Wednesday, August 25, 2010



What I love about Porn????

I don't know where to start, I love the idea of making a product that appeals to people in a sexual way that either gets them off, or its so shocking and interesting to watch. I love the nervous energy on set and having to get into that head space to perform(even in uncomfortable situations) I love turning something that would have looked like a regular sex scene, and you add that something special to that role which enhances the scene, and makes it a Must See!! Meeting new people and making friendships that will last for years. And you make money by fucking hot guys! In a nutshell!! Those are the things that make Porn worth doing....

Making a product that gets people off, its a good feeling knowing someone likes your work so much that they either jerk off to it, or in some way it stimulates them. I will be honest there is some conceit involved knowing that people jerk off to you. I like to show off time to time and knowing that someone finds it hot adds to that good feeling. At the same time, I will admit its kinda of creepy when people run up to you in a awkward situation(on the train) saying "OMG I jerked off to you so much" I'm like "Hello, Thanks??" and then get the fuck out of there.LOL

Onscreen I'm this aggressive, confident ass fucker!! On set during the filming I'm a nervous ball of energy. Beforehand I go over the type of scene that I want captured on film(Leather, Passion, Power fucking, Signature moves)when I'm offered a role I like to know the theme ahead of time so it gives Me time to prepare(physically/mentally). I put up a poll sometimes asking people what they want to see(No I'm not bottoming). So it gives Me some ideas to use during filming(Very Fan friendly). Now when I get on set I have to feel out my partner and find out their limits and put a game plan together. The director has certain things that they want to see captured on film if you have the ability, but for the most part when it comes to fucking its mostly on the performers. When I get paired with a model that is hungry to do something different, or when the chemistry is right!! Magic happens!! Its bottom rules on set(which I agree with) but at the same time you think the Bottom performer would want to go all out because it is........ a Fantasy!!! I laugh sometimes because when I do an aggressive scene, people always feel bad for the bottom and I'm like Why?? The performer beforehand is like "Fuck my Ass hard I can take it!! So that is what happens!! The nervous energy comes when you have to make it work, and you have to push and play with the other performer, onscreen you see me choking him and spitting into his mouth and gut punching, off screen during breaks there is alot of cuddling and passionate making out. That push and play is so exciting to Me!!

When you get to the location(Set, Studio, site, place)the first thing I do is look at what is available to Me. Sometimes your given a table or bench(very rare I get a bed)box, upside down pool whatever and that is what Ur going to have sex on. So this is where you turn nothing into something, finding the right positions to use on the piece of equipment can be hard!! That is why I worked on Signature Moves, so I don't need a table, or chair or bed or a wall to lean against, of course you can fuck standing up(you can get the insertion shots) or on the floor(alot harder to get those shots)but when you pick a guy off the floor and make it look easy(when its not)then you have something Nice!! And it doesn't hurt that the person is smaller than you either. Although I can pick up the big boys as well.. Example: Robert Van Damme

Vince Ferelli, John Magnum, and others I can lift you guys too!!LOL

Its always good meeting new people and you meet alot of people in this business. I have made alot of good friends over the years. And that is a good thing!! Every porn star has something of an Ego(that comes with territory)and We all love our Ego stroked every now and then(Lets be honest) The friends I have in this business, When its time to be "ON" then they are "ON" when We are behind closed doors that is when the Persona stops and people get real(hmm, I think I stole that from Real World)I understand We each have own our fans, but when We are hanging out as buds that's when that "Persona" goes out the window. All my close friends know this and respect this as I respect them. Sometimes friendships are tricky but if you remain Real with true friends then you will not have a problem.

Lastly you get paid to fuck hot guys, enough said!!

So there are alot of good things in the Industry!! I write alot of heavy posts pointing out the bad things, so I thought it was time to talk about the good things.

There are good things in Porn, and I think its time to shine a light on that as well... So I will post the good things in porn as well.


Anonymous said...

Reading this post and following on from the previous post's comments, I believe that the absolute height of hotness would be a 3-some with Matthew Rush and Marc Williams both bent over naked in front of Diesel, with them each spreading their gorgeous muscle butts wide open and for Dielsel to then take turns in giving those two hot muscle stars the best topping of their lifes.

I note from earlier comments that Diesel is meeting with Marc on Sept 2, now if only he could contact Matthew too, then my dream of absolute hotness could become a reality. Diesel's talents are so wasted on skinny and average butts, but he could seriously do Matthew and Marc's unique muscle butt's the true topping they deserve.

Most performers that have topped Matthew and Marc todate have not performed well, but Diesel would certainly do them both justice.

Anonymous said...

Hi T..good to see u talking about the goodness in porn!!..its not all bad that's for sure..Rgds...Laurie

Anonymous said...

You fucking a big guy while you lift him would be the hottest shit of my life.

Also, I'd just like to add that your signature moves are the sex bible to my boyfriend and I. He's pretty big (not as big as you, he's around 200lbs) and I'm average (150lbs) but he has no trouble lifting me in the positions, for standing 69s, etc. So I say you should go for it and try it with bigger guys.