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Well lets start this post with Views from other Performers in the business........

From Jeremy Bilding

I do have to admit, that in all of this, the thing that really kind of catalyzed the whole “rant”, was that I did not agree with being paired up in a scene with an HIV+ performer, against my knowledge. This is a practice that is quite common, apparently.
The whole posting is something I’ve been working on for months; as I’ve been questioned about it for years. But, with the increasing inquiries and commentary regarding me and my practices increased over the past few months, I felt that regardless of the outlets possible, it was time.

As I had stated on Twitter, I may have shot myself in the foot for having said anything, especially outing certain points and facts. But, just as the majority of the commentary regarding many scenes is about the safety of the performer, I am stating this for the performers as well.

With that, this is my last comment on the subject.
Posted by Jeremy Bilding

That post came from Model and Performer Jeremy Bilding

Here is Wolf Hudson

Wolf Hudson getting Tested!!!

I wrote this post way back in Jan 2010, "Going to the Doctor,Routine Check" check in my past posts..

I'm not a role model, nor do I want to be one. I know when I jump on a porn set that I'm clean and STD free for my Co Star. I make sure I'm clean for my clients in my escort work as well.

I guess I'm weird, I don't go to get checked because of my work. I go get tested for my own knowledge and security!!! I don't deserve a medal and I'm not saying that I'm better than people!! But I want to be clean, and work with clean people!!

I Hope my Co stars and Clients are doing the same for Me!!

Wishful thinking....

Posted by Diesel Washington Jan 26, 2010

Now lets talk about about a subject that is a Live Wire in the Business, HIV and Safer Sex.

Hard post to write so bare me.....

I want to cover two Issues, Mandatory Testing in Gay Porn and HIV POZ models should be banned from Gay Porn(I don't believe in that)!!Lets be honest, those that want the Ban on POZ models are people that just don't want to perform with POZ models, and that is YOUR choice.


I don't discriminate against Age, Color, Size and Status. Yes that is right Status!! I have dated HIV+ people, and I don't see a problem with that. I'm not this shallow person that alot of people make Me out to be. I judge people by their personality, and if I'm talking to someone that I'm attracted to and they say they are HIV+ do I lose my attraction for them?? Fuck NO!! I use the rule that anybody I have Sex with is HIV+ so you always have to be safe, Play at your OWN Risk!!


Its fair for a HIV neg model not wanting to work with a POZ model. They shouldn't be forced or placed in a situation that they do not want to be in, yet...... it happens all the time.

Models, you can not assume every Co Star is HIV neg, and that is the honest truth. This is real talk, How many models arrive on set and Meet their scene partners for the first time and they go over Likes/Dislikes in Sex, but how many are asking the Important Question "Are you HIV Neg or POZ"???. I will admit it, I haven't asked in the past....Which is funny.

Off set when I hook up with someone I will ask "Are you HIV Neg?, Drug free? Disease Free? before hooking up. I ask my Clients(Escorting)the same thing. But.... I can't remember asking those same questions on a porn set when I first started in Porn. I assumed that everybody was Neg........ I think alot of the models thought the same way when they first started.

This is your Wake Up Call.

I do not want a Ban on POZ models but...

In my opinion, I think POZ models have more rights then Neg models and that is unfair.

I will explain:

Legally you can't disclose someones status without their consent. By Law, businesses are not allowed to discriminate against anybody regarding Status. Models that are POZ know how to work in this Industry, they only apply to Studios/Sites that do not test, they get to work with people who in their private life, would not have sex with a POZ person knowingly. I think some models who are POZ withhold the information that they are POZ for fear of being labeled the "HIV+ Porn Model". They fear that they will lose jobs or not have any models want to work with them. And that might be true, But it is what it is...

People will use the "Preference" card(Not wanting to work with HIV+ models)but to be fair to everybody in this business, that is something you have to get used to. That "Preference" card is a wicked thing, some models are not into Interracial that is their preference, and some models are not into working with performers who are HIV+ that is their preference and it should be respected as well.... RIGHT??

Just like I have to respect the fact that a model may not want to work with Me because I'm Black, and they are not into Interracial. Well HIV+ models should face the same "Preference" bullshit that I face. Instead they hide the information, and play the system..... I'm all about being honest.

The Models that are HIV POZ and open about it, I respect that you guys are real.

Again all I want is the Choice!! I want the Choice to decide if I want to work a POZ model or not.

Mandatory Testing!! Safer Sex!!! What is Safer Sex??? Lets be real!!

This is the only Porn scene that is almost 90 percent safe:

You have two guys laying in bed with condoms on, They can only look at each other and massage each others body. They can't Kiss(Herpes, other STD's)they can blow each other only with Condoms on(for fear of STD'S) There are hand jobs going on as well but with Condoms on. The rimming scene is when the bottom is bent over and there is Saran wrap placed over his asshole(for fear of STD's). There is Anal sex(its risky but with condoms its 98 percent safe)and its hot!!When each model blows his load it has to be in the condom(for fear of the load STD's u know,). Afterwards, I guess they can look at each other...

End Scene

So that scene sucks, at the very least you want to see the guys shoot their loads out and you can't see that. Sucks!! Watching a guy get blown with a condom on boring, and no kissing??? Come on!! And the rimming scene sounds retarded!! I can understand wearing a condom during anal sex(Fear of HIV)but rimming, kissing, sucking with protection? Nobody wants to see that... lets be honest!!

That Scene sounds boring!! Cause it is!! So that is my question, What is Safer Sex?? We all know the risks working in this business, and its those risks We have to assume every and each time We jump on set. That is why I get tested once a month, for my own knowledge and for my Co Stars and Clients.

