Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I will be in Dallas on Jan 14, 15 at the Tin Room so come check me out!!! I have some posts coming......

Sorry for the short posts, instead of getting on this blog and ranting about all the problems in gay porn. I decided to trim down my rants and pick my shots, I will write my year end post shortly.

Alot of big changes in Gay porn recently and I will cover it all, but it seems like every time I start to write a new post, more shocking porn news comes out the pipes. So Im waiting for the last minute to put together a post where I let it all out!!!

Thanks to all the people that liked the Xtube clip, it was made to be short with no cock shots or fucking or money shot. It was a tester Vid to see the reaction from the fans is all.

I will explain more in detail in the next coming post.....

Again I have alot of news I want to share with you guys/girls. I'm on Twitter laying down some ground work for the future as well. So check me out on Twitter and that is

I say alot of shocking things on Twitter, so some of rants are on there!!

More later...

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is Terrance or Deisel talk???? So I an so please to tell you I will come see you in Dallas at the Tin Room Just to meet you! as the date appoces hit me back with the times that you well be proforming. Could have breakfast with you? just to talk I;m 54 yeas old. holloer let me know my is Marty McCormack

I havn't seen any promos for you visit yet??? CICI LARUE played ther a few months ago. Ask her the feel of the club. Later