Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well Diesel is back on Twitter!!

That is correct I have decided that it was time to go back to Twitter because I think I need to have a voice there.

I know what your saying....

You said that you were closing your Twitter for good!!!

At this point of time, I can no longer fight against technology its here and not going anyway so I have to learn to embrace it. To all the haters on Twitter, I had enough.....

I let you guys have Twitter because I had no interest in exchanging words with models anymore. After reading certain some of the Tweets that were sent to Me by fans. I see there is alot of hating models telling people that I work with not to hire Me, spreading rumors and lies and in general just painting a bad picture of who Diesel Washington really is..

JuicyGoHoe you are the prime example of a hating model, before I ignored alot of what you said about me. You can attack my films, my looks, my blog but when you overstep that line and go out of your way to contact promoters that I work with to talk shit or tell them not to promote Me or use me for projects.


Now your fucking with my money!! Now I have to get my hands dirty!!! You do not fuck with my money!!!!

You have been warned JUICYGOHOE!!

Now I don't want to fall back on old habits, but I really have to draw the line somewhere. To contact a promoter I have worked with for the last six years and tell them to stop promoting me(via Twitter)that is where I draw the line. People are getting tired of hearing your consistent hate for other performers. Your a self absorbed asshole.

I going to check you in public, because you have crossed that line. We both go to the same events and not once have you talked to Me or stated your opinions about Me. Your a coward you talk all this hype online but in person your a skinny little whiny barebacking bitch.

Moving on.......

The models of today have no respect, they only think about themselves. The newer models are going into it with ME ME ME ME attitude, they never give back to the community. They don't help out fellow models, they only promote themselves and only talk to people that can help further their career. They don't care who they need to step on and they're a bunch of using bastards(I said this before)

For 2011 I decided to never back down, and instead of ignorning the haters I'm going to start smacking bitches!!

The only way to shut up a Catty Cunty queen is to slap the shit out of them!! The proper term would be called to "Bitch Slap" them. If you want to act like Catty Cunty queens then your asking to be treated like one. Nothing closes a mouth like a "Bitch Slap".

Now I'm not a mean person, but I'm tired of these "Cunts" running their mouth!! I'm a grown man, and I was raised when someone disrespects you, you handle your business. That does not mean you have the right to put your hands on anybody, because that is wrong.

When someone tampers with your ability to make money(money in general)Messes with your Family(Mother/wife/kids)then you have to take it to a new level. I'm at that level now....

Enough ranting check me out on Twitter

Matter of fact see you on Twitter


Anonymous said...

And, exactly how is this blog different from your last one?

Anonymous said...

i want to suck your dick so hard
and i want to jump on your dick so hard.

Anonymous said...

Diesel, MAKE IT RAIN ON THEM BOYS!!! Being over 30 does not mean that you have to be silent, or take BS lying down. You have a voice and an obligation to use it. I see what's going on in your industry. I see how stand-up men, black and otherwise, get demonized. Face it. You'll never bow out of anything gracefully. That's not in your nature. And thank God for that!