Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I received this email from Ian Rock(Star of BlackBalled 6), His blog:

I first want to say, sincerely, "congratulations" to you on your GRABBYS this year and your career.
This is Ian Rock btw, one of the nominees for the subject of this post(Blatino Awards). I am honored to be nominated as the vote is fan based and I thank you for your words in congratulating myself and the other nominees.

I read your blog and I feel what you're saying alot of times. This time? I had to post.
There's been alot of dialogue this year about "race" in the gay porn industry and applied in many different ways. I don't make excuses Diesel, because I for one agree with everything you say on the subject, but those other African Americans who want to detract from you and pull you down I think are frustrated. They are frustrated with the fact that there are very few "yous" out there, I know excuse the made up word...and so, unfortunately, they vent at the wrong person and miss the issue completely.

So I want to say to all those who have tried to detract from the steps this man has made, "don't hate, celebrate" and use what he's done and the doors he's opened to your advantage. And if you're just as consumer of porn, email/contact the porn companies and let them know your feelings. Take that same negativity and aim in the right direction; the direction of those whose decision it is to only cast brothers of color, when the plot "deems" it or when they are being "hilighted".

I feel there's room in this business on the thug side and on the quote, unquote..major company's side. I just want the doors opened equally and the understanding of all that brothers have sex with all different races and creeds and in all different kinda nasty ways..but that's how it's supposed to be. Now, I just want to see that representation.

Again, had to post; enjoy your blog; do u as I'm sure u will continue to do and thank you for the acknowledgement!!

Alwayz kepn it xexi!!

This email meant alot to me.........

People think I have issues with the Thug companies and I don't!!!! I want all models to work!!! I have met other models in the Thug side of gay porn, partied and had fun with.

I would get email from Haters, saying all I do is party with the White boys.......I was White boy crazy!! Bah bah bah!! Nonsense after nonsense!!! What hurt the most???? People saying that I was a Sell out!!! and this was coming from my Own community!! Hundreds and Hundreds of emails!! I was pretty depressed that my own community didn't support Me and didn't see the Bigger picture!!! It was to get A Man of Color in Major Porn Companies movies and show that Men of Color can not only be entertaining, but a money maker, just like any other Hot Model out there.

People didn't see the progress I made(at least that is what I thought)I would go to events and other Black models would give me attitude(I guess they thought I was Sell out too)I just didn't understand... I don't give attitude to anybody unless they give it to me first....

I busted my Ass to prove my point.......

So to receive this email from another Performer esp an African American performer, who gives me props for my work....and understood what I was trying to achieve in this business.

It was Very Very emotional for me to read this email!!!!

Before I got into Porn I would see one or two African Americans that were Big names, Bobby Blake and Jack Simmons, others would come and go but wouldn't have that impact. Fast forward to 2006, the day I signed my Contract(Exclusive)I made it my mission to work as hard as I can. Come up with New things and positions just give 100% with everything I do in this business. It took some time, but I made my impact!!! Its 2009, while I wish there were more African Americans in the business, there is a large growing number coming into the Industry(I love it) There are two awards show now, showcasing the Best of the Best in Men of Color gay porn. These are Exciting times, change is here!!!

Anyway I have love for Thug Porn!!! I'm just not a Thug!!!but I do have thuggish ways!!!

Breion Diamond and Diesel Washington taken Rentboy Pool party 2007

Breion Diamond's(FlavaWorks) blog here:

Tiger Tyson and Diesel Washington Gayvn 2008

Tiger Tyson's blog:

We are all starting to connect..................

Just think if we all combined our efforts, the Porn Industry would be forced to change!!! Too much money to be made....

Be Scared People!!


James said...

OK, but this is the thing about you I don't get. You put off this tough guy persona but take the yammering of some fool calling you a sell-out to heart. Like the term oreo, sell-out is a dated phrase and why you pay attention to it is beyond me!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with that message. We need porn with men of all kinds so to show the world the variety of men with variety of actions and variety of cultures. We're all just one big race of humans with all of our individual or cultural differences. It seems that, in the porn industry, there are only few target groups of customers. I, for one, am a white twink top who likes muscular guys from every cultural backgrounds and colors, and I continuously try to find porn that suits me, even though I know I'm really not a targeted audience for I'm part of a sexual minority, or at least not in the trend settled by the porn industry. We're in 2009 now and I believe it's time that the gay porn industry makes a new jump and propose a larger variety of products that reaches every tastes and fantasies. The sad part of it all is that as much as we want that change to happen, as much as we leave our impressions on their websites, our voices seem to remain ignored. It is when I see people like you who make the connection, as you say in your title, that I get the impression that change is right in front of us so we can all enjoy our experience with porn. Congratulations to you and may your career set an example for the future.

JoshD said...

Diesel...where do I begin with you?! If you were smart you would work for ALL different types of companies. if you cared about 'money to be made' then you wouldn't be passing up so many opprtunites. you could easily get work with any black company in the world. you have to be Michael Jackson with it man. Michael Jackson is the greatest performer alive. He branched out and made hit songs from all genres of music...not just pop. he had dance songs, soul songs, slow songs, break up songs, dirty songs, etc. you ONLY work with white men...sure you have a scene with Markus Ram, but I mean, it's obvious that you did that just to say you had a scene with a black man. You could do scenes with major studios and black movies. Why you passed up your crossover chance with Black Balled 6 is beyond me, and now that your "retired" you won't get the a black man I must say that the black community is big on a sense of unity, which is why we embrace the hood and have our own fuck black guys!! make movies with them!! CROSSOVER and be the huge star everyone knows your capable of, because of right now your not as famous as you think you are, your just a black body to put in a white movie for an interracial scene...truth!

Diesel Washington said...


To James, I'm still human, and I can bothered when someone calls me a Sell out because that is just Me. I cant have own feelings????

To JoshD
Did u even read the post??? And I did a scene with Markus Ram to say I did a scene with a Black guy???? Are ya serious???? What kind of bullshit assumption is that??? I did a scene with Markus Ram because he's Markus Ram!!! Why do I continue to answer these bullshit commments!! From people who don't know me and sit here Finger pointing and making assumptions that are not based on facts. Yeah this will be my last time answering bullshit ignorant comments......I really don't understand all people do is make assumptions about me and my work!! And U guys have clue what ur talking about....
Come jump in front of the camera, and U try it!!! Stupid Assumptions

Anonymous said...


The dialouge between you and Ian Rock (2 solid performers) is very interesting.

Now, that we have heard your shared frutrations, what specific changes in the industry would you like to see that could/could have result(ed) in more opportunities for you?


Anonymous said...

JoshD, from one black male to're a freakin' idiot. It's dudes like you that gives all of us a bad rep. Damn you're dumb.