Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Well if people don't remember I told ya I was working on a movie that was non porn.... Well I haven't talked much about the project because the script was in rewrites(my character added and changed to custom fit)...

Well the Working title of the Movie is JOJO.

The story is about a Young boy who comes to NYC and explores his sexuality and encounters trouble with Drugs, Hooking, Sugardaddies/Pimps, BDSM, falling in Love, Murder, bah bah bah.

The Main character is "JOJO"

JOJO is about 19yr 6'2, italian, skinny, punker type he is a hopeless romantic, coming to NYC for a new Life change, what he encounters........ changes his Life forever.......

All posts that refer to JOJO is about the movie.....I REPEAT THIS IS NOT PORN!!!

I was asked to play the part, because I bring the realness to the BDSM peformance.... Well that led me to be asked to play JOJO's love interest and the part was tailor made for Me!!

Im excited to play Diesel(I asked that the character's name be changed to Diesel)and not only do I get starring role..... But there is a simulated sex scene in the movie.... Simulated????

The Actor playing JOJO....is really concerned about the Sex scene..The sex scene will be filmed this sunday, its a Master/Slave Sex scene and I told the Actor that I will respect his limits and We can talk over the Action before We start....

His response...."Let's just do it, I'm Ur Bitch!!and push the scene as hard as U can" Nice!!!!. I hate faking it, and so does he, so it will be interesting to see how this is going to work.

I was also tapped for promotion, and making sure People know about the Movie. So I will promote this movie hard!!

Here is behind the Scenes of JOJO, Day 1:

The Actor playing JOJO, he is wearing makeup in this shot, like he was shooting up but he is still a cutie:

JOJO drinking booze and doing Pills spitting at the Mirror:

So the Promotion of JOJO is in effect.

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Anonymous said...

I just developed a major case of envy after watching the clip of you and JoJo in bed. You look all kinds of desirable.