Monday, August 08, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts....

When you hit the road alot you have SO MANY other things to think about:

Scheduling Hotels

Figuring out Bus/Train/Plane routes


Scheduling Clients

Blah Blah....its the usual thing with traveling..

Speaking about traveling, I have always said I love touring and just moving around seeing fans and "Making Money". I think some people are confused as to Why I am doing this tour??" Alot of reason I guess, bored and didn't want to stay home all Summer and just like going out of town for a change instead of sitting in the hot jungle of NYC. Don't get Me wrong I love NYC...

But sometimes you need to get away from this God Damn City!!! Summertime is always a pain in the ass in NYC, the city is flooded with Tourists from out of town so getting around Times/Midtown area can be a nightmare. Anyway back to the Tour ideas I think its time that I move the Tour to North Carolina/South Carolina, ATL, Florida..

So I'm giving you the Fans a HEADS UP!!! Coming your way soon and I'm working on those dates for you right now.

I know you guys are not dummies and know exactly What I can do...

Sometimes(like now)I need to reach out and talk to the fans. Lately I have been on the road just trying to get money to start this business venture...

Making and Having my OWN SHIT!!

I'm so picky when it comes to things that I HAVE TO RUN IT MYSELF! I have a certain way I do things and I want to make sure that everything is planned out the way I want it to be. Control Freak!! Yes I am...

I do not want to lose the connection I have with my fans, and I know you guys understand that I NEED TO DO THIS!! I have alot of goals set for myself and one of those goals is to have my own business. But to be honest I see alot of the stuff coming out by other models and I really have to sit back and say to myself:


Just because you started your own production company and turning out projects, does not mean that your product is good!! Yeah yeah say what you want "Well at least I'm doing something and not sitting on my ass complaining about other peoples SHIT"

To create the best product you have to be patient and weigh out your options. Why rush to put a product out and its unfinished and looking poorly constructed?? Yeah I know I'm running my big mouth again as usual(get used to it), I have opinions and I will state them, IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT DON'T READ MY SHIT!!!

On to Porn News:

BF's fighting what else is new??

I see the same studios putting out LOOKALIKE scenes(yet again)and nothing has changed. Same Shit!! Same Shit!!

I still haven't fucked Marcus Mojo yet(someone even blogged about it)I see everybody fucking Marcus the same ole way(except Tommy)COOL!! I'm putting it record!! If Diesel ever fucked Marcus Mojo....ITS A WRAP!! HOTTEST SCENE OUT!!

I see that Falcon hired all the NextDoor Studios exclusives for a ORGY SCENE!! Umm the guys are hot but....

Is there anymore newer porn stars out there looking to get their shot?? Seems the NDS exclusives are taking all the jobs.... Not only do they have their own personal websites but every Studio is employing them as well.

I'm not a hater!! But I get alot of emails from models looking to get into business/currently in business/out of retirement saying that Studios are playing the "Favorite Game" and only hiring guys that have "Fame" already, No room for inspiring models looking to break into the game...

I feel bad for the newer guys, all I can say is STEP YOUR GAME AND MAKE THEM TAKE NOTICE!! Don't take No as an answer!! Keep showing up at events and Strut your stuff!!

Well I'm rambling now..

This was a quick post for the People!!


Anonymous said...

It's great to have a goal, but I would recommend also having a formal, written business plan to lay out your strategy, make and test financial projections, and to serve as reference tool once your business gets off the ground. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

rod rockhard is the next top to bottom...your move lol

Anonymous said...

omg...i remember seeing you in washington square....i almost left my bf to come with you whereever you were going