Again what is Safer Sex for the Porn Star?? I hear some models say that "Testing" is a joke. Whats to stop the models from taking an Aim test, and all the results are negative but then they go out and get barebacked gang banged Days before the scene?? They still have a test result saying they are clean for the scene but they still might be infecting the model. So do tests really work??? Everything is Risky about this business and that is just being real.

I'm not sure how other models get ready for a scene, I just know the method I use. I get tested once a month, so I know I'm clean. In getting ready for a scene, I take my Aim test(Good Results)and I don't have sex until my scene. So I'm coming to the set with Negative results and knowing that I'm clean for my partner. Plus not having sex before the scene saves up my cum load so when I bust on camera, it will be Huge!!

I hear all the stories about Porn stars hooking up with everybody!! Just Sex Sex Sex!! Carrying on and acting like dirty sluts!! People always think I'm mean to the newer performers, I just see the skanks in this business and keep my distance. These porn pups all Tweaked out and throwing their legs in the air without care or worry.

I think people are just fucked up in general, in real life you have some people too scared to get an HIV test. You have some people that lie about their status to people and still have unprotected sex. Shit you have these Bare backing bloggers talking about, How they lie to people about their status, and seed bottoms with their "Toxic" loads. You have bareback bloggers that keep "Seed" count, they keep track of the people they "Breed" and brag about on their site. Wow!!

Moving on....

This is from Jason Pitt

It really disgusts me… And when porn stars are booked at a pride event to show up and be sexy and represent, don’t start a circle jerk when you were told not to show your goodies at all, because the person that organized EVERYTHING and made sure that everything goes accordingly gets into trouble for having adults acting like kids when they are supposed to be professionals. We shouldn't’t have to have a babysitter to watch out every single move when we are expected to be responsible and civil. Most of us are forgetting the difference between a slut and an adult entertainer or adult film actor. There is DEFINITELY a fine line between being sexy and entertaining and then being slutty and completely trashy. I’m not trashing any other porn star or anyone in my field of work, I’m just saying GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

Another quote I like to post:

This industry is getting worse, maybe not in front of the camera but the behind the scenes and prep for porn production has gotten sloppy and not safe and I don’t see anyone doing anything about it. Studios are using pretty much anyone that walks in off of the streets. More and more people that I know and are close to are turning up positive. I see very few models who actually have a plan for their future and it really pisses me off

From Model/Performer Jason Pitt

Back to the Post....

So before anybody jumps down my throat, I have been saying the same thing in my posts for months. People thought I had Hate for the Twinks/New Performers, I was merely stating the facts and bringing some awareness to the people. I see alot of things I don't like in this business. But when I speak out, people think I'm bring Drama!! When I'm merely saying I see a problem.

Don't shoot the Messenger!!

I guess the purpose of this post is just raise awareness for the Inspiring/Newer/Existing models in the business. I'm not dumb, I know so many models that follow my mold(Blog, Youtubes, BTS)and if they can hear the message in this post then I'm happy!!


All models are tested clean, they come to the Set clean and a Hot scene is produced.

or at the very least

I'm given the CHOICE to work with a HIV+ model that is tested clean for any other STD, I just want the choice.....

So the Important facts of this post:

Some Studios/Sites do not test

There are Gay Porn Stars with HIV working in this business. Some are open about it, and Some are in the closet with It.

HIV neg models are being paired with HIV+ models unknowingly

Those wanting Bans on HIV+ models are just models that have issues with performing with HIV+ models and that is THEIR issue not mine. I think a Ban is wrong, the LGBT community wants to be accepted into society and that in itself is a hard fight. If We practice discrimination against our own kind because of their Race/Status....Then We are a bunch of Hypocrites! And that is the wrong message to send.

It should be the responsibility of models to be tested and police themselves. If the Studios/Sites started mandatory testing, I'm sure the models would start running out and getting tested if they wanted that check.

Some people say "Well Diesel you seem to know it all, How would you fix the problem??" To Them I say

Hire Me for a Consulting job and I will fix it!!!LOL

I can't pretend to know all the answers, Porn Stars will be Porn Stars!! We all know the risks in this business.

If you don't want to with a Performer who is HIV+ let it do Known!! In real life(in my case)I ask the status of my partner. This is Porn!! and its No different from Real life. If you want to ask a performer their status I think that's fair! If you want to see a test then ask for a test. At the same time, be prepared for bad outcomes, people might say your difficult to work with, you caused drama on set. Bah Bah

I get a bad reputation for being outspoken, but at least I can go to sleep at night knowing that I made the RIGHT decision for myself.

This post to was due to an Incident at occurred in Fort Lauderdale. I had a chance to think about what happened. Out of the anger, and confusion I came to a conclusion...

I'm Mad cause I wasn't given the CHOICE, and I was lied to! The model wanted work and tried to come up with a fake test knowing he was HIV+ and that is wrong. That's It!!

I'm not a role model(God Forbid)and I have a list of problems. I'm just ranting people that's what I do...


Anonymous said...

They must have really gotten to you, because that was a really poorly written post. In other words, "what the fuck are you trying to say?"

Anonymous said...

Diesel, I understand your complaint; however, this is life. I think people will do what they want to do in life with themselves or with anyone else. Working in this business, you will find all sorts of people, just as you will find all sorts of people in every day life. My question is to you and to everybody - just because they have papers to say that they are HIV- up front does this mean that they are HIV- for sure?? My point, just because they were tested let's say two weeks ago, apparently, they are clean, but suppose they had sex last week with a person and contracted the virus (last week) are they HIV-; at least their papers say so! My point is this, please be careful because these types of things do go on even though the person may not know it! All I am saying is please be careful and protect yourself. One interesting picture with you and Scott, you look like you didn't want to take that picture. You look like you are so distant! Your boy Tiger has asked about you in his blog, apparently, he may be interested in your offer again??? (just sayin')