Thursday, September 10, 2009

JOJO THE MOVIE: The Love Affair Between JOJO and DIESEL

Okay this is the first time I'm trying to do a post like this, so lets see if it works. As I told ya before, I'm filming a Movie called "JOJO" I have used the Actor playing JOJO as my Assistant for "Fuck Like Diesel 101". Filming is over....... But I was thinking to myself, there is a whole other story of "JOJO" and Diesel. The Movie itself is going to be a Short Film. So I wanted to expand the Love Story of Diesel and "JOJO" here is that story:

There Once was a Boy named JOJO, He wanted a better Life for himself and being a Hopeless romantic he was looking for Love. He got the courage to leave his small town of Everywhere USA. For the Big City of NYC he experiences a new Sexuality, Drugs, Hooking, Sugar Daddies, Abuse........and True Love. His True Love???

Diesel......................This is only a part of Their Story????(Remember this is a Movie this Post is not Real.)

Okay here is a Funny post......

I'm everybody else and I don't have a Blackbook or roll out list of boys and girls that I want to fuck(Serious I don't!!LOL)So I'm jumping around on Craigs List(Yeah kind of trashy but whatever)and I run into this interesting Ad. I answered the Ad and made plans to meet up with this boy(Was feeling a boy that night)He was alittle nervous about meeting in private so We decided to meet at a Club.

I run into him, I say "Hey I'm ----- its Nice to finally meet ya" he says "What UP I'm JOJO, it's good to meet ya too" He has these Huge Brown eyes....and I'm looking directly into his eyes. He has such an innocence to him...... and I admit it, I WANT TO CORRUPT THIS BOY!!

Plain and Simple, he doesn't know What I have in Store for him. So step 1. Lets have some drinks and really open up with each other:

Getting those drinks in him, so I'm feeling Nice at this point and I know He is feeling Nice as well. Now normally I would jump in for the kill and take him back to some hotel and fuck him. But for the first time in months, I really like this Kid.

He has that Look of a Deer looking at the Headlights kinda of Look.....

And from Talking to Him, He is into some Heavy stuff, the kid likes the Leather... And who better of a Teacher than...................


I have a new Puppy JOJO.......I took the Puppy Home and gave him a Bath. I have to make sure that my Little Puppy is all Nice and Clean!!:

I just have to post this.......a New Puppy in my Life!!!

Now Comes the Training.....With all Puppies U have to train them to do right. Here is JOJO looking at his toys:

After Hours and Hours of Training My Puppy is ready to enter the World. Here is my Little Puppy JOJO:

After the Session, I Put JOJO in his cage(I put New Newspaper down)JOJO has a small cage to play in and brand new collar, this one is a Keeper. I have big plans for this boy....

He is a Natural......Me and JOJO can make alot of money together.........There are Private Shows in NYC where U can make alot of Money at.... And this Kid is a Cash Cow!!!

Hes Tall, Skinny as Fuck, with a big ole 10in Cut cock.... Good at taking orders and he's such a cute little Puppy to play with.

Above everything....I like this Kid, but We need to make money!!!I own Him as my Puppy!! But He wants more........I have been hurt so many times I just don't think I'm ready for a relationship...but I need Him.

I have to put his emotions to the side for now, because We have money to make and there is a Big Show Tomorrow....and We can make $5,000 for a 30minute show. We have been hanging out alot lately....and He is starting to Act Out!!! I need to keep under Him under control.......

I think He is falling in Love with Me........??????

I Love My Puppy!!!! But I don't know If I'm in Love with Him?????

The Show is Tomorrow....We make $5,000 and then We can Figure the Rest out!!!

Wish Me Luck

Peace Bitches

End of Scene
This are Sequences I put together for the Release of "JOJO" Being an Attention whore I thought there needed to be more of a Story between "JOJO" and the Diesel character in the Movie....Actually Mr Pam filmed the Sequence in the Club forcing JOJO to drink!! (Thanks Mr Pam)

So I branched out and made these situations to shed more Light on the relationship between "JOJO" and Diesel

This was a Made Up Scene for the Movie JOJO...........this scene is not in the Movie, but ties together What goes on Between Diesel and "JOJO"

"JOJO" is the real Movie Due Out soon!!!

These are the guys

A Guerriler Films Production
Written and Directed by John
Director of Photography: William
Sound: Ross
Gaffer / Make-up: Brian
PA: Brian

I took off the Last Names.....even though its a real Movie I still feel weird posting some one's First and Last name(real names)

Anyway this is not a Porn Movie(I have to keep saying that LOL)

Enough Disclaimers!!!!''

Enjoy the post



Anonymous said...

Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life is Calling!

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you do what you gotta do.