Friday, January 18, 2008


Special Thanks to Gio Photography for Pics.

As promised pics of the afterparty for hustlaball. Now remember I walked into the After Party alittle upset and nervous. But fuck it, I went to the party with the Amazing Dean Flynn(LOL)to be completely honestt I was horny as shit.........Run down:

Early on I was at the Expo signing autographs for hours. Now I was havin fun seeing the fans, and was getting so much attention from the female performers I was very nice to everybody and to prove it I recieved an email from a Fan and as follows:

Hi Diesel You have always been a very interesting man to me, long before you got into porn. This past week I got a chance to watch you at the AEE show when you were working the Naked Sword booth. We were located across from you- remember the girls that were signing across the was names Shane and Alex?LOL Ive got to say from across the way, you seemed very different form your websites writings! you came across very warm and appeared very approachable. I say these things because my read was you were selling youself short. You seem like a pretty great guy - from a distance! Just an observation. Good luck with your career! I know those of us will be following it!

Thanks Bob....... I'm stepping up my game this year and I really enjoy the feedback. Anyway ......Back to story, during all the Fan fare I see Zack Randall coming toward direction of the booth. Back drop:

I told ya I'm a fan of porn, wheter dvd or online, I search through the various websites, Fan sites, blogs and keep updated on Industry News....... and look at naked pics like everybody else(come on lets be real)I stumbled upon a site in total "Chaos". I saw Zack bein featured on the site and I thought he was cute nothing more...well..really cute and I noticed in pics that he wears a hearing aid. So a Deaf Porn model??? interesting.........instant attraction!!!

Oddly enough I attended the AVN EXPO the previous year and met him at his company booth (at that time) spoke to him briefly and that was that. It was Jan 2007,since then he was called up to the Big Leagues working for Colt, East Coast producer ML and various other companies. U can see him in The Intern(I just watched his scene) and Gigolo watched his two scenes in that!! 2007 Freshmen of the Year. Nominated for best Sex Duo(gayvn) Long story short hes cute and when found out he is into Watersports ding ding!!!!

Back to story.....Zack comes to booth and we traded autographs, took some pics and that was end of story(at least thats what I thought). We parted ways, I was strolling through the Expo(taking pics) I run into him again(we stare at each other)We speak briefly and two female performers approach Us and one of them asks "Can u two guys make out for us??" I Shit U Not!!!! I looked at him puzzled, he winked and I went for it, and the kid can kiss(I was surprised)needless to say Rock hard!!!! We laughed about it and parted ways(it sounds funny but the Expo was packed!!) I was very attracted to Zack and I guess he could tell I was alittle aggressive in my approach by the constant rubbing of my cock against his stomach while we were hugging goodbye.
Later that evening I went to dinner with Bruce Cam, Keith Webb, Dean Flynn, Damien Crosse, Angelo, VIP from Channel 1, and a Major Distributor, filled my belly with good food. It was such a great dinner, from there went back to hotel and changed and got ready for the Afterparty.

I was horny as shit when I got to Afterparty and I was looking to get Laided Big time!!!! Im hanging out with Dean Flynn and he was looking way Sexy... We walked around a bit had some drinks, every now and then I would pull out Deans cock play wit it a bit just for kicks. I mean come on U wouldnt??? We walked around the party and everybody wanted Us to take off Our clothes, so I put on a show for them. I dont think Dean had a problem with me pulling out his cock when I wanted to..... It was for Show and Tell. Who happens to be attending the Party as well.......

U guessed it Zack, and I was not passing on opportunity this time!!!!! We talked for 5 seconds and then started making out. In a brief pause to talk(a crowd started to gather), he has a BF I found out. I was cool with that, and went back to making out LOL. Zack took cig break(I thought wanted to explore more of party cause I was coming on Way strong)Not to be a downer But I hate cigs so I was like "Do what U got to do" I then turned my attention to Noah Driver(such a tease LOL) now I know what ur thinking he looks like little kid!!!!!! But this little kid is a power bottom who is currently starring in Falcon's DARE movie!!!!
I know I have to go into detail about things cause ur reading this, probably askin a number of questions. 1. Diesel are these little twinks ur talking about?. 2. Does Diesel likes twinks?? 3. Diesel wouldn't ya rip in half these boys?. and lastly the most important question of all. Can WE Watch????LOL
Im equal opportunity, doesn't matter the age, size or color, Ass is ass as long as its a bubble ass that's tight I can have fun.
The Producers of the event asked me to perform which was funny considering the night before they were alittle nervous about me on stage. Noah little guy in pic wanted me to perform with him and dance alittle, maybe eat his ass on stage. Just then Zack returns from cig break, we start talking and then it dawned on me, Zack is into water sports and since Damien was a no show and I wanted to perform. I asked Zack to perform with me, and he was more than game. Lets do it!!!
There u have it Diesel/Zack performing and what a Show it was!!!! Damien Crosse if ur reading this, Zack filled ur shoes that night!!! Dont fuck up again my piss boy cause u can be replaced!!!! LOL


FrankNBear said...

First time reading your blog.I missed Vegas this year.My friends Michael and Steven did go,had a great time.I do agree on one thing,ass is ass as long its a bubble ass thats tight.As for the GAYVNS I had fun last year even though the word "guest list" was apparent that weekend.I'm gonna hit the parties this year and I'll see you around.

Anonymous said...

Diesel has officially gone White Boy crazy.

filmfanatikk said...

Very hot pix! Thanks a million for sharing. TYou need to come put on a show like this in L.A.!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

It would be HOT if you could make your own movie for golden showers


Anonymous said...

D, you are so great. I totally love how you are such a bad boy yet you are so down to earth and honest. I hope you agree with these attributes. Naturally, you are a hunk, you are just gorgeous. You play out fantasies that many of us dream of / cant bring ourselves to lie out. Like so many of you fans, I'm totally hot over you and I'm glad to have you as a fantasy. A very hot, muscular but also intelligent and very approachable man.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're changing your image a bit. When the hell are we gonna see you in a hot bisexual movie, screwing some little slut up the ass?!!!

Anonymous said...


I'm so in love with u and wish i could meet u at least once in my life time.

Take care