one of my Moves from another model... And they fought so hard to get footage to Shut Me Up...... and all of that but.........THEY WERE PROVED WRONG AGAIN!! What was more interesting, that they had so much passion to prove Me wrong, So Much Passion!! I loved it!! Kinda of Scary too!! ...... "Why is He thinking about Me so much?????"

Maybe its this, SO ML, KS, AA, JT, DH, NB and the rest of Ya HATERS READ AND UNDERSTAND THE LYRICS:

Now some People say that all I do is, Get on this Blog and trash people!!! THAT IS NOT TRUE AT ALL!!.....I give alot of Shout Outs on this Blog to other Models, Movies, Bloggers, bah bah everybody...........I just trash People that I have met in Person, If I find you Rude or Ignorant or just some ASSHOLE I will let ya know personally!! When I write my blog(esp about events) I go over in my head the event, and the People I met there, to form the post that I'm going to write....Now!! If someone stood out that was like a total DICK to me(takes alot to Piss Me off at events)of course I'm trashing them(In the Nicest way)....It has nothing to do with their Talent onscreen!!!I want guys to work so........

NO MORE BASHING!! I won't call ya Gutterbunnies, Trash, USERS Fucking Douchebags... I won't talk about the People that Lie....PEOPLE THAT JUST USE YA TO GET AHEAD!!!Brown Nosers!!! Ass Kissers. The Fake, Phony, Talk behind your Back, BackStabbers.. I won't talk about U Cumdumpsters, and every Dirty whore out there that tries to make money off another escort STANK FUCKS!!! NO MORE BASHING!!!

Did I mention I talk too much on this blog:

Random Dance Music to lighten the Mood, after all the things I said Up there^ I had place that Vid that calms the Storm, here it goes (if u watch closely the colors change):

I have been to Vegas so many times......And I remember days like this. Big ShoutOut to Barrett Long "What Happens in Vegas" Quick Vid of my Last time to Vegas I had to get that Plug out there LOL:

Yeah Rock!!! I like Rock(Surprise Surprise)I like alot of music.... I really like this song, when I'm having a hard time(I mean a Bad one)I like to listen to this song a few times... Just something about the Lyrics!!!.... Yeah this is a Deep Song for Me:

And to be all romantic....this song comes into my Head with every New relationship at first, I'm all happy and shit, just in love and loving every minute of being with special Person. AWWWWW Diesel is getting Mushy I wanted to be the one U trusted JT(You know who Ur are)!!

This is the Song when my Slave boy is acting UP and I have to Lay the SmackDown!!!

Anyway I like Prodigy, and that music makes me jump in the Pit......MOSH PIT!! Yeah sometimes I hang with a Rocker crowd. (I have all types of friends)

These are New/Old songs that I put up, I like all types of music and the type of music I listen to reflects my mood. I'm in good standing nowadays, some days are harder than others but I'm here and still alive.

Yeah I had a busy week, and I can't believe How many Hits the FUCK LIKE DIESEL vid got....... Geez 20,000(almost) hits in 5 days!!! That is hot!!!

I want to thank all the Bloggers for picking up the Vid, THESWORD, UNZIPPED.NET, FLESHBOT, and QUEERMENOW(First blog to pick up the Vid)

Thanks for all the support!!!

Next Blog

Thursday, September 10, 2009

JOJO THE MOVIE: The Love Affair Between JOJO and DIESEL

Okay this is the first time I'm trying to do a post like this, so lets see if it works. As I told ya before, I'm filming a Movie called "JOJO" I have used the Actor playing JOJO as my Assistant for "Fuck Like Diesel 101". Filming is over....... But I was thinking to myself, there is a whole other story of "JOJO" and Diesel. The Movie itself is going to be a Short Film. So I wanted to expand the Love Story of Diesel and "JOJO" here is that story:

There Once was a Boy named JOJO, He wanted a better Life for himself and being a Hopeless romantic he was looking for Love. He got the courage to leave his small town of Everywhere USA. For the Big City of NYC he experiences a new Sexuality, Drugs, Hooking, Sugar Daddies, Abuse........and True Love. His True Love???

Diesel......................This is only a part of Their Story????(Remember this is a Movie this Post is not Real.)

Okay here is a Funny post......

