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Hello Internet world its the crazy porn star called Diesel Washington..

I finally put it together..all that touring around the states and money making over and over. It was for a purpose, and the scales are turning to my favor. I put my heart and soul into this tour and i had alot to do in a little time. Money wise I can take care of myself...included in the picture is taking care of family and my loved one. JOEY BOSTON.

Things can be strange in the ever changing world of the Money Traveler..

"Money Traveler" anybody that gets off their ass and goes to where the money is...its that simple. Lets be Frank:

You got families living together in small apartments and trailer parks trying to survive its no joke anymore. People trying to put the pieces of their lives together....

Now I'm not trying to stand on a soapbox, my concern is taking care of myself and family, my love. I'm not going to sit around waiting for something to happen...... You have to make it happen yourself.

Now that I excited the readers...back to blogging.

Right off the bat, I got my Tech game up. I bought myself a tablet(and one for the boy)its so much lighter than traveling around with a laptop. I admit it.. I'm scared of change and I have to get over that fact, I have to keep reminding myself to stay ahead of the game is by using what is available to you...and sometimes you have to shell out the bucks to get to level where you want to be. I talk a good game sometimes but right now I HAVE TO LIVE IT HARDCORE STYLE.

Along with Tablet I had to do it....

I bought a Professional camera

In order to run a business like this you need the CAMERA

It''s the tool that gets the shots/sex/backgrounds etc the whole bit, this was the major hurdle. I know my Handycams, I have one of those as well..But going for a professional camera was a climb. What kind of camera to get ? SD, HD, 3D(Standard Definition, High Definition, you know 3D) compatible editing software?, *sigh I went with the best camera/editing software for Me...This stuff is not cheap.

You have to get good lighting, I started off with a small lighting kit, even though I use the word "Small" the kit was Expensive. Not saying the word expensive like "Yeah I got money like that" but damn this shit adds up kind of way. I have been on enough sets to know what type of lighting to get, unlike other porn stars that hangout in the break room, I was on the set watching learning everything, the rigging, setting up mics, back lighting.....

People it is not easy creating that porn set.

Amateur is easy, get a cheap HandyCam use room lighting and put it out!! And there is nothing wrong with tha!! But its not for Me!! I talk alot of shit so people expect big things because that is all I have ever shown. The unexpected, wild and crazy bah bah.

Last on my list to get:

Brand new desk top..

I have an old Desktop but the Vid card is old...well basically the whole desktop is old... So it has to go.

So again Tech game up!!

In short, the whole reason for the "Whore Tour" in the first place was to come up with some cash to fund the equipment side of it myself. No Handouts/Sponsors/Sugar Daddies did all myself and for that reason alone, it was worth it.

So that is one reason why you don't see me in front of the camera lately. Busy touring

I had my offers to work with different companies but was mostly model work in front of the camera. I still like modeling from time to time...but I wanted the opportunity to get behind the camera. The touring allowed Me to get behind my OWN camera...

Not to close that window...I'm open to the idea of doing good projects that mean something to Me..

What else is going on??

Six months in a relationship!!! Hurray for Me.

The biggest change is that I'm suffering less from my Bi polar disorder, it will never go away per say, but it's getting less severe and that is a good thing.. I think the boy has alot to do with it, so much attention is placed on him that it takes all my energy to keep up with him. And well worth it..You little bastard!!

Now on to the Rants:

What is all the hype with Muscle bottoms lately?..

News reports around the Internet about this new muscle bottom doing scene after scene...Get that money!! But never call yourself a power bottom!! If you ever use that title I will come look for you....YOUR NOT A POWER BOTTOM until I get my hands on you.. All this hype you better back up....

I'm like a dog, my ears perk up when I hear someone say Power bottom. I need to Test Drive you.!!!!

Big Shoutout to Spencer Fox.....

Yes Spencer Fox!!! I still do not understand the Whole Faggot thing...but the ploy to get as much press as possible was great!! The Public and industry bought it Hook, Line, Sinker.. even some models jumped on the bandwagon. Well again great job, cover your back and keep giving them hell.

People wanted him out of the business, and now look at him filiming with Falcon/Raging and the gays flipped out!!! Yet of course they will check out the scene in the packs to see Spencer Fox get fucked. I heard his partner is Eric Rhodes..yeah whatever.. In any case he played out the fans hardcore and industry insiders and for that props to you!!

The system beats you down, unless you beat it first!!

More later..

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