Saturday, December 29, 2007


Well I don't usually put up many things on this blog(Ya right!!!), and for some reason I havent given dates when I make the appearances around town(some of them are at the last moment) So I know I know........I promised another blog about people currently working in the business that I want to work with...bah bah bah. I figured it was better that I put up another You tube about a personal appearance I made in NYC recently. I have to be real, I filled in for another Porn star who couldn't make it due to traffic and his flight being delayed. Hey the Show must go on right???? I don't have problems showing up and getting the crowd hyped up, cause that is what I do but I keep the appearances short and basically show up maybe give some giveaways and then show some body and then out the door.
Even though I edited some of the footage due to Low quality(it was dark in there)the duration of my stay was about 15Min's tops and then I was out the door. So hopefully this will end the talk about me not signing autographs or being nice to fans bah bah bah. Each event is different and some people can be nice and then some people can be dick heads!!! So hope u enjoy the New You tube.......... and don't worrying I'm going back into doing shows and putting more content online some funny, some drama, and just have some fun online and see what happens.

Okay People, I will post another blog tommorrow and hopefully it will be the posting about people that I want to work with in the industry(I know u people are very curious about that, from reading the emails asking for a heads up). Peace for now!!!


Dre said...

Thanks for the post. It is always nice seeing your beautiful body on display. I got a thing for guys with big pecs and yours are nice, well defined.

I am in the NYC area, so I do look forward to seeing you at an event.


Anonymous said...

Dark, but you're looking mighty good.

Anonymous said...
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ddigital said...

I miss your post. Come back soon.