Sunday, November 06, 2011


We are about to get it on....

I started with the title take it personal...


I take my Brand/Name/Family/my Work all Personal.

Time is Money and Money is Time!!

I'm not sure how other people conduct their business, I always use the rule of thumb..Is it worth my time? Now that might sound harsh but there is also a silver lining in that statement. Things I consider Worth my time:

Projects that tell an interesting story

Working with another hot model who you "Scouted"

Of course projects that showcase your "Skills" to the best of your ability.

Self promotion

Giving back to fans...THIS IS HUGE!!

I have other "Things" to take into account... I'm giving you a short list. I can't have ALL my thoughts written on this blog because it would be such a Hot Mess!!!

Now after you take all that into account, then the scheduling begins. I have to take a few days off work(Personal Trainer)get all the traveling done(which is pain)getting to airport, hotel arrangements, travel expense(if any), booking, gym locating, Bah Bah..

That goes for Porn Shoots, Personal Appearances, Escorting

So basically I get pissed when something doesn't go right. I invest so much time and energy into something if "It's Worth My Time" because I take my Career in the Sex Industry Serious..It's my BRAND, its my name(Well made up name)and I'm not going to let someone else drag my name through the Mud...

I can do that all by myself *insert laugh. Back to the post..

A smart porn star should know that any footage of him in porn will be around forever. So they have to be prepared for this.... In fact this footage is archived and reprinted and reused over and over. They own the rights to Vids/Pics everything!! So it would be wise to know that everything they get on camera is their property as well. So any embarrassing moments caught on film might just wind up on the BTS(Behind the Scenes)or your private funny moments made into a Youtube or something.. Control your image people..

Well I'm getting off course...this blog is about Taking it Personal! So here is the question is:

"Shouldn't all Porn stars take it personal??"

Back in the days, a porn star would make a couple of movies and wouldn't hear from him until he did another Vid or made a guest appearance some where. Technology has moved way forward and now porn stars are Twitting their every move and you got Facebook, and every other Social network.

Such a big change..

I guess one of the reasons why I became so popular.... is because of this blog. It is something that is for the fans but for myself at the same time. I look back at previous posts and I can't believe some of things that Ranted about. It is what it is though...But I guess that is what make you The Fans keep coming back to find out what is going on in the world of Diesel

Whoops off course again,

Now that We have all these tools to use, the porn bloggers are searching for anything they can find. I get alittle worried sometimes..

How far is too far??

There is footage of Diesel sucking dick, fist fucking, fucking, signature moves bah bah all on film. I give alot of myself in roles/blogging/Twitting so I give you Plenty!! Some things in life you want to keep private, sometimes you have to try to find yourself again separate from the Porn image. The need of being "On" all the time is draining..

Always a Public figure..

Because I do porn, I now become a Public figure??, Subject to everything that comes along with that..? Right? That is the trade off...Right?? I always ask myself "Is that fair?"

Should my public records be opened to the public. More than once I have seen a blogger reveal a porn stars real name and I think that is tacky and I have a problem with that. Data bases are "Hacked" all the time I get nervous to think of what information is out there floating around. And who has access to it?? Call Me paranoid if you want but I do like my privacy.

Remember that Pornwilikipedia thingy?? I really don't give a shit about the right spelling or whatever. More and more gossip sites are appearing and every rumor or gossip is up for grabs..

I remember the whole story with the whole Mason Wyler thing...

His personal life was attacked on every front, people were asking about former lovers, former scene partners, it was a witch hunt!!

There is a difference between Mudslinging and down right being nasty. Believe Me I have had my share of Battles and I have hit people below the belt, when it came to mudslinging..

Now people are setting up web cams to catch people in the act of stealing...Yikes but so true, court documents, emails and other forwarded information can now be used against you..

I had some hard lessons to learn, when I made that ill fated attempt at getting representation from David F. We had a Giant falling out!! What made matters worse was that David F was sending out "News Letters" that were just destroying my name and brand. That was a hard lesson to learn...

