Monday, November 29, 2010


I'm a Hip Hop head...

The latest battle pits LiL Kim VS Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj went for first blood on the track Roman's revenge:

There is a line calling LiL Kim a Has been!!! When interviewed about the track Nickie denies that the track was a Diss at LiL Kim. Hmmm??? Okay. We all know the difference between a Diss track and putting out music. This was clearly a Diss track!!

Well LiL Kim came with her own lyrics at Nickie Minaj and here that goes!!"

My take in the whole battle, I have to side with LIL Kim!!!

Nickie Minaj has some good music granted I will not take that away from her. But we are talking about Hip Hop here!!! Nickie Minaj appeals to the younger crowd that was not around when LiL Kim was rocking hard in the 90's.

This issue of age and what an Artist is doing now, seems to be fueling this battle!! LiL Kim was the first to do it, she brought hard lyrics and a new sex appeal to the game. Most female rappers before LiL Kim came on the scene with an almost masculine look to them(hoodies, baggy jeans, and a very manly swagger) LiL Kim came along exposing her breasts, skin tight clothes and embraced the feminine side in her look and performances while keeping the lyrics hard!! She was the first to it and do it well. LiL Kim has big time street credibility

Nickie Minaj is more Pop music than Hip Hop!! She is backed by a younger generation that were probably little kids when Kim first came out. So they have no idea that Kim opened the door for artists like Nickie Minaj.

That is the biggest problem I see with the younger generation. There is no respect nowadays everybody is going for Self!! My time is now!!! I want the spotlight!!! ME ME ME!!

An older Artist knows when to pass the torch, they pass the torch to someone who is their equal, or to another artist who is talented and the future of music/sports/entertainment bah bah bah

LiL Kim is the Queen of Hip Hop!!! Nickie Minaj doesn't deserve any titles yet...... she hasn't put in the work yet or withstood the test of time. Anybody can make a hit, the key is to make Hits!!

Hmmmm???? I can relate some what!!!! Nobody can replace Diesel Washington!! All you young models can try.....

At the end of the day, these young models can call me Has Been!!! But they will never achieve the success I have and never will.....

I rocked on top for five years and still going strong!! I complain about not getting work alot, that is true!! Regardless if I'm working or not, my impact on Gay porn will be felt for years and years. That is something the Industry/Haters can never take from me.


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Mr. Toddy English said...

Kim KNOW she need to quit. She started the entire thing with Nicki FIRST. Nicki always gave her credit for influencing her.
The only reason Kim is beefin is because she is a has been...So she is trying to get her name back out there by picking on the new girl in town.