Thursday, December 29, 2011


Well I had some time to write and here it goes:

A Boring Website...

GayDirt or something..

Its writer, Rob Romani getting his head smashed against a wall, he looks so cute..And that is one way to get him to shut his mouth. More face smashers for Rob!! Here Here...

Well here is his witty attempt at making a funny post, but as anybody should know YOU DON'T FUCK WITH A CRAZY PERSON!! Speaking of which I really need to lose that whole "Crazy thing" its more like crazy like a fox...Does that even make sense?? Anyway back to the attempted DISS, I will even set it up..

A sample from his post:

In 2011 Diesel has seen his career on the skids so he has turned to rants and ravings on websites and blogs. Washington using every excuse to stop smoking weed in every town seems to have all the answers but nobody is asking him questions. Washington, whose bi -monthly blog was nominated for a Cybersocket Award this year, will no doubt render the treasures that comes along with such a prize.

Isn't it great??? I love the jabs from Rob so cute... Now I could turn up the sleeves and DIG INTO HIS ASS....

As you know I'm a battle blogger...

But...I will keep this feud civilized, here goes my attempt at being a reasonable person.

*Breathe in and out

I just think Rob is mad because he spent the last seven years being "That guy"(instead of Rob Romani??) in that scene where Matthew Rush bottomed for the first time on camera. Silly boy you know you set Yourself to be that Human Dildoe. You knew all eyes were going to be on Matt...

Let me explain it like this...

Matthew Rush was Gladys Knight, and you were a "PIP" you know back up?..

Can anybody name one of the PIPs?? I'm joking....You have a huge Twitter/Blog following three to eight times the size of mine. I have to come back with a witty one liner here and there.

One more...

Even for an Attention Whore, who calls out other Attention Whores...I'm still mad that you made yourself Number one!! Oh well FUCK LISTS!!

I have been on so many lists:

Dlisted like a motherfucker

I guess I spend alot of time with Kathy..

But when a blogger comes at Me I think I need to set the ground work for things to come.

"GayDirt" I wasn't on Skids..

I have been touring(Whore Tour 2011)and directing scenes for an unnamed site(more info will come later about that)....

Secondly, I think I have to let the "Cat out of the bag" Soon I will be working on a five scene deal with a certain site(can't give it away)..

Also I will be in Florida handling a gig or two or three when down there.... More surprises in store. Anyway I still Love ya Rob..kiss kiss

Big shout out to those fans/supporters that stuck by Me through all the bullshit and crazy shit. I think I'm ready to assume the position of Power again, but this time with a twist..


This was sort of a kiss my ass post.LOL

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BJDUPHOT said...

You are an amazing guy.
The truth is that nobody really hates you.
We all love you.
Turn that thing around in the universe, because it's really true.
So many people adore you, and I am one of them.
I love to see your doing your thing.
I love the many things you do, on film and off.
Keep being an interesting person in our world.
I love your writings as well.
Stay beautiful. Stay empowered. Stay Present. - DUPHOT