Thursday, August 26, 2010


Now its Story time!!

Now this was one of the most embarrassing moments in my Porn career(These pics were taken Dec 09). I finally get to meet the Peter Twins(Big Fan) and my body is not looking right!! A few months earlier, I was bitten by a spider which caused some nerve damage in my back. I couldn't lift in the gym for about 4 months, I gained fat and lost muscle. Now I'm forever locked in time looking like a chubby gym guy next to these Ultra ripped Porn stars. Fuck that!!!

To make matters worse, a few months before I had a photo shoot with UnZipped, Hosted Hustlaball NYC 2009, and then was offered a role in "Getting Levi's Johnson" I was going crazy trying to diet and get my body back. Being 40 plus makes the job even harder!! I was determined to get my body back!!! The icing on the cake is when I started seeing results of good dieting and cardio. Then in Feb a large weight was accidentally dropped on my foot(By Me)which left a large wound, and yet again I couldn't do cardio for one month. I recovered and started back on the road again, its been a long battle...

All during this time I was getting emails from Haters saying "I'm looking Chubby in Pics" "I'm an Old Man and need to retire" "Those pics with Peters Twins makes you look fat" bah bah bah!!

Well Haters here you go:

I got some more work to do......

But The Peter Twins= 19 year olds

Diesel Washington = I'm like a fine wine, I get better with Age!!(Or Blacker the Berry the sweeter the Juice, which ever!!LOL)

True story!!


Anonymous said...

you look great!!! just got my vote

Dre said...

Looking good. The so called "fat" you looks better than most people. Keep up the good work.

PDQ said...

Buddy boy, I think you're sexy as fuck!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Diesel.

You're looking great. I see the workouts seem to be coming along. I'm trying to get back into it and become more consistent myself.

Anonymous said...

Diesel, cannot believe you called that 'fat'...I think I need to call myself a whale

BTW, did not realize you were 40....damn brother, you look SO fine! Would love to spread some of that on my toast ;)

Anonymous said...

Trying to compete with 19 y/o's, D? Stop it, LOL!! I'm happy they inspired you to get back in shape and continue on that path, but you're much older and a little "fatness" is expected as we age. Just don't get into a rut and you'll be fine, but never compare yourself to someone half your age, you'll never be satisfied. Lookin' good, tho'----keep it up!

MOC Blogger said...

Hey, your ears must have been ringing...I just tried to email you this article from Psychology Today but it bounced back saying there were permanent errors? Anyhoo, you're in it:

Hope to see you at next month's awards ceremonies.


Anonymous said...

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