Sunday, March 03, 2013


Okay everybody seen all the promotional pics, I thought I would switch up speeds and show the pics I can take at home by myself.  I got my own lights camera, Vid camera, tripods and all that good stuff.  I want to stay busy around and keep promoting myself as a model.
I'm still working on the harder edits of the Hard Wire story, but now is the time to start putting things together in a way that makes sense.
Anyway...enjoy the pics because I have a long day of work tomorrow and I have to get some more transition shots of the city and that is always a pain in the ass to Me.  Carrying around camera equipment and making sure that you can work your way around people when you want to get a clear shot can sometimes be a chore.
As you can tell the gym is paying off and the funny part is that I'm in the relaxing stage. I haven't taken any supplements in about two weeks(Body cleanse)and then I plan the attack on the body yet again.
So these photos are nothing....
Watch in two more weeks time, I plan to go to the next level and really show up the body.  I got a brand to run and I want to tap somethings outside of the Industry.  Some opportunities have been dropped on my lap and I want to take the chance and explore more..
See what happens LIVE!!
More later............................................Goodbye Bitches!!


Kevin said...

Love those glasses!

Anonymous said...

I also dig those glasses. Makes you look hotter than you already are