Monday, November 29, 2010


I don't know what it is about this guy!! He is fucking hot to me!! This is to me is what "The Guy lives next door" type looks like. It's a relaxed kind of hotness!! He is not trying to be a muscle god, but he is in shape and trim. He is not trendy or flashy with the hair,its short and cropped.


Rugged good looking, and for some reason I love the facial hair. This guys looks like he stepped out of a time warp from the Golden Era of porn. Bushy moustaches and beard wearing models like the God, Al Parker(Google)Whew!! This was the "Clone" look(popular in 70's/80's) that would later inspire the "Bear" look (rugged, masculine)

Believe it or not young ones, the moustache look was hot!!! That look made stars out of Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck

Oddly enough Kyle is 20years old(I know I was like Huh as well)

In my head:

I could imagine Kyle as this kid that wanted to get into porn, he didn't want to be a twink(skinny emo) he did not have a bodybuilder body, he doesn't have the fake tan with high lites pretty boy look.

So how to break into the industry and cause a buzz?

Ding Ding!!

Come in as a Throwback!!! Remind people of a time in porn when it was the "Golden Era". Such a classic look!!!

He looks like Falcon Legend Dick Fisk (Other Side of Aspen, SteamHeat, Champs)

Of course minus the lack of Chest hair, Tat and oh yeah a fucking huge dick!! But nevertheless he looks like a throwback!! And that is a good thing!!

Dick Fisk??

Wow I went back in time, most readers and fans probably have no clue who Dick Fisk is.

Or Al Parker..

Please Google them!!

This is classic Falcon!!

People you have no clue how much porn I used to watch!! Maybe you now realize how much I love this industry!!! I followed this industry so closely!! I watched the classics over and over studying the Legends(Performers)in the business.

I sound crazy I know, but I am a big dicked top!! Before I came into the game I studied all the big dicked tops Past/Present. I watched the performances looking for:

How you showed off your big dick

Watching the strokes of the tops, hard/soft/long/hard/deep

What positions when fucking the bottom showcases the top

How to control the bottom

Seeing that give and take energy, between the top and bottom

Bah Bah!!

Okay as you can tell I did alot of homework before coming into this industry, maybe alittle too much homework. A black guy from Brooklyn should not know all of this.....

Unless he was deadly serious about coming into this industry, so he did his history of popular looks in gay porn. I took note of what was popular at the time and studied the different looks of the models over time(Black/White/Latin)

Hmm.. maybe I'm the only one that does that???

When you go to a job interview, do you not study the history of the company that your applying for??

It's just good business, I did not walk into this industry blind looking to make a quick buck and run.

Moving on....

Kyle is a hot model, and I love his look. Go Island Studs!!

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Sue said...

My mother had a poster of Burt Reynolds bare-assed naked in her closet that I found one year when I came home from college. This apple didn't fall far from the tree!