Sunday, September 27, 2009


Okay I wrote my post on working with the Character Bishop, Here is the Hype Over Bishop:

I put up the pics of the Marvel Character....Lucas Bishop..Put his Bio up..but to fully understand why I want to play this character.

I guess U have to See the character and how He is displayed as a Cartoon Character. Well Geek Alert On!!!

Here is the Cartoon Version of Lucas Bishop(its Very Long be warned):

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Alot of stuff to take in but its okay.....

Over time I will explain the story, without everybody having to watch the Vids(the Comic Books go in greater Depth)But if Ur not a Geek, U will get bored trying to take in all the info.

Now the Character of Bishop is very complex, and He comes back through time at different points of the X Men adventures(U have to see the Cartoon to Understand)
You know I always end the blog on something Different, here is the Bishop character but with a twist there is a "Different Voice over for the Actors in this one) Enjoy!!! I think its funny!!


warlock said...

Hi Diesel ! ! ! !
As I see you like the comic of the x-men, I ask you something:
I have seen on TV episodes of this comic and I always liked, I'm not a fan as you, but occasionally I like to see.
I imagine you must have seen the films that made of this comic; well, that they find fault with respect to the comic?; I think are fine, but you're still a fan of this comic sure give me a better view the movies that were made.
Ok, I hope you can tell me you think about my question.
I send to you a big hug.


Twisted Wing said...

LOVE this!! From one nerd to another, keep up the GREATNESS;)

Cleaved Soul said...

Hi Diesel,

I am curious to know if ur basing the character off of the Cartoon Versions of Lucas Bishop, or his comic book versions cause i know ur keeping foot with what has been happening in the Cable series as well as the Messiah complex/war series (I know complete geek question)