Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Let Me finish my storytelling people......

Geez the hate email has grown out of control(I love it!!)

But I have to finish telling you about my Fort Lauderdale trip, after the Twink scene it was headed back to the house.

This was a working Vacation for Me, the time that I had free to myself(no filming or performing)was spent entirely Dazed and Confused by the pool, U know hanging out in the Hot tube, or just relaxing on the couch. Here I am sitting by the couch with Wolf Hudson before his performance at Johnny's:

So get ready and head to Johnny's, now I was here performing in Oct so it was like I never left!!! Big Shout to Jordan the Bartender!!!Twisted and Twisted!!!Whoa!! Big shout out to AJ Cross(I have a very important interview with him in another post), Sean the Owner and all the Security Guards(All are very cool its like hanging out with my friends back home vibe) So here the first Interview with Wolf Hudson before he goes out to perform his first show:

Wolf Hudson performing:

Backstage after his first show:

We got even more Supporters that came out for Wolf Hudson's show:

So that was the first show, Diesel and Wolf take the stage for the second show Back stage before getting on:

Wolf Hudson and Diesel Washington on Stage:

The Show was crazy and then We headed home... Later on that Night I hung Out with Jordan the Bartender and got Dazed and Confused yet again!!!


Dre said...

Damn Diesel...you look so sexy being whipped. I have to check out that s&m video you did.

Anonymous said...

I could swear that was Gizmo making an appearance in the dog video.

Wolf has got some serious moves. Looked like a great performance!