Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I usually don't do rants about celebrities, you know like that gossip style of blogging...

I just want to say.....

Keep going Charlie, don't let the haters stop you!!! They are all a bunch of fucking hypocrites!!! Your haters are nothing but Women and Jealous people!! A rich famous single actor goes out, hires a hooker, and then his watch winds up missing???

I would have tore up the hotel room, I would have gone through the hookers purse(among other things)to look for that $100,000 watch as well. FUCK THAT!! People acting all shocked like he did something wrong!!!

If I was a rich, famous, single, actor I would be going out, partying, and hiring porn stars to come over to my hotel as well. Other people will lie and say "That is a horrible way to live and Charlie is out of control" Bullshit!! All my friends are saying "This is News???" Just because Charlie Sheen is doing these things is the main reason why I'm going to watch his show(Two and a Half Men)I never watched an episode, sounds like a cool dude to me. And being a fan of the show, I have to tell you, Art imitates Life. And that is exactly the character that Charlie Sheen plays on the show(in the early seasons)so.....

Not sure I can say I'm shocked!!

The only differences between Charlie Sheen and Diesel Washington, in that situation:

I am far from rich, I take the bus to public appearances(Remember that??LOL)and I'm suppose to be this Famous porn star(the economy is fucked up!! and I'm cheap!LOL )

Not only would I have gone through her purse, I would have done a body cavity search on that Bitch!!She is a porn star, she could probably fit a fist in that cunt! A watch...??

She could probably fit a watch, wallet, necklace, rings, credit cards, etc in that snatch of hers. Her legs would be up in the air and I would say to her "Sorry Baby, but daddy is going in there.."

And I wouldn't have hired a porn star, I'm too classy for that.....I WOULD HAVE HIRED TWO PORN STARS(two is enough for me LOL)

And of course I would have filmed it:

As a live show,

Take footage and VOD it

Then put it on DVD,

And just to be ghetto I would put it on a Tube site.

But that is what Diesel Washington porn star would do...

If Charlie Sheen ever did that.....

I would buy that DVD!! Another famous personality that dropped a sex tape...

Nowadays that is a rite of passage, if you want to be a Mega Star that is..


It's true!!!


Anonymous said...

Enough already! The commentary on society at large and insight on the politics of the industry keep me reading, every now and the I just need some fluff. Hot pics of you would do just fine.

Sue said...

And people would buy it!

Mr. Toddy English said...

We have to agree to disagree on this. Charlie Sheen is fuckin crazy. And if you are Charlie Sheen why do you NEED to pay anybody?