Monday, December 24, 2007


Well Well I thought I would FINALLY REVEAL DREAM MATCH UPS..... Now these are performers that I want to work with because they were/are excellent performers and basically I want to fuck them on screen:

Dred Scott, I already talked about him already.... But I will add more... I imagine a Jail Cell in Our scene. I'm the new inmate and I have already went through processing and about to head to my cell for the first time. I bump into Dred accidentally walking down the Hall and he gives me a dirty look, I stare right back at him. After getting my uniform I'm brought to my Cell and Dred happens to be my Cellmate. As soon as the cell door is shut, Diesel and Dred fight for control. Hitting Punching Slamming bodies against wall, bars, and ends with Dred getting Prison Raped!!!No more details....... I'm getting hard now!!!

Jeff Stryker.. I picture myself in a suit, being interviewed by Jeff for a position in his company(did that sound dirty??? LOL)Interview goes well, during interview Jeff says I got the job and wants to celebrate cause he has to look no further and I'm the best man for the job. We have drinks(in Office)and begin to chat. In chatting, we both try to seduce each other(classic dirty talk updated)Since I'm the new kid on block Jeff tries to school me in the ways the company works. I tell him that I'm no New Kid on the Block and I can bring his company even more business. It ends with me fucking Jeff partially clothed in a suit while smoking a cigar.....

Lexington Steele (okay he isn't gay?)But I picture driving in the Cadillac Truck, bitches in the back and we stop by Hotel. We bring the bitches back to the room and start fucking the hell outta the girls passing them around, one royal pussy/ass banging. One of the chicks, tries to steal money, we kick out the bitches(after we are done with them)and then Diesel Flips on Lexington saying "Why the Fuck did We bring those bitches over here man? Those Bitches who ú"brought was going to steal Our shit man!! He looks at me all puzzled and says"Get the Fuck outta here man!!We should have beat those bitches ass" I look at him and say "Yo If I was chilling with some heads I don't know and they left money out", I'd take their shit too, I don't blame them, I blame ya!!!! Ur the one that Brought those Bitches over here so Ur to blame"He looks at me scared, I smack him, throw him on bed, and bang him. It ends with me fucking Lexington, smoking a blunt, On the Computer looking at the Site Black Planet and the camera Zooms to a copy of BlackTails mag on the coffee table. end scene.....

Jenna(no last name needed) I picture being her bodyguard and somebody makes an attempt on her life. I battle the guy to the ground and knock him out, she is shook up, I carry her to car and drive her home. She invites me in as usual, but this time she is looking at me with such fire and happiness for helping her. I take her to her bedroom and I fuck her and fuck her well. This time around no hammer sex, I make love to Jenna. It ends with a shot over the bed staring down at Us and her head is on my Chest and she is looking up and smiling.... end scene.

Seka (If u don't know the name by all means look her up) I picture dark room(cave like) dim lights, black walls. Seka is in Black Leather Corset, Black lace panties, fish net stockings, and 8in heels. I'm tied to a post, hands tied up and legs tied up. Whip in her hand, enough said........ It ends with Seka beating me into submission....and me licking my cum off her boot.

Janet Jacme, growing up a teenage and being into Str8 porn she was the ÏT" girl everybody wanted a piece of her and she was everywhere. I picture myself in high school setting, I'm the Captain of Football team and she is Head cheerleader. My Team just lost the big game, I'm upset and pissed, I don't talk to anybody after game and sit in locker room in the dark upset at myself. Janet walks in and lays her hand on my back and says Ú were good baby, U did everything U could....U will always be number 1 to me Baby"(alittle cheesy yes LOL) It ends with me fucking her in the locker room.

Okay Okay there are People that I want to work with, but they are not my Dream Fucks. Maybe I will write a blog about Current Models that I want to work with? Who knows??? When I came into the business they were people that I wanted to work with, but either they were Exclusive with another company, or they didn't have the Titan Look, or I got to fuck them off screen, or basically wasn't into me(shocking yes LOL, they all cant be into me People)

Hmm what else to write? Yeah I think I will write a blog about Models that I want to work with.


Anonymous said...

I like the Lexington fantasy.

Anonymous said...

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RJ Danvers said...

Make sure I'm on that list when you make it! :)