Thursday, May 10, 2007


Well, as u know I haven't posted any pics of me in a long long long time. A couple of times I wanted to take pics for u guys, but a little voice in my head said don't post any pics yet ur still creating the "Body". But I know the short attention span of a person, they need to see pics and then u can go into a story.
Well here's a pic of me and Damien Crosse at PornoBingo speaking of which I will be hosting this May 16 so make sure U come out and hangout with me at the bar. Its all for a good cause so show ur support and come out. Speaking of Damien he started a new blog so show him some love as well. I think its going to be the battle of the blogs now. Not to talk shit or anything, but I was the first Titanmen to start blogging. Francois Sagat then started blogging check out his blog and now Damien Crosse hmmm that means that Victor Banda needs to start blogging(Titan exclusive) Tober Brandt(Titan exclusive) Dean Flynn, Darius Falke we all need to start blogging I guess.
Okay enough shout outs. Im going to keep this post short cause I want to write another one about some of my fave shows.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming out D...and the shoutout...Best of luck May 16th, as if you neede any. Big Hug!!!

Anonymous said...

thanxs for the new pic. I like it!