Sunday, November 07, 2010


I had a nice long break this weekend....

It's been a tough week for Me, I'm trying to map out some plans that I have coming soon. I keep getting distracted at the same time because I'm letting the Haters make Me lose focus.

I wrote some posts last week that probably had some people saying "What is that about?" the whole Willie Lunch thing.

There is a certain divide between Diesel and some other Black models out there. I'm not sure the agenda that these models have...

Are they jumping on the bandwagon(Hating Diesel)because it helps get their name out there???? It's easy to go after a popular model(I have done it, and regretted it)and try to use their name to help yourself. But from experience, it makes you look desperate...

I'm all about having something witty to say even if its insulting, there is a way to do it though. Lets be real when I go after someone I use their own words and actions against them its called using the "Truth".

Your enemies do the same thing, they try to read as much as possible about you, and try to find some way to twist it and use it in their favor. The haters are reading this post right now saying to themselves "I hate this guy, I want to know if he's talking about Me" "What is Diesel up to today??, I hate that guy" After they read my blog, they go back to their Twitters and say "Look what Diesel said about Me" "Diesel wrote this on his blog" bah bah bah bah.

The funny part in all of this, I don't care and the boys will talk about you left and right. They try to find something, and dig and dig and dig....

I got the Haters chatting up some of my Ex's online trying to dig for info. Yes Really!!. All the passion and energy they put it into Hating Me needs to be channeled into something more productive.


I have a special project coming up, and I respect that you have passion and energy and drive(its there cause you spend so much of your time trying to get at me) When I iron out the details, I will look for those same models and offer them a job.

Offer the Haters a Job???

I will explain:

The Haters are so attention to detail(with some things)and that is a good thing. If read and search for info to use against a Hater. Why not put them on the pay role, and use their skill of Read and Research against competing Studios/Sites?? I see the bigger picture!!

If they have so much spare time on their hands to Hate, might as well put them to work. I see the bigger picture!!

If they are fighting for the same cause as I am, then instead of in-house fighting shouldn't we band together " There is strength in numbers" ever heard of that saying? I see the bigger picture!!

None of these models know me personally, or even had a sit down talk with me. I have my own vision for the future and instead of "pointing fingers" at Me saying I'm this and that. I could use their "helping hands" to make something happen, that would benefit Us(Men of Color). I see the bigger picture!!

Even though they are haters, some of the models are attractive(great ass, cute face, power bottoms, hungry tops, versatile) and a hot model is a hot model. I'm not blind, I see the talent that some models have. I see the bigger picture!!

But can these same models, drop all that jealously and point fingering. And come work for me?? That is the question??

If I'm putting up the money, bringing the cameras, providing the sets and location. Can these models leave home that bullshit attitude? If your a model that doesn't have alot of exposure, and I come looking for you to work. Can you learn to keep your mouth shut and work and be respectful? The haters go after Me because they think I'm only a Has been model, but at the same time I see them kiss up to other people in power. They have nothing to say to those people because they want to stay on their good side(Forever opportunists)Will they have that same mouth when I start my own thing?? I don't hold grudges(well I do sometimes)but I can look past things when it serves a bigger cause. Yes I have an Ego but willing to keep it in check to support the "Cause" I see the bigger picture(yet again)

I have alot of haters out there, the key is to take that Hate out of them and turn them into a believer. After all, they know more about you than the fans do, so there has to be an advantage in there somewhere. Can they drop the ego's and work for me??? All they do is talk about wanting to see a change, now can they shut up and make change happen???

Honestly everybody wants to be the Boss....

But the Boss is the one that puts the most work in(or delegates the work), and has the most to lose out of the deal. Are the models willing to follow for a change(instead of just running their mouth), for a greater cause, or are they stuck with an Ego that wont let them see the bigger picture.

I have alot of sleepless nights, always working, always striving for excellence, busting my ass to do. I can not do this myself(I will try to do as much as I can though)

So again Hating models:

The bigger picture???

Or your just going to sit on your ass and bitch about problems without trying to change them.

Nobody wants to hear bitching, they want to see action!!


More later..

Think about it Haters, it will happen soon...

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Laurie (WJ) said...

Hi T...I think that is a really risky thing (4u) to do. They would get an even bigger "boost" by doing you some damage in this project etc...u are probably just asking for trouble..not something I would do, harmony is a better work place....Regards..Laurie