Monday, September 14, 2009


In response to His Vid, Dude U are a Hottie yourself man, I have always said Geeks are Hot to Me cause I am one. I have followed ur Youtubes for a long tme....and I finally got the nerve to say hello. Paul, You and Ur Bf are some Hot Guys....... GQ guys are hot and all that.....but Geeks are Hotter!!! After U finish fucking a GQ guy all U want to do is get up and Shower. But with a Geek U sit in the Sticky, pull out some comics or real toys and then play all over again... And Paul U have so many toys to play with(LOL)...I'm Jealous. I was a Huge Fan of the Transformers...and U have so many Action figures...I would lock myself in Ur playroom and play with all the toys...

Just some more Pics of GayComicGeek, I really like this Guy(said it before)He gave Me a shoutout on his Blog. So of Course, I have to post another Blog on Him.

I just love His energy and his Geekness, I don't run into many Bloggers that catch my attention...... And He catchs my attention Big Time!!!!

Check out his website www.GayComicGeek, He fucking rocks, catch his Reviews of Movies(for Geeks) Toys (for Geeks) and of course Comics

I'm excited I get a chance to meet GayComicGeek in Oct, so that will be interesting(Very)

So that is my Post, alot of Drawings of GayComicGeek, some pictures of Him(that I picked out)

And the Last picture is of GayComicGeek with Bf kissing AWWWWW how cute!!!


Can't wait to see ya.........

Until then be safe.


Anonymous said...

I love the mutual love! Pretty nifty, I hope you put the interview up here.

Wonder Man said...

we geeks are huge fans of you as well

Anonymous said...

Dear Ed...AKA Terence.. couldn't hear the hello Terence..??


Jeff Possberg said...

I'll confess I haven't yet seen one of your videos, but the post on GayComicGeek got my attention. I think you make some good points about mainstream society's view of porn actors as being disposable - THANK YOU for having a blog, posting your thoughts and helping people understand that you're human like the rest of us.