Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well I'm loading up the schedule.......

So let's recap Oct 1-5 I will be in Flordia I will be performing two shows down there, Oct 8 there is a opening party for the Naked Ambition exhibit so I will be there having fun and taking pictures. Oct 11 I will be hosting Hustlaball 2009 with Lady Fag... which I'm very excited to be doing.

And there Is a special project that I worked on while in LA that should be coming out in the middle of Oct. Cross ur Fingers about the Project.

Let's talk about Folsom Fair...........yeah I'm not going. San Fran will be packed with porn stars just partying and having a good time, sucks that I can't go. Sometimes it's a problem to live in NYC, since I'm way across the country the price of airfare and hotel expenses can be costly. Since I'm no longer an Exclusive, its not like I have a Studio that will pay for half or even a quarter of the expenses to get there. I hate to miss out meeting all the Fans and rubbing elbows with the other Porn stars, but like I said in other posts I have been there for the last 3 years that's good enough for me.

I have to admit I hate missing a good time, so I will let it all hangout at Hustla ball NYC, I'm going to perform a Hot set for Hustla ball, so Hustlaball will be my Folsom Fair. Over 50+ porn stars will be in town for Hustlaball and I will be in the middle of all of that!!!

I wanted to point out another thing.......... I do not use Twitter!!!!, I do not contact Blogs or Websites sending them information to post. Unlike most studios, or porn stars out there, I don't twitter or email or call up bloggers, webmags asking them to print stories about Me.

I make the News by coming up with Creative ways to market myself. I have a good standing with alot of the bloggers and Webmags out there so there is no need to get on Twitter, or to email anybody about breaking news!!! I will leave that up to the other guys.....

I would like to admit that posting is getting harder and harder to do lately. I come up with an idea and it's copied like days later....

My Vid Uploaded Sept 16:

And now Cody Kyler Vid uploaded Sept 22

I like Cody Kyler(FlavaMan exclusive) so I'm not calling him out or anything!!!In fact, he looks alot cuter singing Mariah than I do(It's True!!) Just funny that I put up my Vid just messing around with the camera and then he puts up his Vid 6 days after mine!!! I guess we have the same taste in Music????

So I have to keep working harder and harder to stand out, I like to come up with fresh ideas that nobody is doing......... Only to have people use the same idea for their own sites. I'm not going to hate on People!!! I just want to make sure that People know where they see it first is all.

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