Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Well Guys(Girls, whatever and who ever reads this),
I havent posted shit for a long time, so this will make it up to all guys who have sent me angry emails about me not posting, and keeping ya entertained I guess?? Well since the last time I posted was about to film another movie in San Fran. Well........ what can I say??? I enjoyed working with everybody. And I believe that this movie will do very well, and I can honestly say I worked hard on this movie. One side of me wants to give u guys details after details about the set. All I can say it was a Leather Movie!!!! Hard Aggressive and Hot. I will give ya a heads up in my mental state though. Its porn, u have some people that can do it and some that can go through the motions. My mind was kinda of dark on this one, it was needed, I really get into the action. It will show on screen. Thats it, u can read into that all u want but thats all I can say at the moment.
Business Business. Seems that i may have spoken too soon on the subject of Gay Porn regarding Men of Color in the industry. Watching the trend from the ground up there is a change in the wind. Being a New Performer im constantly checking out new talent coming into the industry. And pleased to have some newer faces in the game. Im not giving out any names( u think im crazy i dont give another advertising unless i have met them and know their cool) In this case i can say i can give ya a name Alex Baresi (Titan New Exclusive Model)I had the pleasure to meet him and I get a good vibe. Shit we work for same company so I have to give Props. Now business is business we all know that. Some People are Smarter than others, and some handle business like its a war. I make no judgements..... Im only a model(for now). Im a model who reads press releases daily, checks out new talent, learns as much of the business as he possibly can, I talk to other models who are well established in the business. I even go in depth to learn about my own company. If u was in this Business wouldnt ya check out everything in this business and everything that comes with it. I talk general terms cause there is so much to this. Mind u People I have done 2 movies so far(yes only two) but I have been involved with this Entertainment for a long time. If u dont know what I mean then read my past blogs and u will know my history.
OOh before I forget, I have talked to alot of models out there ONLINE(and u know who u are)thanks for wishing me well. To the ones, that had some harsh words for me, talked down to me(playing Diva), or even as far to say they wouldnt work with me. FUCK U!!! Im not for the weak and timid, AND IF UR BOTTOM then u bottom. DONT U want to show off ur bottom skills with a Monster Top rather than be the main focus of the scene cause ur the hottest guy in the scene. Come on!!! I have a big ego as well but geez!!! UR the bottom IM the top, how tall or big i am has nothing to do with the TOP fucking the BOTTOM. I want to hear ur opinions: My take on it if ur a bottom model u would want to take on the Biggest Top( so u can brag that u took on a 6'6 250lbs Hard Plower)rather then know the only reason u didnt want to do the scene cause he was bigger and taller than u(thats kinda of weak). I always thought A Huge Hung guy plowing a smaller guy was hot but maybe times have changed.???? YEAH RIGHT!! THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE!! Yeah u might be saying little tops(in height and muscle size)fucking bigger muscle bottoms is hot too(which it is)but come on that muscle bottom will throw that ass back to that little top and probably knock him off his own feet. Well I have some good news coming and some bad news coming for u people. Oh and in the next posting I will put up some new pics of me for ur viewing pleasure. So u can suck on that!! and if u cant suck on it then I can ram it up ur ass with my fist, Bitches