Thursday, January 10, 2008


I hope everybody had a happy New Year!!!! Now I'm gearing up for Expo in Las Vegas and I should have some fun when out there, just partying and seeing the Fans!!!! Moving on..............

I just heard word that the nominations for the Awards were announced today(GayVN). UMmmmmm......... just alittle taken back is all. Diesel Washington was not nominated in any field......
I don't have a reaction at this point..........alittle mad maybe...... alittle upset.......damn right!!!!!! But first, shot out to Damien Crosse who was nominated for Best Solo scene(I told ya!!!) Shot Out to the Movie FEAR was nominated for Best Specialty Release.

Ummmmmm.......not sure what to say at this point............I could go into detail about why I wasn't nominated for anything................. but it would start a chain of events that I would rather handle myself......... But......

I know I'm an Excellent Performer, and from reaction of Fans, Studio heads, Directors, Models, and Crew nobody has to tell me that I don't bring my A game every time I step on that set. Onstage I perform to Best of Ability and I have gained a huge following.

I will say one thing about this situation...... to be nominated for any award the Movies I could only be nominated for were.......... Crossing the Line: Cop Shack2 (Feb 07 release) BOILER(Mar 07 release) FEAR(Nov 07 release). To expand on this..... Cop Shack 2 and Boiler were filmed(mid Sept 2006) FEAR(was filmed Jul 07)
Notice any gaps in time?????

End of post............. I have to throw up now!!!!


Tim Simms said...

are you going to throw out the lame excuse that you weren't nominated because you're black???

because if you are you need to get over yourself. This isn't the 1950's anymore. No one cares what color you are now.

Don't get all pissy because you weren't nominated either. Is that why you got in the business in the first place? To hopefully be nominated for some stupid porn award that no one remembers a day after after it happens?

I like your stuff, you do good work and fuck the hell out of your bottoms. Keep up the good work and know that guys enjoy watching you fuck on film...shouldn't that be enough?

Anonymous said...

I was really shocked you weren't nominated, but you dont need a nomination to KNOW that you are one of the best performers today. Can't wait to have a kuckass time with you in Vegas tomorrow!

Dre said...

Sorry to read the bad news. I love all your work and to me you are the best. I will continue to support your work.

Ingmar said...

It is very strange that you were not nominated. You are absolutely the best performer I ever saw on porn movies. Nobody can compete with you. You are genuinely sexual on the screen unlike most of the porn actors. Perhaps you were not nominated because you are new into this business and the nominated committee full of brain dead senior citizens. Don’t worry, take it easy. It is only a start. The only reason I watch Titan Man production movies because you are in it, believe it or not. You are the hottest porn star on the horizon. Good luck to you. I am looking forward to see more of the movies with you in it. I actually can not wait when you will be the leading man in it. I get never tied to watch you.


Anonymous said...

Forget about the people who make these nominations. You are absolutely one of the best and should take great pride in your work!

Tom, Houston

Anonymous said...

some of the best actors never have won an oscar!!! don't worry you know you're the best some solos!!

Anonymous said...

I think ya the best in should've been nominated. In my book you are a winner to me :)


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's Titan that isn't working for ya. Raging Stallion got a lot of nominations. I could totally have seen you in "Grunts" maybe Titan exclusive isn't the best way to go. Hmmmm.......

Jess said...

Hey Diesel,

Yeah I was also bummed that you were not nominated but on the other hand, this just means that you've got to improve your game (let things be clear: ur game is killer right now). I guess by improving it, there will be not doubt that EVERYONE will vote for you even if you are not nominated.

You are to me a breath of fresh air in the porn industry.

Please keep up the good work.

Jessy A.

CöD Fashions LLC -The Designer said...

Hey bruh....really sorry to hear your weren't nominated. You are the main reason I got into more of the fetish side of porn. You are an excellent performer and a gorgeous man.

Keep ya head up. You have a whole lot of fans out here.

G Cracker said...

Sorry to hear you weren't nominated!! You totally are one of the best performers, and you don't need an award to confirm that, right?

Anonymous said...

Of course this the reason and everybody knows it.

Diesel has fooled himself into believing that white folks have accepted him. Keep dreaming Diesel.

Diesel, you are from the New York/New Jerey area just as I am. You should know better than that.

Going to white gay bars to promote these videos. Give me a break.
Have you ever been to all-black Langson's nightclub in Brooklyn where Black men would appreciate you? We buy your videos too.

Just stick with having sex (on and off screen)with brothas and you will be OK.

tim said:

are you going to throw out the lame excuse that you weren't nominated because you're black???

Anonymous said...

Diesel is having a Brian Bodine/Jay Black (Im lost in the white gay world) moment.

Anonymous said...


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submusclebud said...

You've inspired all kinds of fantasies for guys of every race. Awards are political and are about selling established stars. Just business. Someday it will be you getting awards and other new guys in the business complaining.
Stay Hot and Sexy!