Monday, November 29, 2010


Tristan Jaxx, is now bottoming!!!

The model with the big dick and out of this world "Money Shot"!! Is now bottoming??? I thought when Tops bottom on camera for the first time it's a big thing??!!!

Props to Tristan Jaxx!!!

You look hot getting a dick up the ass!! Nice!! I totally stole this from Men of Porn!! Looks hot though..


Anonymous said...

You should take the hint and give up the goods. You always say you're for the fans and do it for them...well the fans have spoken (such as that poll from a few months back) and we wanna see you bttm! I don't get the stigma because it won't make you less of a man. You'll make a lot of people happy and boost your career more! Be vers for your fans

Anonymous said...

Yes, Diesel, It could be fun (for you) (for us)!!! Do it.