The only thing that people see on the surface is that Diesel is ranting about someone or something. You never get to hear the flip side of the story, when you deal with this business be prepared for Money hungry models, Models looking to get fame, Studios/Sites willing to sell the "Dream" to all the new models coming into the business. How do you not take it personal, when someone is selling you a pipe dream, and against your better judgement you put your trust into them??

It bites!!
What's the title of the Blog again?? Take it personal

Well this is personal..

I have to be honest, Diesel Washington used to consume my every movement at one point of my life. It was creating the brand, pleasing the fans, working hard and finding roles that would stand out and became memorable. I had to create myself, and then when my exclusive deal with Titan ended I had recreate myself, I retired and I had to reinvent myself one more time..

And now?? Preparing to start the attack once again!!

I do take this shit personal!!

Diesel Washington this big cross over star... Some people would say, Really? Where did I cross over from?? I'm bad with directions so someone has to tell Me about this Cross over star thing.

Does Cross Over mean..... Appeal to a larger audience?? If it doesn't then "Keep the Cross Over"

Had to hit you with some Old School Hip Hop for your brains.

Back to this Cross Over thing......I have heard I was this Big Time Sell Out. I talked about it numerous times on this blog. I still don't believe all the bullshit that people assume about you, all the gossip and rumors that go around in this business. I developed a "Thick Skin" over the years and learned How to tune out the Haters, but every Now and then you see a post written about you. The comments left in response to your post, Can be hateful as hell...

The comments range anywhere from calling you a "Whore" to as bad as wishing bodily harm to a performer, they attack your character/morals/ethics and your personal life.

So yeah to the Haters out there.... I "Take it Personal"..

You want to attack someone whom you never met?? Bring it! Cause I have fought many battles along the way...

Other things I take personal:

People who use you to get ahead, its like they were plotting and waiting for the chance/opportunity to "PiggyBank" off your connections...

People who waste your time....

People who you think you can trust, but you cant....

Those people who you give a second chance to, and fuck up yet again...

Those Who fuck with the family(You know where I'm going with this)

Sometimes I have to take it personal, maybe other porn stars work for the check or the almighty dollar. They take any and every role given to them, no regards to past work or maintaining a brand, everything is looked at as the "Next Payday". While I can't blame someone who wants to work for the check at the same time, I'm not one of those performers who is ruled by money.

I will not take every part or role given to Me. I turned down several key roles over the years simply because I didn't want to play a stereotype on both sides of the coin.

I'm not a Thug nor will play one..

I will play a Pimp though, now some people would say that is the most Stereotyped role ever!! But there is depth to playing a pimp onscreen, in movies it's alittle played out and over done. In gay porn, I think there hasn't been enough pimp characters for my liking. My character in Redlight was simple, direct and the Boss. Who knows??? I may play more Pimpish role in the future.

A pimp role is so personal to Me....

Lastly because this post is turning out to be a nightmare....

At first they worship you, and everything you do is gold, after your shelf life has expired, what do they do?? Hang you out to dry..

Your not New anymore....

Used goods..

You old news..

Not as fresh anymore


As they say in the fashion business."One minute your In and the next minute your Out"!! The emphasis on youth is common in every industry, but the typical porn model has one or two years of good work ahead him. A popular model can last the three year mark before he has to start limiting his appearance...

Well scratch that..I have known models that were in the business for a year and already have 100+ scenes under their belt. Really?? Wow!!

I have been doing porn since 2005 and have under 40 scenes in my library. The reason because I take every role serious as hell and personal

I have a "Personal Library" of my greatest hits and its all quality!!!

I wish more porn stars take their brand personal, too many porn stars doing every single site they can do. If there was a site called Suck My Dirty Feet, I'm sure there will be hundreds of porn stars lined up if they were paying a decent rate. Sad part is I like feet, but not sure that would be a good promotion for the Diesel character...

I tend to think about these things...

It's only my opinion but I think a star shouldn't water down their "Brand" or get side tracked into projects that don't enhance their visibility in the business. Something to think about...

Because of course I take all of this personal.


Boutte said...

I'm glad to hear that you take everything so seriously. As if we couldn't already notice that from the quality of your work. You have so much passion about your work and keeping the fans happy. I personaly want to say Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What a great lesson in this post. Definitely something I'll remember, as I just might venture into the sex industry in the future.