Monday, September 21, 2009


I have been gone for awhile.....

Vid of Me watching the Giants game and the Emmys on Sunday night:



Well I have been busy working out and just handling the regular business of My life. I have some interesting ideas for some new Vids coming soon stay tuned. Oh and the Fuck Like Diesel Vid is at 35,000 hits(not bad)

I have to keep this thing up to date........

Long weeks of working out and trying to get back into shape, I have alot of things coming up on the menu. I have a gig next week in Florida and I'm getting ready for that. October will be a very busy month for Me more about that later....

I'm looking at the Porn news, and I'm excited!!! ...

When it gets close to the end of the year, all the studios pull out the block busters and it looks like that Raging Stallions is loading up the shelf with some big hits... Focus/Refocus, The Trap, ARABESQUE all due out!!! Damn!! and looking at the casts of all the movies....They put together some of the biggest stars for these movies...People are getting all kinds of taste from One company!! Very Nice!!

Falcon has Roughing it and Romans Holiday 2 and another release.. I'm sure that these releases will be Hot!!! Also Massive Studios is dropping Bad Cops featuring Rob Robomi(making his returen)Glad to see ya back Rob!!!

Colt looks like its dropping some New stuff, "Hot Bods", and "Curious"(is out!!)and another BuckShot production “Lotus" starring the return of Brian Hansen(hot guy)

Titan has "Bound and Beaten" and a Joe Gage movie "Slow Heat" and another release soon out!!

Hot House has "Reckless" and "Movers and Shakers" and another release due...Plus they have been putting alot of things in the Hot House Backroom

JetSet has "CarJackers" and "Tackle" and they have alot of new content on

So people are working and love that the industry has adapted and partnerships have been started(Interesting Mixes)

I hear Robert Van Damme has a partnership with Dominic Ford 3D and they will drop some work together. Robert Van Damme also shared a deal with Nick Capra to share footage, and I really like these ideas... Bel Ami and Corbin Fischer..

CockyBoys and Euro Media Distribution have a deal CockyBoys makes its move into DVD's now interesting....

First Studios were trying to tap into the Webmarket by offering footage strictly to web....VOD and their own sites. Now Web based studios are jumping into the DVD market...Interesting times, Interesting times....

Even Magazines have directed their energy to Web based. Unzipped moved its Freshman and Men Mags to a Web based format so the doors are opening and it seems the Internet format is winning...!!

Anyway I might have really jumped the gun by retiring........I have alot of thinking to do.

I really like How things are going so far.....the process is slow but the Porn Industry is repairing itself....The amount of releases per month has slowed down for alot of the companies...But in doing so, the Quality of productions has grown and the movies are getting better and better!!!!

I figure by next year, the industry will start making more hits and in large numbers. So many new faces in porn this year, and I'm horny to fuck them all!!!!LOL!!

Anyway this post sucks, I just wanted to point out all the things happening in Porn. No more neg comments about the Recession tearing up Porn, I look forward to seeing what Porn has to offer in the coming months

Better post Tom!!

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Loved it anytime you show off your muscles