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I wrote alot of posts(Reverse psychology series) that displays some of the situations happening in porn today. Before I get to that, I want to clear up some things.

I get alot of bullshit from people saying I'm exposing the evils of the Industry and that I'm kinda of a traitor for doing it....

Truth be known, any Fan can sit home and find out all the dirt that goes on in the business. Porn stars Tweet and use Facebook, Myspace make hookup profiles online and the public has access to all these media forms. The information I write about is something anyone who has a computer can find out about. This is not private information that I found out about by being a Porn insider!! All the information is at your finger tips, and the Internet gives you access to everything. So I'm not saying anything that someone with a computer couldn't find out themselves.

Now lets move onto the experiment.....

The Retiring game, as seen in this post here I have retired and unretired myself so lets be clear here, I made my decision to retire because I had thought I reached my peak(Won Performer of the Year)yet I still went on to do some very big projects after that so that was a mistake on my part.


What gets Me sick about the Retirement game, is when you have these Gay 4 Pay stars that retire and their explanation for retiring is saying they couldn't handle the "Gay" business. The stories of Gay 4 Pay models saying "They threw up sucking dick" "Going through anxiety attacks and sleepless nights because of the porn" It makes no sense to me?? If your a straight male then why do Gay porn??? I know plenty of Str8 males that are dead broke, none of the ones I know would knowingly jump in front of a camera, lay on their back and take a big dick in their ass!!! They would sell drugs, rob people bah bah bah. Not get on Cam for the world to see them doing Homosexual acts.

What gets Me more sick is hearing the contempt and disdain of the models regarding Gay sex!! Its almost insulting to hear these models say they hate "Gay" sex and the lifestyle that comes with it. So why are gay males supporting these models??? They are telling you to your face that they hate Gay sex but Love the money that performing in films gives them. If the Str8 models hate gay sex then Please Studios stop hiring them!!! If the Str8 models hate gay sex then consumers stop buying their scenes. Its almost like being a hypocrite, the fans say they hate Gay 4 Pay models yet....they are still buying scenes hoping that Str8 model gets with it. Its not happening folks!!! My example :

Now if you think I'm Str8, then I have a bridge to sell you. Using reverse psychology I should get more Jobs now, because I "Hate" Gay sex as well....LOL

Next Topic, Bareback Porn Star seen here Now this a complicated situation, you have the models that came into the porn industry starting out doing bareback work. At first they jump on the soapbox saying "Bareback sex is real sex!! Don't judge Me!!" Even the models are brainwashed into thinking they are Untouchable. The cycle goes on and on and people are getting infected and dieing. The biggest thing that pisses Me off, is that some of the bareback models jump back and forth between Bareback porn and Mainstream. Back in the days if you did bareback porn you had to wait almost a year to return to mainstream(you had to change name, hair color and body type to do so) In recent history, there were models that this rule didn't apply to, they were not only allowed to break the rule. They were rewarded for the efforts by becoming an Exclusive model for a Popular Studio and also by a popular Website. Really??? I'm not sure what kind of message that sends to other models in the business who had to wait that year like everybody else. The rules don't apply to those models just because they have a hot body, big dick and handsome. I don't think that is fair at all!!!

One year later, they realize the mistake they made and its time to Repent!! Which is easy, it seems all they have to do is give a Bullshit apology and play the naive card. Example here If you notice in the post its one year later(Check the date)when that model is not getting any more work then the Repenting starts:

I think the only reason why they make those public announcements is because they want the Big Money!! Bareback studios don't pay as much as Mainstream studios so putting out a Vid/Post/Interview where they explain it was a mistake and poor judgement is a Smokescreen for their real agenda of making a shit load of money!! I don't blame them at all!! So using Reverse psychology, I did some bareback porn I repented and now I want to work and make a shit load of money. Come On isn't that the way it works???

The experiment was to use Reverse psychology, I figured the only way I would start making more films and getting casted more is by following the examples left by other stars, why not use the same excuses and bullshit they did?? It worked for them!!

OOOOOOh but that's right, those examples only work if your Drop dead handsome, Body of a God, huge dick and WHITE!!! That's right my Bad!!LOL

Well that leaves Thug Porn seen here I guess that is the only option left for me!! I guess I can go over to the Thug side and turn it out over there. Thug it Diesel:

I guess using Reverse psychology, I will be the Thug that people want to see Me as. As you can tell I'm no Thug and do a poor job of trying to be one!!

I used my Blog to give examples of How people in the Industry can sometimes be Hypocrites. I have been known to be a hypocrite myself with certain things, but I don't hold the power to change things. I'm just the loud mouth model that incites the people to think, trying to make people think has left Me on the BlackList of performers that Studios/sites don't want to use because they are too Outspoken!!!

Ever since I became more Vocal with adding more diversity to the business, I'm being seen as a trouble maker. When I played ball and acted like everything was okay I was working more and the Industry embraced Me. I felt the pressure from the African American community wanting Me to take a stance, seeing as I was the most popular Black model on the Mainstream side. I have always voiced my opinions, but I did it in such way that wasn't militant or in your face. I did that for four years, all the while not seeing any newer Black models making it in the business. Finally it got to a point where I needed to take a Big stance!! I did that at Grabbys and ever since work has been very slow!!

I also made stances about HIV models and Safer sex that again made Me enemy number one. *Sigh

Behind the scenes, I get alot of emails from models, Industry/Studio heads who side with Me and ask my advice(at same time they don't want to be named on my blog) So I really have no clue what to do, I have my own opinions, ideals and morals and I will not compromise them for anybody. I'm not an Ass kisser, User or a Brown noser so I guess if I don't do those things I do not work!!!

Well hopefully using Reverse Psychology will get me more jobs and scenes. If not Oh Well it was a good try.......


Anonymous said...

You've now got David Forest helping you and on September 2 he's got you with Marc Williams at his Cocktail with the Stars event. So it should help you get more new work.

I've read several posts with folk wanting to see you top Marc Williams and although Marc has been a headliner Black Star for a number of years with Colt, TitanMen, Raging Stallion and C!R etc he needs to reinvent himself too, even though I think he may still be in his 20's.

As such why don't you and Marc get together and do some scenes ? Marc and you certainly have tremendously hot muscle bodies and are both masculine and you topping Marc will be highly popular with many fans. Especially with Marc being more masculine than Scott Alexander, Race Cooper or Brian Bodine etc and with him having a much greater roll of Honor record as a Star in the the Gay Porn Industry.

Marc has his own site that has produced its own dvd's too, so it should be quite easy for you and him to partner in new scenes and/or dvd's.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe quality Black on Black is the way to go for Diesel
to gain new work and achieve more acknowledgement.

It's not like Diesel's gonna bottom any time soon, that being another way for him to go to reach his objectives

Anonymous said...

I'd hate to see you team up with Marc Williams. He's such a sweet man and way too good for the likes of you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi T...the Gay for pay is really boring once you realise why there is no spark going on.... the bare backing thing makes me angry at the actors doing such a dumb thing...lives are worth more than are doing it now sad to say...u can hear in one preview that they claim the audience wants it..count me out!!..sounding off a bit here...Thanks...Rgds..Laurie

Anonymous said...

Diesel should pair up with sweet men, might help him see the light.

Anonymous said...

Interesting way to speak about the recent news in the world of porn without mentioning explicitly trhe facts ;)

Interesting conclusions too...