Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This post is about Ron Jeremy, the biggest Male Porn Star!!! But first some Vids of Ron(If U don't know Who this is) Some call him Ron"HedgeHog"Jeremy, I called him "GorillaMan" when growing up.

This is a funny Vid with Ron Jeremy

Another Vid with Ron Jeremy

Ron again

Ron again

Ron again and here he is doing "His" Britney Vid(arent they tons of these Vids floating around LOL)

I think the Most popular male porn star is Ron Jeremy!!! Hands down!!! He has broken all the rules and became a Porn Icon, I think he has become more Popular than Jenna!!!

He is Def on the List of People that I want to he is on TV:

He has done almost 2,000 movies..........Wow!!! He has done it all Midgets, Bi, Transsexuals, Groups, Orgies everything......

He has been on TV shows in Movies, he sells his own Hot Sauce!! This Man works and works and works. He has written a few books, hundreds of shows on the road.

He has the Career that I want......

I have goals now!!!I was floating around for a long time not knowing what I wanted to do with myself!!! When I came into Porn I wanted Matthew Rush's Career and I worked hard for it!!! Now!! I have achieved some level of stardom and Now I want the Big time!!!

Ron Jeremy is the Top of the Food chain..........

As far as Male porn stars go........Ron Jeremy stands out as having the biggest Cross over into Main stream stardom than any Performer out there!!!!

Now I have a New Goal........... to become Bigger than Ron Jeremy!!!

Watch out Now!!!


radbear67 said...

I met Ron Jeremy many years ago in a small adult book store and arcade in a little city in Iowa, part of one of his many, many tours into the wilderness where his fans live. There was a long line of (mostly hetero) men waiting to meet him. He chatted, signed autographs and thanked each of his fans for coming to see him. This went on for about two hours. (Yes, we shook hands and talked briefly.) DW, are you really willing to do the kind of grinding legwork that went into making R.J. a household name? Do you have the patience to be polite (and humble) before your fans, even in places you've never heard of? This is NOT the same thing as standing on the stage in an urban club and thanking all the "little people" for the award you just received. To the best of my knowledge, R.J. never pissed on his audience, literally or figuratively. Think about it, before you say you want to be like him. He has paid major, major dues for his success.

Anonymous said...

you gotta do that thug porn you hate oh-so much to cross over....