Monday, June 28, 2010


So finally I break my record for the Shoulder Shrug...

To get the body looking the way it does, I Power lift, bodybulid, and alot of cardio. I do two heavy sets Max weight for six reps, and then I do two sets controlled and until failure of the muscle.

Bah Bah anyway here is a Vid on Me lifting some Major Weight!!:

So this is excerise that helps Me to lift these bottoms in air and do all those positions(Bully, Motorcycle, Cannonball)

So lets get it right..Im lifting 765lbs do you think I'm worried about anybody out there? I don't get into fights anymore!! All these little guys starting drama or games I could pick you guys up like flyweights and throw across the room. I choice to do the damage Via internet.

I don't want to get my hands dirty, dealing with trash. But Oh Boy the ass whippings I would hand out to some of these people in the Industry.

You guys are lucky that I'm a nice guy!!

Really Really Lucky!!.


Dre said...

U a badass mutha fuckr

Anonymous said...

Hi T...I was going to try and say some thing funny but actually that was impressive!!..Rgds..Laurie

Anonymous said...

Oh tryin to create some noise using the hip hop tip? Just don't let it get Tupac and Biggie nasty. Ain't worth nobody gettin rowdy behind who can fuck what ass with what.

In the word's of Sophia (oprah) to Miss Celie (whoopie) on the Color aint worfit!!!