I'm human....like everybody else and I don't have a Blackbook or roll out list of boys and girls that I want to fuck(Serious I don't!!LOL)So I'm jumping around on Craigs List(Yeah kind of trashy but whatever)and I run into this interesting Ad. I answered the Ad and made plans to meet up with this boy(Was feeling a boy that night)He was alittle nervous about meeting in private so We decided to meet at a Club.

I run into him, I say "Hey I'm ----- its Nice to finally meet ya" he says "What UP I'm JOJO, it's good to meet ya too" He has these Huge Brown eyes....and I'm looking directly into his eyes. He has such an innocence to him...... and I admit it, I WANT TO CORRUPT THIS BOY!!

Plain and Simple, he doesn't know What I have in Store for him. So step 1. Lets have some drinks and really open up with each other:

Getting those drinks in him, so I'm feeling Nice at this point and I know He is feeling Nice as well. Now normally I would jump in for the kill and take him back to some hotel and fuck him. But for the first time in months, I really like this Kid.

He has that Look of a Deer looking at the Headlights kinda of Look.....

And from Talking to Him, He is into some Heavy stuff, the kid likes the Leather... And who better of a Teacher than...................


I have a new Puppy JOJO.......I took the Puppy Home and gave him a Bath. I have to make sure that my Little Puppy is all Nice and Clean!!:

I just have to post this.......a New Puppy in my Life!!!

Now Comes the Training.....With all Puppies U have to train them to do right. Here is JOJO looking at his toys:

After Hours and Hours of Training My Puppy is ready to enter the World. Here is my Little Puppy JOJO:

After the Session, I Put JOJO in his cage(I put New Newspaper down)JOJO has a small cage to play in and brand new collar, this one is a Keeper. I have big plans for this boy....

He is a Natural......Me and JOJO can make alot of money together.........There are Private Shows in NYC where U can make alot of Money at.... And this Kid is a Cash Cow!!!

Hes Tall, Skinny as Fuck, with a big ole 10in Cut cock.... Good at taking orders and he's such a cute little Puppy to play with.

Above everything....I like this Kid, but We need to make money!!!I own Him as my Puppy!! But He wants more........I have been hurt so many times I just don't think I'm ready for a relationship...but I need Him.

I have to put his emotions to the side for now, because We have money to make and there is a Big Show Tomorrow....and We can make $5,000 for a 30minute show. We have been hanging out alot lately....and He is starting to Act Out!!! I need to keep under Him under control.......

I think He is falling in Love with Me........??????

I Love My Puppy!!!! But I don't know If I'm in Love with Him?????

The Show is Tomorrow....We make $5,000 and then We can Figure the Rest out!!!

Wish Me Luck

Peace Bitches

End of Scene
This are Sequences I put together for the Release of "JOJO" Being an Attention whore I thought there needed to be more of a Story between "JOJO" and the Diesel character in the Movie....Actually Mr Pam filmed the Sequence in the Club forcing JOJO to drink!! (Thanks Mr Pam)

So I branched out and made these situations to shed more Light on the relationship between "JOJO" and Diesel

This was a Made Up Scene for the Movie JOJO...........this scene is not in the Movie, but ties together What goes on Between Diesel and "JOJO"

"JOJO" is the real Movie Due Out soon!!!

These are the guys

A Guerriler Films Production
Written and Directed by John
Director of Photography: William
Sound: Ross
Gaffer / Make-up: Brian
PA: Brian

I took off the Last Names.....even though its a real Movie I still feel weird posting some one's First and Last name(real names)

Anyway this is not a Porn Movie(I have to keep saying that LOL)

Enough Disclaimers!!!!''

Enjoy the post



U have seen these pictures already....Bully, Motorcycle, ShotGlass(bottom on his head and Im taking a Shot of Vodka out of his Ass), CannonBall, but Lets not forget about the Human Spit Roast

People Might have forgotten THE HUMAN SPIT ROAST I came up with this move with Barrett Long... Kirk Cummings is the bottom that We are using. So basically the Bottom has a dick in the mouth and a dick in the ass and there is a twist(literally)then the bottom is twisted 360 Degrees 4times(While he is getting fucked and sucking dick).....


I hear the term spit roasted all the time, so I took SpitRoasting to a whole New Level.....I told ya People I'm trying to show skills here.......Strictly Skills!!!

I kid You Not!!! Kirk Cummings actual gets Spit Roasted!!!

Okay So this is the Last time I have to write about this.....I have all the photos of all My signature moves...I'm happy I was waiting for the Pics to come in..

So the List:
Human Spit Roast