Sunday, September 06, 2009


Giovanni Summers

My Friend U gave me so many shout outs and even introduced yourself to my mother(So cool)...

My friend u will be missed....... I heard that U retired(Sorry about getting News Late)

So here is a post just for ya Mr Summers:

Dude I got to meet ya briefly while U were in NYC, but I will always remember the time We spent together.

Ur smart, well spoken, and don't take shit from anybody.......Love that about ya!!!

So I want to re post Some of the Interview I did with Mr Summers....

Always outspoken...... Cute, Funny, and just a very special little boy(I mean that in the nicest way).

So Mr Summers.....I heard you wanted to become a Nurse.... Nice

I would love to experience your Bed Side Manner........again!!!

Goodbye Mr Summers!!! I hope to see ya again as.......... Nurse Summers

Take care of yourself Cute Boy

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